It appears that there is a group of Hello Kitty fanatics that don’t like me because I don’t tell readers where to find the Hello Kitty items on my site. They write me emails (and sometimes leave comments) telling me what a horribly awful person I am. For example, here is the last email I received from one of them this weekend (which, scarily enough, is pretty typical of the ones I receive):

What’s your problem not telling us where you get the Hello Kitty stuff on your site. It will only take you a minute to tell us, but you have to be a complete a**hole about it. I don’t know how your wife can put up with you. I think it’s utterly disgusting and you’re not fit to live on earth the way you treat us. You’re the worst person ever.

I’m going to find where those sneakers are whether you tell me or not, so you might as well. All you’re doing is being a pig about it. It’s no wonder you’re in hell, that is exactly where you deserve to be. I hope your wife makes your life even more hell. I’m surprised she hasn’t left you being as awful as you are.

You should stop blogging because it doesn’t help anyone because you’re too selfish to help anyone find the things on your blog. When I find those shoes, I’m going to email you to show you that I got them so you know that your being an idiot didn’t work. Do us all a favor and die.

Now, it may be just me, but usually when you find someone “utterly disgusting and not fit to live on this earth,” and you want them to do you the favor of just dying, you usually stop visiting their blog. That way each day of your life isn’t ruined and you don’t feel compelled to write yet another email explaining how evil I am. Obviously this is not the case since I seem to get these repeatedly from several people. Therefore, here is my message to all the Hello Kitty whiners:

1. If I am the “worst person in the world” you have ever come across, feel blessed with your life. On the scale of human tragedy, a blogger that doesn’t tell you where you can get Hello Kitty items probably doesn’t make the top 1000 let alone the top 10…

2. If you don’t like my blog and you get upset enough that you feel you must email me and tell me what a horrible person I am and what a terrible blog I have, don’t read it. Your life is much too short to spend time writing to a blogger about how terrible he is when he doesn’t care what you think. Instead, take the time to go to your family and friends and tell them how much you love them — it would be a much more constructive use of your time and Hello Kitty would even approve…

3. This is a blog about my rantings on Hello Kitty. That’s the theme. I’m not sure why Hello Kitty fanatics have been drawn to it because that was certainly never a goal, but if you fail to comprehend the simple fact that this blog is not being written to help you find more Hello Kitty items for your own collection, it’s going to frustrate you far more than it’s worth. Head over to Sanrio where they will be more than happy to help you find more Hello Kitty items for your collection.

4. If you are going to tell me that I’m the worst person in the world in one sentence and send me photos and/or links to Hello Kitty products in the same email that you want me to put on this blog, don’t be disappointed and email me back a hundred times asking why I haven’t put up your photos. While it seems pretty obvious to me why I wouldn’t use them, apparently it is not to you since you keep emailing me and asking why.

I, unfortunately, get a lot of Hello Kitty photos sent to me and my wife gets even more. There are far too many to place them all up. Unless it’s something that is truly unique, causes a conversation between my wife and I or I feel that it’s worth writing about, it won’t go up. If you have told me what a terrible blog I have at some point in the same email, I’ve probably already deleted your email before even looking at the photo…

5. Stop whining. People don’t like whiners because, basically, they get on everyone’s nerves. If you’re under ten, you’re still a kid and are allowed to whine. If you’re old enough to be reading this blog and you’re still whining, it’s time to stop and act your age. Not only will this allow you to get along with more people, you’ll have a much better relationship with your significant other. Best of all, Hello Kitty would approve…

457 thoughts on “Whiners”

  1. I think people can be pretty mean & petty to wish death on someone for not telling where to buy Hello Kitty goods.I LOVE Hello Kitty but I also love this blog of yours as I like the way you write,very witty & creative.If you wrote a book I would buy it!

    It’s EASY to find this stuff,have you mean people ever heard of Ebay?


    Stop being jerks & if you can’t enjoy this man’s work,LEAVE!

  2. I’m with you – NEVER tell!

    Anyone with an ounce of brains (as well as myself) can understand your plight, and why you wouldn’t tell everyone how to make it worse.

    Then again, that same ounce of brains could be used to search for the stuff WITHOUT your help.

    I like reading your tragic stories of cuteness overload. Please don’t let the whiners get you down!

  3. People wish death on you because you won’t tell them where to get HELLO KITTY SNEAKERS?!

    *blank stare*

    I seriously am going to reconsider my stance on selective breeding.

  4. This is one of the best blog articles ever!
    I totally agree with you.

    > If you’re old enough to be reading this blog and you’re still whining, it’s time to stop and act your age.

    They are still whinning. You know why?
    It is because they are Hello Kitty fanatics.

  5. I don’t really care about Hello Kitty but this post about these whiners is absolutely fantastic. I didn’t know there’s people so tragically wrong to hope someone else’s death just because they can’t get some hello kitty items without your help. I think that If those mails weren’t so boring they’d be funny, so just let them talk. (I apoligize for my not perfect english, I’m italian and my knowledge of the language isn’t perfect :p)

  6. You know, before my friend pointed this blog out to me, I thought I was the person in a special sector of hell. My ex-girlfriend was a Sailor Moon FIEND when I was still dating her. Literally, wall to wall Sailor Moon merch. She’d only watch Sailor Moon, and subjected me to various marathons of the show as she cried or cheered, and I sat there wondering just why I was watching a crappy magical girl show. We broke things off when she finally got fed up with my lack of “willingness to accept Sailor Moon into my life.” I guess I dodged a bullet, but even to this day, Moonlight Densetsu makes me cringe.

    Hello Kitty is something a million times worse. I’ve never seen Sailor Moon on golf balls or televisions, for one. I wish you much luck in the future… you’re gonna need it.

    And to all the Hello Kitty freaks out there… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE? He’s mocking the lot of you with good reason to! And, through the mail he’s published, something tells me that he doesn’t mock you even CLOSE to enough.

    Is what I just stated harsh? Yes. But, it also needed to be said. 🙂

  7. Solidarity bro.

    All of us who’ve been subjected to living with this to one degree or another will lock arms with you to keep the interlopers out of the kingdom.

    Love the site.

  8. Yikes…I thought this was about fun and I laugh a lot when I’m here but this person sounds mentally ill (not even worthy of HK mental case)…wishing death is just a bit too far and if this person doesn’t get what this blog is about, well their ignorance is showing.

    I’m a huge HK fan (not even close to your wife’s obsession)…but I don’t think not telling people where to find objects to fulfill their obsessions is worthy of dying. Sheesh..

  9. i have decided to start “the church of the sainted and devine hello kitty”…
    as a tax exempt orginization ,all purchases by members can be considered religous artifacts and as such are granted tax exempt status…
    now whats your excuse for not buying that HK ferriai or porsche you’ve always wanted ?

  10. There is always one in a crowd and the net is a large freakin crowd so I guess it was to be expected. I am a Kitty fan and I love your site. I appreciate the irony there and love your stance against the madness. I feel the same way about Oakland Raider fans. I have seen Silver and Black cars, houses and painted children. Fanatics are fanatics no matter the genre and should be treated as mild mental cases.

    I reiterate my comment from the original post:

    TechSupport Says:

    June 27th, 2007 at 12:09 pm
    AHA! I figured it out. You photoshop cool hello kitty stuff to torture and abuse her fans. We cannot find the “Chucks” because they are a figment of your twisted and destroyed soul made ‘real’ using tricks and deceit.

    I applaud your diseased mind – no, really!!

    You sir are an evil genius of the highest order.

    Can you photoshop me a pink 1970 Plymouth Superbird with a Hello Kitty theme so that I have a reason to whine?

    “…I muuuussssttt have the Kitty hot rod or I will kill myself – please tell me where to get it…”


  11. HKH~
    I’m sorry that people are idol worshippers and not following the true spirit of HK and being nice and sweet… I am familiar with followers of another kind that are similiar, but I digress.

    Today I rolled past mcdonalds and saw that they are giving out HK tops on shakes (I think, I drive fast) – How sad, the HK cult is permeating our culture as well.

  12. Tbh with you the Hello Kitty haters are more obsessed with Hello Kitty than the fanatics.

    I myself love the white cat with the pink bow, but c’mon if you don’t like something, you don’t check the blog daily to see whats ‘new’ about it, let alone blog about your hate for it.

    I hate a lot of things, but don’t make websites declaring my hate, bitching about it and ultimatly dedicating hours of my life to looking at pictures of the thing I hate.

    Truth is your all obessed with Hello Kitty. The fact your even here on this website proves it. In reality you do care because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here, obviously.


  13. I really, really don’t understand the reasoning that person had for sending you such a vile email. If Hello Kitty fans say that Hello Kitty is all about love and cuteness and sweetness, then how can a true Hello Kitty follower spew such vile, disgusting, grotesque, and mean-spirited hatred? Isn’t that contrary to the very thing that most HK followers say is what they love about Hello Kitty in the first place? Doesn’t your wife say that if you “let Hello Kitty into your life” that she’ll somehow convert you away from an mild form of antagonism that she perceives in your heart?
    So if this woman who emailed you were truly the Hello Kitty follower that she professes to be, how could she hate you so much? How could she wish death upon you? Therefore, I say she’s a Hello Kitty Wannabe – she’s using the facade of Hello Kitty cuteness to cover up her heart of stone, her mind of pure evil, and her overall hatred for everything and everyone around her. Sounds to me like she doesn’t need those sneakers as much as she thinks – she needs a psychiatrist. Or an exorcism. 🙂

    I say you keep on deleting the mean and rotten emails, never ever publish photos from anyone who would wish you harm. Because hey, you’re a human being, you have a right to your opinions, and you have a right to express them. And everyone else has the right to either read this blog or to not read this blog. Seems pretty straightforward to me. So why don’t we all just cool down a little, stop the whining, and keep on giggling at the extreme lengths Sanrio’s going to in order to surround us with Hello Kitty.

  14. I love your blog, almost as much as I love HK! (Yes, I am one of those contradictory people who tune in for your beautiful rants whilst longing for the objects you loathe.) Keep blogging, ignore the haters. 🙂

  15. You know that the whiners are all your fault. We wouldn’t whine if you would show an ounce of courtesy and answer our questions instead of being rude about it. You have nobody to blame but yourself. If you don’t like people whining, then don’t give them a reason to do so. You’re the one acting like a 10 year old refusing to tell us where we can find this stuff. Stop being childish and just let us know where we can get the stuff and there won’t be any more whining. Stop trying to blame the whiners when you are the one responsible for it.

  16. Hahahahaha~ You are so funny, also for the whiners~:)

    Actually you can’t blame on the Extreme HK fanatics! To them, you are their comon Enemy! You refuse to believe in their GOD!
    (just like you are a atheism to Christianity….)
    [sorry to the Christians…i am not mean to…just a example..]
    So they need to visit your blog constantly in order to know what evil idea you are having!

    But do u know that why you make them so angry and even wanna you to die??
    it’s becoz they can’t accept this….

    “A HK HATER CAN FIND MUCH MORE RARE HK ITEMS THAN THE HK LOVER!!!, which they even Never seen before!!!!”

    You know? This’s the biggest insult to them!!!!! ;p
    This just make them mad you know!

    They are just feeling so bad and feel inferior!

    GOD JOB!!! NEVER TELL THEM!!!!!!!!!
    Make them suffer !!![wicked]

    After millions time of trying and still can’t find their HKitem~
    They will surely send you an email , saying that they regret for what they had said to you and beg for YOUR PARDON!!!

    and here is somethings they properly will say:

    ” Dear Mr.HKGod,
    We all feel extremly sorry for our rude and sily behaviour to you!
    And I beg you!! please tell me where i can find this holy item!!!!
    We are searching for months and still can’t find them!!!!
    We have insomnolence everynight becoz i feel guilty that i can’t collect all the HK item in this world!”

    I wish you are live forever and let us know more and more item of HK!!!

    🙂 hahahahhahahhaha~!!!

  17. Dang! What is wrong with some people?! Do these people just look at the pictures and not actually read what you say? You have made it perfectly clear that you are anti-HK and will not enable any HK addictions. And unless I’m mistaken, you’ve also stated that you live in Japan…where you can get just about everything HK. So…
    ATTENTION HK FANS…I’m going to make it nice and simple for you. If you want all the groovalicious cutesy poo Kitty stuff, GO TO JAPAN and leave this poor guy alone!
    I like the kitty too, but come on people…get over it! It’s pretty sick to wish death on someone because of cartoon cat merchandise. Some advice-SEEK HELP ASAP!!! Just had a brainstorm…a HK themed padded room with a matching HK straight jacket.

  18. This is one of the most brilliant blogs ever. I’m a Hello Kitty fan and I know that every post you write is going to insult me because I like Hello Kitty, but deep down I know that me liking Hello Kitty is exactly like you say. I have to say, “yes, he’s right” and at the same time say, “I want that damn Kitty” and I feel sorry for your torture and I’m completely jealous of your wife all in the same instant. And because of all this, I just want more because every time I visit, I have to laugh at it all.

  19. When I read your Blog I don’t know if I should be laughing with you, or crying for you. Don’t give into the winers. My Fiancee often goes by Kitty, and yes we have some HK stuff, but just some, not a hole lot. There does seem to be a line this side of fanaticism, and we both have the same laugh/cry feelings about the stuff you have to put up with.

  20. You asked why Hello Kitty fanatics are drawn to this blog. This is going to sound strange, but of all the Hello Kitty blogs out there, this one is by far and away the best. It puts all the others to shame. Even someone like me who spends a lot of time searching for Hello Kitty is surprised by the things you list that I have never seen before.

    It’s a love / hate relationship. I love the things you find, but am at the same time wonder why someone who doesn’t like Hello Kitty is able to find so many unique Hello Kitty items that I have never seen. Even if I don’t want to come here, I have to because if I don’t, I know that I will be missing something.

    It really does depress me that an anti Hello Kitty person has the best Hello kitty blog. I want your wife to blog because I think she would be the only person that could ever make a better blog.

    We hate you, but love the photos in your blog.

  21. wow…..that email is one of the most pathetic things i’ve ever seen.
    good job….hello kitty fanatics…[sighs]

    btw…your blog’s great. don’t die. hahahaha

  22. HKcutie and MisterJohnDoe hit the nail on the coffins. But as said, your site, out of the majority I’ve seen, including the San Rio official site, displays the most unusual yet unique Hello Kitty items there is to offer. And as you put it, the fact that this does NOT promote Hello Kitty, that won’t compute into their HK-wracked brains… well, the extremists wishing your death for not coughing up where to purchase them, not the ones who know their limits of moderation. xD;

    Seriously though, you death-wishing HK extremist(s), get a LIFE. No one’s forcing you to read things that make you upset.

    And all those items? It’s located in a place called, oh, I don’t know… JAPAN?!?! XD

    I find it horrendously AWESOME how you can find these items before the fanatics can. X) It’s a riot! I used to like Hello Kitty… but I was… 6? XD Keep your secrets amd make them squirm in bitter frustration. Gotta fight back HK global domination one way or another!! 😀

  23. I read and enjoy your blog. I also like Hello Kitty but an not a fanatic. Maybe your wife/life partner needs an additional hobby to occupy her time. Having Hello Kitty toilet paper that can not be used and must be arranged in order is a bit too much. I guess I can see why you have a blog to rant a bit.

  24. ur blog is really interesting. i read about it on the newspaper. saying that it was a blog of hello kitty, but is actually HELLo kitty. haha. but what written on the paper might be quite true. i think more people who love hello kitty will visit ur blog, of cuz those who hate hello kitty too. it’s jus so cool!

  25. your blog is funny as it is and to see these pathetic hk fanatics kick and scream over some hk item just tops it off XD

    so please dont ever tell them where to find those items hehehe >: )

    and it is YOUR blog so it should b about watever the HELLokitty you wanna put up – seeing what u havta put up w/, u really do need an outlet for ure angst

    if all comes to worse, mayb those extreme fanatics wont be able to live w/ the thought of never owning the items and just kill themselves and save you the trouble *grins evilly*

    keep up the good work hkh man!

  26. Admitedly, I’m a recent reconvert to the cult of hello kitty (alright, so I loved her until I was 10 and then I hated her and now I love her again) and I’m actually really grateful for this blog… I mean it must suck for you to get fans coming here to find more products, but it’s really helpful to me and I think your rants are really humourous and true… hello kitty really is scary the way she manages to get on everything. But anyways I think the hate letter writers are awful because if it wasn’t for your blog, they wouldn’t even know about these things that they’re trying to buy.

    best of luck with your fanatical wife and keep up the blog

  27. I came across this site while searching for a HK gift for my niece. I neither love or hate HK, but I was truly appalled at this posters reaction to you. This person needs some serious help. Reading her mail was like watching someone’s brains getting vacuumed out of their ears! WOW! Such class and incredible moral fortitude! *cough*
    I hope she reads these replies, and sees just how sick and immoral wishing DEATH on someone over a pair of shoes really is! Now I really have seen it all! *sigh*

  28. Jade said ” If you don’t like people whining, then don’t give them a reason to do so.”

    JHC, woman, what kind of logic is that? Would you say that to a parent steadfastly ignoring a whining toddler in a grocery store? Would you suggest that Mum just give in and buy the kid some sugar-frosted choco-wads to shut him up? Absolutely not! If that mum, or this man, gives an inch to whiners, they’ll only whine all the more.

  29. eBay has all this crap and many of the shops are in Japan so I’m sure they can get any reader the $26,000 doghouse.

    Sanrio licenses to many companies, which is also how the HELLO KITTY vibrator came about. I’m glad HELLO KITTY HELL covers them.

    For a full hell experience listen to Japanese pop music while reading.

  30. i agree with all of you guys you shouldn’t wish death upon someone for not telling you where to buy stuff its just insane and useless GO TO GOOGLE EBAY OR WHATEVER!!! and even though im a hellokitty fanatic i love this blog if you deleted it i would probably cry because even though i love hellokitty your blog is so good and funny i can’t stop reading. All those hellokitty fanatics that hate your blog JUST STOP READING so to all those people out there sending this man nasty emails that wish you death !@#$ YOU! why don’t YOU go to hell!!!!!???

  31. I love Hello Kitty but I also love your blog because it’s so funny. The whiners out there really need to give it a rest because they merely reinforce your need to hate HK – especially when someone is twisted enough to wish death on you.

  32. I guess these people have never heard the old adage: You catch more flies with honey than with hateful emails and death wishes.

    Isn’t there some sort of Hello Kitty endorsed Prozac they can take or something?

  33. This guy is the biggest jerk ever. I emailed him nicely asking where I could get one of the items and all he did was send a link back with his “aint going to happen” post. How totally rude is that? He has no desire to even try to be nice so there is nothing else for us to do but complain about how mean he is. He has to deal with this with his wife, so how much more trouble would it be to help out a few other collectors? I’ve never met someone so selfish.

    Some of us are busy and don’t have the time to look for Hello Kitty products all day, so it would only be courteous for him to help us. I think he totally deserves his hell.

  34. to previous poster who is obviously too embarrassed by his/her own comment to leave name: you really dont kno how to take the piss do u???

    if u can spend time going to this site and sending out emails asking where to get the crap and then posting such comments, then u would hav time to GOOGLE or look it up on EBAY like everyone has suggested. it would even take several minutes less! yeeeeesssssh!!!

    as stated this is not a hello kt superstore – for that please visit his wife’s ebay store. other than that, get a sense of humour, read the blog and enjoy the comedy provided

  35. i’m on your side! i’ve been reading al your posts. OMG
    love it. love it. love it. i love your style but at the same time i love hello kitty too. but anyway, i do enjoy reading your blog. it is hilarious at times.
    keep up the good work. dun get upset or mad bcuz of the stupid whiners.
    stick to your policy of not telling others where to get them. although i do wish to know where to get them, but i respect your decision. ^^

  36. so i am a very big hello kitty fan, and i will say that this possibly one of the greatest sights i ever came across. it made me laugh in many ways, the fact that there is a hello kitty vibrator is really outrageous, did make me laugh though. and the fact that someone said you should die, wow, just tells you how crazy people really are and how they have no life if they think that someone who is just voicing their opinion about something they don’t like (the glory of free speech) is absolutley stupid. maybe they need reevaluate the meaning of the worst person ever, cuz last i knew not liking something wasn’t a big deal, its the people who, i don’t know, kill or rape, or something like are the worst people ever. but hey that’s just my opinion as a hello kitty lover. i respect this page and i pry will check it out more it is very enjoyable.

  37. Never tell them. Maybe the HK fanatics will have a stroke or an anuerism… Natural selection and all. haha…

    And to ***********, why in the world would he want to tell you? He’s surrounded by the disgusting cuteness of HK day in and day out. Why would he want to help put anyone else through that?! I wouldn’t have lasted this long surrounded by that much pink. *shudders* I’d have probably killed someone by now…

    Keep up the good work. I love your blog. 😀

  38. Yeh who is that guy! what’s his problem i mean its not his business! oh and by the way in: Now, it may be just me, but usually when you find someone “utterly disgusting and not fit to live on this earth,” and you want them to do you the favor of just DIEING, you usually stop visiting their blog. That way each day of your life isn’t ruined and you don’t feel compelled to write yet another email explaining how evil I am. Obviously this is not the case since I seem to get these repeatedly from several people.: by the way the word in capital is spelt dying, just letting you know {^_^}

  39. ********** Says, or whoever you are, GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND!! Just exactly WHAT are you not getting about that!!?? Just because you’re too GD lazy to do the work yourself, does NOT mean someone else should die because they don’t want to share the spoils of their labor. Yikes!
    Please….get some professional help! You need it!

  40. Hahahahahaaa.
    I love Hello Kitty but I am a 13 year old girl writing this in school time while the teacher isn’t looking.
    Love the blog, keep up the good work[=
    And people should really learn to spell x]

  41. I agree with your point of view! I like hello kitty and I think she is sweet but I do know it’se not real… I just happen to love cats 🙂 The fact is that HK tends to get oversweet…. forget about those idiots that spaek ill abou you and your blog, it’s great!

    By the way… I found your blog in a HK fan site link, you the fan site of the week 😀

  42. I can’t believe how polite you are.

    If I was faced daily with something that only made me irritated and grumpy, and then people bitched at me for not helping them populate the world with the thing that makes me irritated and grumpy…well…

    You are a much better person, sir.

    Anyway, let them whine. Because in the end, you know you are the better person.

  43. One more thought…

    notice how those that are the first to toss out the word “selfish” are doing so because you are not going out of your way to give them what they want???

  44. i absolutely cannot believe that woman got so angry just because you wouldnt tell her how to further clutter her life with hello kitty…now i like hk..a bit, but i uderstand you on the fanatics…some people go a bit overboard….like hk carved into someone’s teeth….::shudder::

  45. We aren’t stupid. Of course we look on Google and eBay for the items, but some of the items he lists aren’t there. I’ve spent over 15 hours looking for those damn Hello Kitty converse shoes and there are nowhere on the Internet except for this site. And he is being a jerk and refuses to tell us where to get them. If he would just tell us where those shoes are, we would never bother him again, but instead he’s completely rude and basically tells us to suffer. That just isn’t right.

  46. oii, what the hell is wrong with hello kitty?
    just because your two old to know what is hot and not.
    your being pathetic!
    THERE SHOES! who cares if they come out in hello kitty. its not hell. your just being over dramatic. hello kitty is cool. converse are cool. therefore ther super cool shoes.
    and anyway, where living in hell cause we dont know where to find these shoes.
    and half of these peiol wont give up until you tell us where she got them from!

  47. look dude,
    i know this is your site and you can run it how you want to
    but don’t be so harsh
    i mean yea, people constantly whining in your ear about where you got your stuff can be annoying.
    but think about it.
    your wife doesn’t own all of this
    therefor you are using your investigative skills to look for shit on something you don’t like.
    if people want to buy hellokitty at least give like one main web store that they can waste their lives away on.
    honestly if you hated hello kitty so much you wouldn’t have created this site.
    there’s hardly anyone on here that hates hk
    fanatics come on here so that they can see more shit they can buy.
    you talk about not wanting to be the cause of letting someones life boil down to the insignificance of cutesie materialism (hk) and yet this site just shows them more things they want to buy
    am i right?
    i do believe
    harp on that a bit
    decide what you’re really doing with this site

  48. LOL must agree with glamor_zombie 🙂

    now can you pleaseeeeee tell us where you got them from?
    ive been looking for then om the internet for an hour now and cant find them!


  49. I can’t believe I need to state the obvious, but why the hell would he want to help you when you are calling him a dick?

  50. Have you ever thought that maybe the Converse shoes were very limited editions and are no longer sold? Probably a lot of what he’s listing we can’t find because that’s just it: You CAN’T buy it anywhere.

  51. I am also doomed to live in Hello Kitty Hell. My wife is always getting more hk crap. I am NOT going to tell her about this site because she would find out about more hk crap and it would fill the house/car/garage,attic,etc…. Very funny site. It was sent by a co-worker to me because I had to drive my wife’s car into work one day and when we went to lunch he noticed the hk air freshener, hk keychain, hk windshield cover(blocks out the sun with the reflective brightness of hk), etc…. DON’T TELL…..EVER……I don’t want to see this stuff in my house. My wife has seen the shoes, but I’m not telling where. 8o|

  52. Hi!

    I´m laughing a lot since I read your blog, I see a lot of things that can be cute and so many that are just absurd but, comooonn, those fanatics that wish the death of a REAL person for products of a IMAGINARY character? a draw? a brand? freaky pink shoes? A CAT AFTER ALL???
    That´s to much to even think about it.
    Do they really say Hello Kitty has a heart?? not an image and a marketing, and a giant industry behind the cute face, a real heart??? jajajajajaaja that kind of people need many love from real person I think, not from a emotionless white cat.

    People in the world can really be nuts!

    Keep writing your blog and please, please, let them suffer the Hello Kitty hell. Never tell them.

  53. I love hello kitty, but you are too damn amusing to ignore. And I admit that some of the merchandise is a little extreme. Okay, very extreme. But apparently the fans are even more so….

  54. I feel sorry for this guy getting hounded by fanatics… Why don’t you go make a hello kitty heaven or something… But cleary when a blog is entitled “hello kitty hell” it doesn’t exactly display a fondness for hello kitty.

    He clearly wants to share the badness and sheer annoyance that is hello kitty to the rest of the world that don’t like that annoying character. Yes you heard correctly CHARACTER. NOT REAL.

    Just google the the items and I am sure something will pop up… Here I’ll make it easy for you…

    //www.google.com they even have alternative ones for other countries for example //www.google.co.uk! Isn’t that clever.

    Now leave this poor fellow alone and let him vent I for one enjoy the posts, they are funny and creatively written… But if you feel the need to keep reading then surely hello kitty inspires creativity and humour… So just think of it that hello kitty has made you smile through negativity and joy. You obviously enjoy the site otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

    Keep up the good works your blog rules!

  55. hey, how about you leave him alone. He doesn’t have to tell you crap! Your all stupid preppy whiners who need to get a freaking life. If you want the product so bad go find it for yourself. All of you who keep whineing need to leave this blog because we dont care what you want to b#*ch about. *coughs* i’ve said my peace.

  56. ummm Hello Kitty fans i can tell you where to get all this um stuff
    stop harrasing this person just because he wont tell you where to get unpopular seriously my cat is WAY cuter than Hello Kitty

  57. so yeah,
    i’ve calmed a bit. Sorry about that :). N-eways point blank. You weird people need to leave him alone. Like his life isn’t bad enough with all u freaks being selfish. Plus, if you hate the blog so much why are you even here? Sometimes it’s people like that that make me want to beat them with sticks. *dreams* (Weird chick): “why are so so messed up to us?” (me): *thinks* oh god u have got to be kidding me. (weird chick): U are evil*blablabla* (Me): *surches franticaly for stick* (weird chick): Ill love u for ever and ever if u do!!!! (me): I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! *pulls out stick and beats chick* (weird chick): OMG! Where is my hellokitty gun to kill everyone!!

  58. Do I understand what this man (who wrote the message mentioned) is saying? ‘You’re the worst person ever’? Does the person who has said this understand what they are insinuating? That someone who doesn’t reveal where an item that, frankly, it would be easy to live without can be found is worse than Hitler? Than a man who killed six million Jews, and six million total homosexuals, people with disabilities and others who didn’t conform to his ideas? THAT is sin, THAT is evil, and much more so than a man who is merely running a blog. I would suggest that insensitive pricks, such as yourself, think about what really is ‘utterly disgusting’ and who really is ‘not fit to live on earth’. How DARE you suggest that someone like YOU, who has the audacity to suggest that someone else should ‘do us all a favor and die’ simply because they don’t let you have everything you might want, can offer judgements? Can hand out capital punishments?

    I am disgusted. I am totally disgusted. I hope that whoever decides next to suggest that their petty wishes amount to more than the war crimes of a hundred dictators will think twice before writing such offensive material.

    Your suggestion, ‘********’ and ‘jade’, that this man has brought his ‘hell’ upon himself, and that he has only himself to blame for the whining comments that you and others write, is simply ludicrous. He has not written the whining comments. He has not made you so blind to reality that you believe that you can behave however you want to whoever happens to be ‘in the firing line’ at the time. Have manners no meaning to you? Have you never heard of maturity? I will assume that you are over 15, my own age, and so I can safely say that you must be old enough to understand that you cannot have everything you want. I am mature enough, at 15, to understand this. You, clearly, are not. Therefore, I must conclude that you are less mature than a 15 year old. I hope you are disgusted at yourself. The rest of us certainly are.

  59. Well, I might have an idea that takes time but might save you on the long run… I’m french but I’m living in China. And here is the paradise of Hello Kitty fakes… And even if some of them are really HK like, some have started to mutate into a strange looking far cousin… So… Would sending people to places that sell those fakes start an evolution of the so pure HK genes pool ? Slowly but surely sending this cute little Kitty to abominous degenerated forms and then killing its so perfect and expensive mother getting rid of what makes you in hell for now…? Ok just kidding, just found your blog and love your idea… Fun concept !

  60. Love the site! Don’t give in, brother, let them search for their hellish obsession materials themselfs (infact – not telling might be the cure to the sick condition…)

  61. i am a hello kitty addict and i will o anything to get everything hello kitt so stop hating it.If it`s what ppl like then thats what people like.You cant tell anyone apart from yourself that hello kitty is evil shes not so ha

  62. omg i love this blog! it is so funny! even though i am this insane hello kitty freak fanatic i love this blog. the way you feel about hello kitty is the way i feel about barbie. :]

  63. “Now, it may be just me, but usually when you find someone “utterly disgusting and not fit to live on this earth,” and you want them to do you the favor of just dieing, you usually stop visiting their blog.”

    How about the time you spend on Hello Kitty when you supposedly expect us to believe you hate her? Who would waste their free time posting things about her if they truly hate her? No one.

  64. TELL US WHERE YOU GOT THE CONVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOUR EVIL! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!

    Glad to see you know how to spread the Hello Kitty love. I’m sure she would approve.

  65. I love Hello Kitty, but I accept people who don’t feel the same way. Too much Hello Kitty is not a good thing. As for you Hello Kitty whiners, if you don’t like this blog bashing Hello Kitty, then don’t read it at all. Besides, when I was 12 I was so crazy about Hello Kitty that I almost literally killed myself. Just to say that being a Hello Kitty fanatic can kill you.

  66. hello!
    I think your blog is funny, and I think the people who want you dead are even funnier

    I have some Hello Kitty tooth pick thingys, I could send you pictures if you want them
    I got them for 5 cents at a charity store
    so it seems someone out there did not find them handy, can you believe?

  67. One thing, I love about your blog is that you really don’t curse. you write it as manner way. But, it would be nice where to get some of the items. LOL. Anyway, I seem to love the pictures you provide. Very interesting how much there is on hellokitty products and media.

  68. Oh, Hello Kitty whiners, how I love you.

    I can’t decide which type of whiner is my favorite, though. Any chance you could help me out? I’ll tell you where to find HELLO KITTY CONVERSE if you’ll only help me make up my mind which type of whiner is best:

    1. The “be reasonable, my good man” whiner:

    This HK whiner adopts a false attitude of neutrality and indifference to the whereabouts of her latest HK fix in order to try to “reason” HKH into giving out that information. Examples: “They’re just shoes, it wouldn’t hurt you to tell people where you got SHOES,” or “I know it’s your web site but please, don’t be so harsh.”

    The “be reasonable” whiner is almost always a poor actor and the stench of her Hello Kitty Product lust can be smelled all over the internets.

    2. The begging-and-pleading whiner:

    “Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase tell me where you got those shoes!!! lol.” Classic, but boring after awhile.

    3. The text-message whiner:

    “Neway U SUCK 4 not telling ppl where 2 buy merch! FOAD!” Because that’s just what Hello Kitty would say, isn’t it?

    On second thought, never mind which is best: You’re all a bunch of fools and twits. HTHKTHXBAI!

  69. these whiners are so pathetic, they are so messed up with ther fantaticism that they don’t even realise logic anymore.

    have you ever considered these points:

    1) Some of the items are limited edition so therefore aren’t made anymore?
    2) A lot of these people send in pictures so he actually HAS NO IDEA HIMSELF where they came from?
    3) That a lot of these products are from Japan, so therefore might not be available on the internet?
    4) If you send someone an abusive email, why the hell would they reply?

    Seriously guys, get a life. If you LOVE Hello Kitty, then frigging to go Japan. EVERYTHING there is Hello Kitty. Every tourist attraction has themed HK merch. You got to 100 yen stores and theres FULL HK sections of practically EVERYTHING. Just shut up and go on a holiday and then you won’t need this blog cuz you’ll have gotten all the crap you needed.

    It’s you guys who can’t take a joke, getting all uppity and angsty over some comedic blog. I’m all for loving something special from your childhood/you think its cute etc, but DON’T behave like a bratty 4 year old when someone won’t tell you something! He writes a funny and tongue-in-cheek blog, not “ULTIMATE HK ADVENTURE HAPPY TIME WHERE YOU CAN BUY THINGS.” If you would like one of those to be around, why dont YOU get off yoru ass and make one yourself?

    You disgust me, and I HOPE TO GOD most of you are 12 year olds and not full *Mature* Adults.

    You’re logic of “OH HES BEING SO MEAN! WHY WONT HE TELL ME!”

    maybe he’s too busy every day being bombarded with your stupid emails whining and asking that he just doesn’t have time.
    YOU are the ones being selfish.

    Keep up to good work man, love your stuff.

  70. Damn, that’s all I have to say, Damn.

    Maybe if they are that dedicated, they should take the time to search this stuff out themselves. In the time it took to write a bit of hate-mail, they could have easily opened up a search engine, sorted through ebay or some other such thing that makes actual sense to do.

    Course unless you’ve got problems and want to go ‘I hate you i hate you’, then, “HELP ME PLEASE!! WAAAAAAAAA!”

    Love the site, i passed the link on to a friend who has a wife thats a Michael Jackson fanatic. Told him, “Hey, could always be worse, she could like Hello Kitty that much just like this….”

    I think It’ll help him smile. 🙂

  71. hi im only 13 and i tottaly love converse and i am tryin to get all the different design converse in the world big dream for a small child plz let me no where you got them from so that i can start finishing off my collection pretty please with cherrys on top xxx

  72. Good lord some of you people are sick and deranged. How did you get to such an obssessed state? Noone is under any obligation to help another (although it is common coutesy, no such thing exists on the Net).

    As he stated, hit a Hello Kitty fansite or a Sanrio vendor. Obviously he found it somewhere and so can you.

    As for me, I am not a fan. I enjoy cute things and HK is certainly in that realm of cute. One or two products are fine, especially if they go with a particular look you are hoping to achieve. More than that becomes a curious behavior.

    Good content and good mark-up. Keep it up. 🙂

  73. 😮 OMG!
    dnt u plp give up?!
    wot a waste of time, and wot 4? sum next hello kitty converses.
    I mean it would be nice 2 have them, dnt get me wrong, hello kitty’s cool and everythng, but this is way 2 extreame. I mean if i saw those in a shop, i would be like “o, those r nice” but thats it. i’m not wasting my money on them, their not worth it. Reading u plp’s desperate longing 4 them has put me off hello kitty 4 lyfe. it’s disgusting! fighting over a cartoon cat!?
    wot is that about?
    i dnt blame u 4 not telling them were ur wife got these,
    they dn’t deserve 2 know, the way they’ve been treating u. i think if i ever see those converses ever again, i’m gonna
    puke. however i do feel sorry 4 u crazy fanatics, but i dnt understand y ur sooo addicted, it’s insane lke ur on “hello kitty drugs”.

  74. Even though I LOVE hello kitty. i dont think its nice for that freak to do that to you. And, Anon, i have hk converse. I love reading your blog. its just so awesome!

  75. I love your site! It’s very unique and creative! I personally have a love/hate relationship with Hello Kitty. If I’m in a mall or store and I see her adorable little face on something, or her sweet stuffed form, I am compelled to purchase said item… hence, my delema. Over my years of being a fan I have managed to control my hello kitty spending, and beat my original addiction. So your refusal to tell any of us where to buy these items has come to me as a blessing! 😀

  76. “We aren’t stupid. Of course we look on Google and eBay for the items, but some of the items he lists aren’t there. I’ve spent over 15 hours looking for those damn Hello Kitty converse shoes and there are nowhere on the Internet except for this site. And he is being a jerk and refuses to tell us where to get them. If he would just tell us where those shoes are, we would never bother him again, but instead he’s completely rude and basically tells us to suffer. That just isn’t right.”

    Why are you qualifying your life by objects? Why does it make you suffer knowing you can’t have them? Plenty of cool shit I’d love to have comes out in Japan and I know that short of going to japan there’s just about nothing I can do to get it. You know how I handle it?
    I get over it!
    I am thankful for what I do have instead.

    Seriously guys. Yeah he’s a little mean but with the nagging he apparently gets all the time about the damn kitten I’m not surprised.

    Let’s do a little excercise KH fanatics. Think of the one thing you hate the most. Anything! a Tv show, a food, a color. Now Imagine having that forced on you all the time. Having a friend that does nothing but show you that stuff, watch that stuff, eat it, decorate your house in it. Imagine that.
    Now think abotu his situation.

    Feel a little differently now? If someone asked you where to get something you hate would you tell them?

  77. Actually I stumbled over this site, as I searched for Hello Kitty stuff. *ggg*

    I love Hello Kitty, but your site is cool!
    I can understand how it must be, if you are not a fan.
    And fanatics are not cool wherever they are fan from.
    If we can’t laugh about our obsession, then it’s a sad world.


  78. I Love Hello Kitty but also get such a kick out of this site. It is so nice to know that there are so many people in the world who are flakier than I am.

  79. “He has to deal with this with his wife, so how much more trouble would it be to help out a few other collectors? I’ve never met someone so selfish.

    Some of us are busy and don’t have the time to look for Hello Kitty products all day, so it would only be courteous for him to help us.”

    – So you just assume the blogger have time to do it for you? The only one selfish here is you thinking you have ANY right or claim whatsoever over this mans time.

    Keep it up mate, fun to read. ^^


  81. While I have to defend my love of all things Hello Kitty to my husband, co-workers, strangers.. I think your site is great! Witty, well planned out and to be honest friggin sweet. Most folks just bitch about things they hate, you have the balls to take it to the streets. Keep up the good work.

  82. Hey! I just had a brain spasm; why totally obsess over HK when PUCCA is so much cuter! (You’ll have to do an image search)

  83. hey ur doing a good job let me put this down 4 u i have a sister that loves hello kitty im always throwing them away can u tell me where can i get those chucks so i can burn them in front of her i want to record her and see her face u can see her 2 because im puting it on youtube

  84. Hey I can’t lie I do like your website but it does suck you don’t tell where you find your stuff well I think your wife or girlfriend should have her own web site for us hello kitty fans that would be cool

  85. hey ur doing a good job let me put this down 4 u i have a sister that loves hello kitty im always throwing them away can u tell me where can i get those chucks so i can burn them in front of her i want to record her and see her face u can see her 2 because im puting it on youtube

    Yet another attempt by a Hello Kitty fanatic to try and get the information. Why would you need to know where to get the converse high tops? If your sister is really that big of a Hello Kitty fanatic, you could simply do it with the stuff she already has. Why would you spend money on Hello Kitty to destroy Hello Kitty if your sister already had a ton of Hello Kitty stuff…

    Tell you what. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Make 100 videos of you burning Hello Kitty items of your sister and then I will tell you where you can find the high tops for your 101st video 😉

  86. dude you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo evil.
    gosh people like you make human being look really bad.
    shame on you.
    you think its funny making a hello kitty whiner page.
    you think its funny putting pictures of hello kitty converse to make people go ‘o wowie i want them where can i get one ‘.
    you think its funny by acting all ‘ohno my lifes a total hell cos of hello kitty so why dont i just make a website showing my hate to hello kitty’
    well guess what its not.
    and other people who are telling hk fans to search on google or ebay well dont bother coss there isnt any.
    you are just a selfish weirdo who sits in front of a computer and look for more hello kitty stuffs to put on your website. looks like your more obsessed with hello kitty than anyone else.
    oh and all that crap about hello kitty is very nice and the fans should be aswell well we are achually nice YOUR the one making uss write all these comments in the first place gosh your the selfishest man ever.
    im starting to think you photoshopped the converse trying to showw off and everything ‘ oh my wife has totally gone down the hello kitty extreme road and guess what shes just ordered hello kitty high hells oh what in the world am i to do’ whatever dude.
    your really pathetic.
    and so your site.

  87. I love Hello Kitty and I also have a devilish sense of humor. This blog is hilarious! I’m so glad I found it! Keep up the good work, entertaining us and pissing off whiners!

  88. It’s funny. I’m a mother of three girls and I live in Chicago. I recently passed a Hello Kitty store a saw the soft cover suitcase in the window and thought – how cute.:-) I should buy this for my girls for our upcoming Thanksgiving trip. I did not purchase at that time, rather deciding that I would do a search to see if the quality was worth the price. Instead I was drawn to your website. It is hillarious to say the least. And you are an excellent writer – as one of the other bloggers previously testified. As for your hate mail writers..It always amazes me that people can be so passionate about something so meaningless as Hello Kitty merchandise, yet people go hungry everyday. I was going to buy the suitcase. But in honor of great writing and an even better sense of humor – I shall abstain.

    Keep up the good work.

  89. I ? Hello Kitty sooooooooo much! I would do anything 2 get these! I found them in this italian website(forgot the name)But I aint telling any1 about the website,maybe,IDK.I ? this website! I ? seeing the whining fans! LOL! No offense but you are mean 4 not telling these fans were you’re wife got those adorable shoes! But someday, someday, they will get it out of you! You will tell us!!!! Bye 4 now!

    P.S. I ? Hello Kitty!
    P.P.S. I hate you!=P

  90. I think that it might be about time that Sanrio produced the “Hello Kitty Assylum”………….filled it with everything hello kitty and left the doors open so that all of the “fanatics” could go and help themselves and then someone can shut and lock the bloody door and push the “destruct” button!!!

    I don’t have anything against HK or her fans, my girlfriend loves HK but dosent obsess about her like the many lunatics above that go on about how evil Mr HKH is or how much they “hate” him………….Hate is not a word that should be used willy nilly it should only be used for people that are truly “evil” such as Bin Laden or Hitler or Saddam Hussein…………Isn’t it about time that all of you “Fanatics” grew up and got a life. This blog is a healthy way for a tortured soul to releive his frustration from his daily plight of living in “Hello Kitty Hell”

  91. I love this site/blog. ROFLMAO!! As my sn and email tells, I am a Hello Kitty fan but it seems that I would have to bow to your wife when it comes to Hello Kittyness.
    Although I am a Kitty fan, I do feel for you dude. Even I could not take that much of Hello Kitty and I am a fan. Never mind the price to some of these Kitty items. OUCH. I have the cheap end of Kitty stuff apparently. Stickers, stationary sets, photo albums, pens, pencils, towels, pj’s that I would rather save then wear.
    I do love Kitty but I also happen to like some of her friends. Especially the classic ones. My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Tuxedo Sam, and not so classic Pochacco.
    Good Luck and I hope you won’t have to spen too many nights in the Kitty sleeping bag. Here’s a thought: spill some kind of grease and oil on it. Drop some oily food particle. Or, even some how, “accidentally” damage the sleeping bag. Stretch it out at the seams, or use some blunt object and poke some holes in it.
    Or maybe you can tell her that it’s too adorable to be used. If you’ve not been clumsy before, develope a sudden and lasting case of extreme clumsiness around your wife’s best -most favorite- Kitty stuff. Damage an item or two and she just might forbide you to be around her Kitty stuff so much.

  92. Hello Kitty is the most vile being ever conceived. I applaud your hatred. Do these fanatics realize that Sanrio is laughing all the way to bank with this crap? Next up in the ridiculous product line that these morons will buy: Hello Kitty radiators, Hello Kitty water heaters, Hello Kitty roofing tiles, Hello Kitty bullet proof vests, and to finish it off, Hello Kitty AK-47’s. I have no doubt that if these products were made, they’d be bought by truckloads.

  93. Sorry, apparently I didn’t spend enough time looking around the site. HK AK-47’s are already real, my mistake. Apparently I can’t think of any ridiculous things to slap Hello Kitty on that Sanrio hasn’t already thought of. I truly pity you.

  94. This is the funniest site I’ve seen in a long time.
    Thank you for cheering me up!
    HK is awfully cute, but I don’t need anymore crap in my house!

  95. omg.
    ok i in love with HK
    but man. ok im 16.
    thats kinda ok for me
    but omg.
    most of you are like 50
    get on with your life.

    maybe you guys need to get laid.
    get a life.

    great blog.<33

  96. This site entertains me I love to see all of these crazy things people come up with and the crazy people, such as the lady that sent you that message, that actually buy them. You must be a very good person to continue to say with your wife in Hk hell! Some people can be so cruel. You shouldnt wish death on you just because they wont tell you how to find something you are looking for. Im am only 16 and even I know that is wrong!

  97. I’m glad people are stupid enough not to realize this website wasn’t made for finding the Hello Kitty stuff, it was for expressing his hatred toward Hello Kitty. I like Hello Kitty but I can find it on my own if I really wanted it. But, I rather not, because I’m not an obsessed fool.

  98. irony is YOU! i could be one of those fans that says, “if you don’t like it so much, why do you tolerate it?” but i can’t say that. why? b/c my husband is a HUGE Dungeons and Dragons fan. he’s 26 and makes a point to still play the stupid game. has a DnD collection he’s been working on since high school. yet, i own a Hello Kitty Okwap A236 (God bless you, Ebay! XD). and THE CUTEST HK contact lenses case IN THE WORLD! i’d collect more, but it’s pretty expensive and MOST of the cool stuff comes out of Japan and Tiawan making it MORE expensive! so i will try to understand the fact that while you LOVE your wife, you HATE her obessions. and secretly, i pray there’s an obession of your’s she hates, too. together, you try to exploit the other’s weakness and bring each other down. yet, you will only balance each other out, which is just as well considering you have a freaking blog about her obession, yet she continues to obsess. :p

  99. thank you for living in hell so you could write a hillarious and scarily authentic blog about how horrible this hello kitty plague has become.

  100. I think this may be the best blog I’ve stumbled across in a long time. I found you trying to search for hello kitty items for a gift. Had no idea there was a whole universe of hello kitty out there. Thank you for the laughs :). I think Hello Kitty would approve. Regards.

  101. I just find it funny how all the people that want to know where to find the stuff say he should just be nice and tell them for this ONE thing, that there’s only a few of them, so why not help them out.

    but here’s the reality. If you’re so desperate to find this one thing, there’s probably other things you’ll want locations for. and then word will get around, and every time a collector wants to know where to find something on this site, they’ll email him right away, and pretty soon it will become ridiculous. So it won’t take long before he refuses to answer because he’s getting so many requests, and then it’ll become “You told us how to find *insert object here*, why can’t you just help us find this ONE other thing?

    And the circle continues. Moral of the story, if you want to find HK products, ask someone as interested as you are.

  102. Life should not be wasted on hello kitty i like hello kitty but i don’t get crazy over it!!! Most hello kitty fanatics go
    crazy over stuff that is even pink!!! WHY???? the color pink is associated with hello kitty!!!! PLAIN FLAT OUT STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then wish death on a man that won’t show them were a pair of stupid sneakers is??
    They can go color a pair of white sneakers pink and stick
    a big fat old hello kitty sticker on it for all i care!! But put the thought of death for them is like them saying they hate hello kitty isn’t hello kitty nice?? There wishing death
    some poor man who has to put up with it all the time!
    Ha HA them takeing after hello kitty? not in a millon years!!

  103. Your wife does not own those Chucks, you post it, so people can bitch, and you enjoy it so much because people freak out over something as small as a damn shoe with a cute character on it. Am I correct?

  104. lol – believe me, there is no need for me to make anything Hello Kitty up with all the crap that already exists. And there is no way in Hello Kitty Hell I would ever spend any of my free time creating something Hello Kitty…

  105. There are so many comments that probably the whiners won’t ever see this. There is quite obviously no “boyfriend”. This site is published by an HK fan who is just showing off her collection. In Japan there are several site like this. Girls pretend to be “boyfriend” because it is impolite to be boastful of your collection. No doubt, this American HK fan learned about the Japanese “nise” sites.

  106. Ummm…my dad died of cancer two weeks ago. I think if I had to choose between that and never being able to have a hideous pair of HK Converse, I’d choose never being able to have the Converse. It’s so nice to know that people choose to spend their money on crap like this instead of, oh I don’t know, feeding the hungry, searching for a cure of cancer, silly things like that.

  107. Why do people think you know where it all comes from, anyway? People send in pics of the items. That doesn’t mean they tell you exactly where and how much they are! You aren’t all-knowing. It surprises me that they don’t have the energy to just do some internet searches on their own for the items, and yet, they can manage multiple hateful emails. seesh.

  108. to anonymous:
    “If you’d just tell us, then we wouldn’t need to whine. Did you ever think of that?”
    to tell or not to tell, it’s his right. you’ve been warned (in the front page). if you don’t agree, then stop visiting.
    stop whining and get a life. sheeshh…!

    to jade:
    “You know that the whiners are all your fault. We wouldn’t whine if you would show an ounce of courtesy and answer our questions instead of being rude about it. You have nobody to blame but yourself. If you don’t like people whining, then don’t give them a reason to do so. You’re the one acting like a 10 year old refusing to tell us where we can find this stuff. Stop being childish and just let us know where we can get the stuff and there won’t be any more whining. Stop trying to blame the whiners when you are the one responsible for it.”
    dearest jade, can anyone be responsible for your whining? that’s new.
    if you don’t want to have a reason to whine. then stop reading. it’s that easy and simple.
    so please, grow up already!

    to Hello Kitty Hell:
    I’m seriously falling in love with your blog. LOL.
    I can truly understand your depression over this cuteness overload you’re experiencing. Cos I know I’ll feel the same way too.
    Keep up the good work and keep us amused! We seriously need the good laugh! 😉
    Anyway, have you checked out the Hello Kitty Hotel in Taiwan?

  109. you guys.. its JUST a cat with a little bow!
    chill OUT!
    and im just a kid and even I NO not to flip out like some of you people are.
    no offense.
    im even a cat person.
    but still though.
    it IS just a cat.
    remember that.

    whoa. i need to quit whining.

  110. oh please! do the whiners really think that somebody who is sick of hello kitty would even BOTHER to find out where the stuff is…if you really want it, then GOOGLE it. if you can’t find it, do you really need it?

    march on, brave hello kitty hell blogger.

  111. Okay, I’ll admit I think Hello Kitty is cute. Probably because I liked her when I was a little girl. Hell, I collect My Little Ponies and I’m 28. My husband’s a trooper and doesn’t mind.

    But I actually just came here on a link with the Hello Kitty assault riffle. I was struck by the irony of this cute, upbeat, cheerful character plastered all over a death dealing device. o_O

    I only really read this part of the blog (because I’m a whiner by nature. No, really.) to see what you had to say. I was stunned at the letter you posted, but then I remembered how many idiots there are out there. And that’s harsh coming from me. Again, the irony of someone who is a fan of such a cutesy and soft icon wishing to rain death upon you was…staggering.

    To the Blogger: I think it’s wonderful that you are able to put up with all this stuff, and use it to fuel the witty banter of your blog. Some people might say you’re ‘whipped’ for allowing it, but if it truly makes her happy, then I think it’s sweet for you to allow it.

    To the Wife: You know what you like, and you went for it with everything you’ve got. The common sense side of me cringes, but the kid in me envies you for being able to do up your house in the thing you love best (though I would choose something other than Hello Kitty personally).

    To you both: I’m wondering if The Blogger has a room for himself that he can decorate in any way he likes, as sort of a sanctuary perhaps?

  112. It’s probably been said already, but I didn’t read all the comments. Just because someone sends him a photo, that doesn’t mean he know where the hell the item is sold! And he doesn’t care. So stop whining about it.

  113. ahah…as much as i like HK. (key word being: like- not love)
    it’s more fun to actually find the item yourself- it’s like a treaaaasuure hunt.
    sorry, sorry, sorry.
    anywho- yes. I just now stumbled upon this post after reading all the whiny comments and thank you for already making this cleeeeeeear.

  114. Don’t get me wrong, i really like hk, but it is ridiculous to see all these people asking a guy where to find some shoes. there is a thing called google, and in the time it takes to write the letter to the guy, you could probably find the shoes on a different site. it’s probably actually easier than typing a letter to a guy that has no idea where to find them in the first place. if you haven’t realized it already, his house is filled with hk stuff, so it is very unlikely that he will remember where one pair of shoes came from.

  115. LOL, yeah I guess. But It would be nice to have proof LOL, so the people KNOW she has them, and you’d have more whiners because thy KNOW YOU have team(well, not you, but your wife)
    You know? aha

  116. lol – I took photos of the shoes. What more proof do people need? And I built a site dedicated to complaining about Hello Kitty – my little bit of release living in Hello Kitty Hell. Never did I imagine when I started this that Hello Kitty fanatics would like it since all I do is dish on the evil feline, but I vastly underestimated the willingness of fanatics to want to see everything Hello Kitty…

  117. The person who wrote that email is clearly been eating way too much Hello Kitty food products … all that sugar is rotting their brains!!!
    Keep on blogging i really enjoy reading about all the new developments and i find them absolutely hilarious !!!!

  118. YOU Rock! i stumbled onto ur blog by pure accident and i love the way you sarcastically write. You are awesome cuz u accept your wifes infatuation with H.kitty and most dudes would just put it down rather than embrace it like you do!
    So 2 all those whiners out there: put a straw in your juice box and suck on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. You are a monster. What gives you the right to treat me like that???????? All I asked was that you tell me where to get the car lights and you send me a link to this post. How the hell is this supposed to help me???? I asked nicely. I explained why I needed them. I wasn’t rude at all and this is all you can do????? No wonder everyone wants you to die. I’ve never met such a complete ahole in my entire life!!!!!

    You made this site so you should expect people will ask you where these things are. If you are not willing to help them, then don’t make the blog. WTF were you thinking??? It’s not right to put information out there and then not help people find it. You’re a complete idiot and I will find them with or without your help. Go jump in a lake and drown. Idiot!!!!

  120. I love Hello Kitty and I buy the products because I think its cute, everyone has something that the mainly buy.

    But none of this pointless ranting on this site botheres me, its the fact that Hello Kitty is one of your wife’s main interests and you do a blog about how much you hate it ?

    I don’t think that says much about your relationship

  121. i grew up with hello kitty, it was mainly my mother that would buy things for me, introduced me to it. now as an adult. ….UGH! some people are just tooo crazed! my niece is now getting into it and its just, a waste of money. yeah…its so kawaii but geez. its overboard and in a way morbid! hello kitty belongs to all of the little girls in the world ages 1-10 and thats it. haha. but anyway, its just my opinion

  122. You poor man! I’m an extreme cat lover, and I love “kitty” themed things… but I HATE Hello Kitty! Something about it just annoys me to no end… too cutesy I guess? I feel for you…

    Fantastic blog… keep it up!!

  123. “I’m going to find where those sneakers are whether you tell me or not, so you might as well”

    If they were going to find them whether you told them or not, why would they care so much about whether you tell them.

    “If you’d just tell us, then we wouldn’t need to whine.”

    ie. ‘If you just comply to my bullying blackmail tactics, I might stop harassing you. But I don’t have the balls to put my name to this, because I know that my behaviour is fundamentally wrong.’

    This is what happens when natural selection is interrupted by civilisation.

  124. “we are achually nice YOUR the one making uss write all these comments in the first place gosh your the selfishest man ever”
    ‘look what you made me do’… yup, abusive idiots often come out with some form of that excuse.

    No one makes you send hate mail – that’s something you choose to do all by your ‘nice’ little self.

    “I don’t think that says much about your relationship”
    If it doesn’t bother her; why should it bother you? Of course if the first part of your post was remotely credible… Concern trolling is soooo classy.

  125. Thank you for making me realize how dangerous HELLO KITTY chan is.
    As a Japanese, I feel some responsibility to HK threat all over the world. So I would like to support this blog to stop HK from taking over us, before it will become a bigger issue.
    This is one of the most interesting blog I have ever seen.
    Kitty-chan, how cute, and how evil… ‘

  126. Hmm okay LOL. I don’t really care for HK anyways, I was just curious LOL PA>hk ya. But I won’t go further than buying a wallet.

  127. Hello Kitty Hell, I just have to say it: Congratulation. By not telling this freaks where to get those HORRIBLES Hello Kitty items you are helping in a creation of a “Hello Kitty free” world. By the way: Have the crazy lady from the e-mail already found the shoes?

  128. haha, im also curious, have she found the hello kitty shoes? Anyway, im a HK fan too, but i still love your blog because the way you write crack me up totally. LOL!

  129. I just happened upon your blog in a search for *ahem* Hello Kitty. I have to say I think you are hilarious! I can’t even imagine being inundated daily with ANYTHING, let along HK. And while I have to admit some envy for your wife’s collection, I would bet that any man in your position would feel the same way! (come on, wedding rings? haha!) Keep up the blog, you have to vent somehow!!!

  130. I enjoy Hello Kitty and have been given gifts of Hello Kitty items (honest. hand to god, I’ve never once purchased a Hello Kitty item … at least not since I was about age eight), but despite the fact that I enjoy HK, your site is a cornucopia of awesomeness. My sense of humour and sense of the absurd win out. Your writing is hilarious and some of your posts actually frighten me – I can’t even wrap my head around why some of these things exist. I’m also very scared of your Hello Kitty bathroom – that’s nuts! You must really really love your wife.

    Fanaticism, whether it is about HK or about a religion, is just scary. The moment you wish death on a person over a pair of HK sneakers, well, you’ve lost the plot.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  131. haha…I love Hello Kitty…found your site searching for a car seat cover 😛 Wow — Hello Kitty pizza…that’s special. Just read this blog — now will look to see if I can subscribe to the blog somewhere…hilarious!

  132. One more thing…

    Try out the livejournal community “madradstalkers”. They can find ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING you want online. The whole community is designed to find random things.


  133. Ill tell you why we are attracted. we are so devoted that we will look anywhere to add to our collection. i actually came across your website by google imaging hello kitty. Im not a freak fan but i am like the only one at my school who is a fan. they think its cute because while i like her im not a complete freak about it. I just own like 3 shirts and 8 pices of jewlry. I mostly own stationary because tahts what i use.i only buy stuff ill use. so there hope you find it in your heart and tell us where it is. if you do decide email me.TTFN

  134. If you’re going to come up with a comment like “If you’d just tell us, then we wouldn’t need to whine.” you’d best actually put a name or some sort of face to it instead of being a typical internet “faceless” person. Hit and run comments like that do not inspire any sort of feeling of sympathy from me. Cowardice, yes, that is what it is, is still unattractive in our species.

    That being said, from my understanding this blog is not a shoping list. Not Ebay, not an import store and is certainly not a devotee of Hello Kitty. I’ve been here five minutes and ascertained that simple premise.

    Why would the author, a man surrounded by obsession and compulsion, decide to possibly inflict more of this rampant uselessness on someone else?

    “Cute” is one thing, but why the obsession that drives men and women to have thousands of things devoted to it?

  135. OMG. Is that person for real? Isn’t that taking this Kitty obsession a bit too far? Besides, why don’t they just go to some hello kitty store and special order the damn things? It might just be me, but there’s something to be said about ‘thou shall not covet’- too much.

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  137. The letter you quoted is kinda ironic in a way. I haven’t seen the HK show but… I’ve always heard that HK was suppose to be about happiness & love and all that sweet stuff.

    So… it’s ironic – and somewhat sad – to see that some of her fans are calling you foul names. HK would be ashamed of these so-called “fans”!

    As for the sarcasm in your posts… Um… that’s the FUN part of going here!


  138. second comment… cos I didn’t read the whole list before posting my first.

    I admit… HK shoes would be interesting…just so I could make my coworkers’ eyes bleed.

    But, I’m in Japan too so if I really cared *that* much (and I don’t) I’d just go to the Sanrio park and browse. …Probably with some shades handy for pink-headaches (:LOL:)

    And… I applaud the fact that you’re sticking to your guns on not giving out locations.

    Too many people forget that wanting something, does not mean that they’re entitled to it, or that others have to give it to them. It’s all part of learning that we can’t always get our way.


  139. I can see why a fan would be irritated being unable to find something displaying her/his favourite logo, especially when someone who dislikes said logo has access to it. However, I think the level of rudeness in that letter to you was extreme and unneccessary. I mean “not fit to live on earth” : you write an anti hello kitty website, you don’t go out killing children or old people… (as far as i know..) What I’m basically saying is, feel sorry for someone that obsessed (with anything, not just hk) and don’t let it bother you. xxxx

  140. I think people are jealous that you have cool Hello Kitty stuff. I think you must be a great guy to have patience with your wife’s love of Hello Kitty. I live with my husband’s love of country music. What’s worst? Hello Kitty or country music!

  141. suzanna: nothing is worse than country music. you need to start a blog.
    mr. HK hell: i think your wife is fictitious and you have a secret love of HK. come out of the closet and wear your pink proudly! BTW, you’re hilarious.

  142. People are wishing that you DIE? Over the useless HK crap on your sight?

    Congrats to sanrio. Their brainwashing worked. They have successfuly armed themselves with an army of fanatics who are in no way sane.

    the world is a sad place.

  143. I do love Hello Kitty. That said, I think your blog is pretty funny! My hubby would also object to having a hello kitty themed car. I wanted to do a Hello Kitty themed bathroom, but my hubby of course was against it so I didn’t. I think I would be a little worried if he did want HK themed stuff. Hello Kitty is for little girls and women that just love super cute stuff. I think it’s perfectly ok that you don’t like HK. You’re a man!

    As for all you haters of the HK hater. You need to get a life! Go find Hello Kitty stuff by doing a search on the web. You some how magically arrived here on this page. Whatever item you find here just Google it on the web.

    To the people that actually wished that you would die. They really need help! Murders and rapists go free everyday and no one seems to give a rats ass. Oh but this man hates Hello Kitty! Get a rope!

    For any of you Hello Kitty lovers reading this. Don’t despair, just hold your head up high and blow your brains out.

  144. I love this site. HKH’s opinion of Hello Kitty doesn’t have anything to do with why I come here. Quite simply HKH is my “new hello kitty stuff finder”. If I see anything I like I return to google land and locate it, and possibly buy it. Thank you for compiling so much Hello Kitty stuff in one place! A Lot of this stuff I would have never ever thought to have looked for.

  145. Emily…………you are correct………………country Music is worse than Hello Kitty. I also agree with you that country music is worse than Kitty. LOVE THAT KITTY

  146. Wow- I came here from the section about the HK high top converse shoes… YIKES! Have they ever even heard of google? Damn… that level of obsession on anything cannot possibly be healthy.

  147. I like you’re blog but, I still think you are an a-hole for depriving us true HK fans and being rude to us. However, I would never wish death upon you or any of other haters on this blog or anywhere else I think thats a bit absurd I have a lil too much going on for me in my life to be talkin that mess.

  148. My my… This site is quite amusing. From the “news” articles to the comment section, it’s all amusing…

    By the way, I found this site from a comic called “The World Explodes”. You may want to check it out. It’s almost completely opposite of Hello Kitty :p

  149. okay, seriously.

    something for all those crazy hello kitty lovers (god help them)
    What is so fascinating about hello kitty?
    Take up another hobby that is actually productive.
    Sometimes hello kitty can be cute, on rare occasions, but she ISN’T EVEN REAL.
    Come on, knit or something. Someone should just go bomb Sanrio, I mean seriously, if it’s going to amount to this.
    I come to this website sometimes because it’s hilarious, and I feel extremely bad for this guy.
    I also laugh at the people who try to defend HK on a site called KITTYHELL. come on.
    Just go away if you don’t like it, make a blog of your own.
    “This blog is really good, better than the others.” is not an excuse.
    Im ranting on this because it ticks me off when im trying to read good comments and I read the little rebellious hello kitty lovers here and there.

    Seriously, go away.

  150. Guys, most things on here are photoshopped, get over it.
    This site is just silly.
    Although, those converse are amazing…
    I wonder how many people googled them, I know I did.

  151. I was sent to your site because a friend of mine is a HK nut, (Love ya girl, but ya are.) – and found your Obento post, and thought it lovely. I cannot stress enough, how GLAD I am, (and I’m sure her husband) that you DON’T tell people where you find your HK stuff.

    Thank you from all the friends of an HK fanatic,
    (PS – Kitty was drown in her pool, next to her light up house.)

  152. I think Hello Kitty fanatics are drawn to your site b/c you list some cool stuff on here. I’m a fanatic myself and haven’t seen any of this stuff you’ve got on your page. I think it’s pretty cool and I dont know why people whine about why you wont tell them where those sneakers are. hahahahahaha

  153. I only just stumbled across your blog because you have some pretty nifty things listed here, and I just spent some time skimming through this thread…and wow. That’s really quite hilarious haha.

    I’m a massive HK fanatic, I’ve got HK all over the place, but your writing is top notch and I’ll be sure to come back to read it despite the fact that the sole purpose of the blog is to laugh at HK.

    And not all of us HK fanatics are whiners! Or blind and biased for that matter. Those shoes are really tacky.

  154. haha.. you’re really farnee.. i dunno how you come to terms with all these (or maybe you haven’t?)

    I’m NOT a hello kitty fan (I do sympathise you, i don’t think i can keep my sanity in that bathroom of yours) but i like your site.. will be back to read more.. =)

  155. Lol. *looks down*

    Seems like you didn’t get the point across well enough…

    Don’t you get the point? Leave the poor guy alone! He isn’t going to tell you, so get over it. If this board isn’t about finding hello kitty items and that is what your looking for then go somewhere else.

    XD I hate people sometimes!

  156. Some people really do need to get a life… And what the heck is a “True fan of Hello Kitty”? I would like to think that a “true fan” would probably try to act like the fictional and adorable feline instead of having every single of Sanrio’s products. I’m a fan of HK and I’ll never be as kind, sweet, and caring as that particular character. …Too much sweetness…

    If HKH should “die” for not telling the psychos where to find HK merch, then the HK psychos should “die in a fire” for their pathetic tactics to get info out of the man. Now that’s a bit extreme, and I apologize if that offended anyone.

    Everyone can’t get everything they want. The man wants to vent his annoyance/anger. Don’t agree with him? Leave. He doesn’t have to tell anyone jack about the HK merch in question. Whew, my rant is over. Time to sleep.

  157. I think your website is totally chill. I got a good kick out of it, and I think it’s spectacular what you’ve done. I am truly shocked from the e-mail that was sent to you. I think it’s appropriate that you don’t tell people where to get things. I mean HELLO, you have a computer, but yeah, SO DO THEY. Just tell them to SUCK IT, you don’t need to quote me either. Have fun on vacation.

  158. Wow !
    This blog is amazing although I would do anything for them converse They are the most wow ever haha !
    Idd love some hk conversee man …
    great site !
    and ignore the hatemail, its ridiculous 🙂

  159. I feel your pain! What IS the appeal of that GAWD-DAMN CAT??? May I suggest you something you may not have considered? That every piece of Kitty crap you direct the insane fanatic to is 1 less potential purchase for your wife!

  160. okay it is fine that everyone wants to find hello kitty stuff from this site and i have been looking for hello bog roll for a long time and im just wonerding………STOP! how would you like it if someone emailed you a thousand times a day asking you for bog roll or that tacky piece of kitty furniture, whilst up to your chin in sarnio merchindise and you live in constant fear, that your wife is going to walk through that door with even more boxes of kitty stuff and a hello kitty computer screen to replace the one which you are viewing your emails. nuff said leave him alone

  161. I’m seriously laughing so loud at this I’m disturbing the people around me. It’s strange how many people come to this site looking to buy things when it’s obvious the whole point is all of it should be destroyed. And still the Kitty maniacs don’t all seem to get it. And they keep coming back!!!

    I wonder if there’s a S&M Hello Kitty that likes to be dominated, spanked, slapped around, and yelled at? Maybe they’d like one of those, too.

  162. How many of you are Asian? Or are you just a weird, gothic white person?

    get it right. you have Minnie Mouse. we have HK.

    so go to disneyworld and piss and moan about their mechandise.

    Your Token Asian

  163. To all Hello Kitty whiners-Go to eBay!!! Stop whining here, just go to eBay and find whatever you want there.

    Your blog is cool! You are just so cool! Keep it up!

  164. funny…i was checking a site that sells different kinds of HK items from cellphones, silicon keyboards, bags, wallets, umbrellas to watches, name it. i was asking her price for some items that i could sell at my office until, i saw her video post of the “hello kitty hotel”

    i got so curious where the hell its is located until i came upon your site…you made my day, man.

    i had so much fun reading your posts…i adore you so much that you love everything that your wife admires.

  165. Dude I just LOVE your blog! I was looking for some marriage certificates for my translation class and I found this incredibly freaky Hello Kitty marriage certificate… and man I saw the video and I can say that it´s the spookiest wedding I could ever dream of! OK, I can buy a Hello Kitty keychain, it´s cute and all but… Hello Kitty life? Hello, Kitty hell!

    Really good stuff! And love the way you write. Keep up the good work

    Greetings from Spain

  166. Hey, I think your site is a perfect counter point to Hk’s you can never have too many friends. I adore the cat, and I do have those Hk sneakers..I have furniture as well…

  167. damn…. some people have got issues….. and need a life…. hello kitty is cute but not to the extreme where my life revolves around it and everything i do and when i take a shit its not in my face or in my ass’s way.
    with love from UK x

  168. call me crazy but if I was interested in finding out where to buy a particular style of converse shoes I would probably just checkout their website (if I couldn’t first find them on google or yahoo or dogpile or…..) if I found they were discontinued then the next obvious place would be ebay.

    Even crazy people have no excuse for being incredibly stupid. Even if they couldn’t find what they were looking for through the normal channels, you telling them where to get this crap would pretty much defeat the whole purpose of the blog.

    I guess I must just be some sort of super genius as I figured all that out in about a minute after stumbling across this site for the first time.

    Anyway keep up the good work. To quote the Toasters, “don’t let the bastards grind you down”.

    peace and chicken grease.

    p.s. ever think about doing a HK movie, you could just steal the plot from “chuckie” only use your wifes hello kitty dolls instead 🙂

  169. …i just found those high tops everyone was making such a huge deal over on bay. one search and there they were. honestly. i love this blog, i also love hello kitty 🙂 i remember reading the blog about the high tops and the hatred in the comments made me think..woah…its JUST hello kitty, and i a lover of HK merch said that .. so… chill 😀


  170. Y is everyone so crazy abt this stupid cat!!!! It is not even a pretty cat! De eyes r too far from each other… its like something a 2 yr old kid will draw… LAME………..

  171. go to the philippines, go to divisoria or quiapo.. plenty of (fake) merch.

    try the local malls here..
    why not custom make footwear to your liking? I’m sure there’s lot of shoemakers there would custom-make footwear, although not original or licensed.
    Havianas would have their sanrio license soon.

    there’s lot of options!

    don’t blame the man, he is not endorsing hello kitty anyway, and lots of stores popping up here selling Hello kitty in the philippines! And some (if not all) timezone arcade branches here is also offering HK stuff. the fare will set you down big.

    I share your anguish and suffering, my gf is also a fanatic and would break-up, because its expensive to buy originals.
    stop this nonsense and think other options!
    for the whiners:^think about this line above^ and go to my country.
    mabuhay ang pilipinas, mabuhay ang pilipino!

  172. If you’re so fantical about Hello Kitty I would imagine you could find these products you so desperately seek. You would be apart of message boards, groups, and other fan sites that would help you find these products.

    Stop hassling the poor man! He’s a smart and funny guy who is trying to make light of something in life that he doesn’t understand and doesn’t particularly like. In the process he is amusing many with writings.

    Hello Kitty Fans, and Hello Kitty Hate groups can enjoy his blog, so long as you respect him for the talented and amusing writer he is!

  173. I don’t know… I think those shoes are worth your life.
    just kidding…
    it’s silly to get that worked up over any commodities.

  174. haha, the email was funny though.. but i do on some level agree it’d be nice to share some info** if someone is desperate for it just because i believe in being nice. 🙂 but if i were you, i’d keep it to myself because i’d want to be the FEW of the people to own the treasure. XD like for instance, my hello kitty face necklace that i absolutely love love love.



  176. Wow, I hadn’t read this since I first came to this site and WOW, the responses have gotten worse!
    Dude, I wish you nothing but Hello Kitty-free happiness 🙂
    I hope these people start to realize soon that just because you post a picture does NOT mean you found it or know where to get it!
    Wow these people need to get A)a Life and B) a Therapist!

  177. i agree u shouldnt tell them were u find the stuff @ just let them all suffer u ppl that are whining give up he ant goin 2 tell u, ur acting like a bunch of babies grow up its just a cat with a bow in its hair not real if ur that mad dont read the blog not that hard u r torturing yourself bc ur reading the blog i mean u dont hav 2 but if u babies r that dumb just keep reading it anyway i thought HK was soppose 2 be nice and sweet and happy u HK fans r not really showing sweet and happness… some of u r but others r just being *******

  178. Well I find your site quite informative and enjoy reading it. I also identify with you and your wife (I love Hello Kitty and my Husband hates her ((I’m banned from having my Hello Kitty bathroom in the new house)). However I truly belive you the MAN who created this site loves Hello Kitty too. Come on you know more about her than me, probably more than your wife, and certinaly more than Sanrio. Well anyways keep up the site.

  179. It can’t be easy for you.

    I’m an HK fan and I know one thing. Some Hello Kitty items on your site aren’t made anymore (unless I just haven’t found the site which sells the sewing machine) so the people who want those are the ones who whine the most. You couldn’t tell them if you wanted to.

  180. sooo if you are so sick of your wife’s obsession with hello kitty why haven’t you left her? and why do you care so much about her obsession? i’m sure you have some that she probably wants to wring your neck over 🙂

  181. gosh! you are such a dreadful person- not sharing where these items are from… the sarcasm is dripping from my eyes o_o

  182. I really am amazed at how people are able to die because they are going “with out” Hello Kitty shoes. There are much more valid reasons to die, and seriously, would it be that important for you? I mean, I know HK is important to you and you really really want those shoes, but be mature about it. The author lives in Japan, which is where you can find all the Hello Kitty stuff he lists. He rants about them because he is subjected to them daily. He has already politely stated that he will not share where he found the items, and let’s face it, they were probably brought home by his wife and he would have no interest in asking her and actually replying everyone.

    For the hardcore HK fans: Go to Japan and but a whole cargo ship full or HK stuff if you want, but leave the author alone.

  183. The only thing I would want to find from this site is the Hello Kitty toilet paper so I could happily wipe my butt on Hello Kitty’s face.
    I only kind of liked Hello Kitty before, but one day almost 9 months ago, I read every post, and I almost felt physically ill from it. Hello Kitty obsessions are terrifying.

  184. Hi.. i just wanted to say i live in NZ and was in a store today that sells personal hello kitty water coolers.. hmmz

  185. I think your website is brilliant!
    My daughter loves Hello Kitty and I’m made to feel that I.m not a supportive mother because I don’t buy her all the Hello Kitty things she would like!! I say “Why make Sanrio have great sales when I haven’t got shares in the company”?!
    As to morons making nasty emails to you I say Hello Kitty Goodbye weirdos!!
    Keep up the fun site, we love reading the comments.

  186. I am a HUGE hello kitty fan… and i LOVE your site! I think is the funniest thing! You are an awesome guy for allowing your wife to keep on loving HK even though you hate her so much! Plus you have a good sense of humor about it all!

    All the Hello Kitty whiners need to realize that the fun of the the site is not telling where to get the stuff bc you want to end hello kitty world domination. And while I’m a big supporter of her world conquest I totally understand where you’re comming from! And all those whiners need to do is google the ithems and they’ll fine themselves DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

    Keep writing! This blog RULES!!!


  187. I have been a Hello Kitty fan since 1988, but it is ridiculous and juvenile to wish someone death or hell just because you wont tell them where to get the HK shoes ! Seriously get over it, grow up and stop whining. P.S if you don’t like it don’t read it !

  188. haha you rock! I hope those ppl. hating never find those shoes. LoL. I can see it now their gravestones and funeral would be a hello kitty theme. That would be even more creepy.

  189. Of course – (not that I care one way or another about the kitty) you could open a eb*ay store and sell it to all the HK freaks out there – then you could retire and ride the HK bike around the nw island you just bought 🙂 – of course just my 2 cents …(ps good side effect – your wife would be sick of the stuff – and you would see less of it around the homestead… Good luck !

  190. I totally understand your position, but you do realize that you invite these inquiries because you post images “that is truly unique, causes a conversation between my wife and I or I feel that it’s worth writing about.”

    And, I agree with other commenters that you could retire by peddling the very HK items that you hate. Irony’s a bitch.

    I love HK, but also enjoy your site. Keep on the hate and posting interesting, funny, and sometimes disturbing images.

  191. Dude, I love the giant hello kitty “ring-o-fire” at the top of your site, now……….where can I buy one of those? ;o))

    I’m makin me some hello kitty sneakers right this moment, seriously…….

    blink, blink, stare, smile, grow whiskers and a bow

  192. ahh..common people, be grateful that he even tell you that hello kitty item existed. I love hello kitty (in a way…) but still oO it’s just hello kitty after all…he found his source now go find yours!! ^^V

  193. You know what I love more than this site and your blogs, the comments. They totally kill me!! .. I begin to think the collective age range of your readers is under 15. LOL!!! Your posts are well written and very amusing even to the HK admirers. ( Well the ones that aren’t psychotic or 12) I can only assume they whine because they aren’t able to access google, Everyone knows its an exclusive search engine only for Non HK items!!! I like Hk I certainly don’t Love her. I prefer Pink things with out her on them. I suppose that makes me a PINK fantatic rather than a HK one. But I know for SURE there are Pink Hater sites out there. I can assure you they are no where near as interesting or well written.

  194. well u should have said god bless u!(seriously) kitty is at target,ross, and in atlanta georgia, there iz a mall called discovermills in gwinnett. in there is a hello kitty store. also @ northlake mall is a hello kitty store!

  195. ba ha ha ha ha that was great ^ – ^

    Hello Kitty
    Taking over the world one billion consumer products at a time

    ´´´´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶ ¶´¶¶´´´´¶´
    ´´´´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´¶´¶ ¶¶¶¶¶´´´¶´
    ´´´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶ ¶´´´¶¶¶¶¶´
    ´´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´
    ´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ´´´¶¶¶¶¶´´
    ´¶¶¶´´´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´ ´´´´´´´¶´´
    ´´´¶´´´´¶¶´´´´´´´´´´ ´´´´´´´¶´´
    ´´´¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ´¶¶´´´´¶´´
    ´´¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶´´´ ´¶¶´´´¶¶´´
    ´´´´´¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ´´´´´¶¶¶´´
    ´´´´´´´¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´ ´´´¶¶¶´´´´
    ´´´¶¶¶¶¶´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ¶¶¶¶´´´´´´
    ´´´¶´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´¶¶¶ ¶´´´¶´´´´´
    ´´´¶´´´´¶¶¶’¶¶¶¶¶¶’¶¶¶ ¶´´´¶¶¶´´´´
    ´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´´¶¶ ¶¶¶´´´¶¶´´
    ´´¶´´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ´´´´´´´¶´´
    ´¶´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´ ´´´´´´´¶´´
    ´´¶´´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´ ´´´´´´´¶´´
    ´´¶¶´´´´´´´¶¶´´´´¶¶´ ´´´´´¶¶´´´
    ´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´´´´´´´´¶ ¶¶¶¶¶´´´´´

    Creepy isnt it ^ – ^

  196. hey! if u dont like d site, get off it! I LOVE HELLO KITTY BUT I TINK THIS IS VERY FUNNY IF U DONT LIKE IT! HAHA XD LOL keep writin and 2 all d whiners: STOP WHINING!

  197. Well who is the dumb one here ?

    Giving HK more exposure so Sanrio gets MORE money ?

    Not only to I think you are a moron with no life, I think that you don’t deserve to be married because you have made a blog that gives hate towards your wife’s passion ?

    I think you need to grow up, but what can I expect from a pathetic male.

  198. I know were to get those shoes! I acually have a pair!. Just stop being lazy ppl and do your home work, If you want something that badly, than youll find it!. I dont agree, with her emailing you a horrible message, Without this site she wouldnt have even known about the shoes, Ive found about everything i wanted on this site, and if i dont find it…. there is always the old DIY.. or have someone make it for you!.

  199. This blog is strange. You are strange. Your wife is strange. Your readers are strange. I’m commenting on this and that via proxy makes me strange. Thanks for making me strange jerk.

    Actually this is pretty halarious. Nice work.

  200. hi. i know u r livin’ in the worst place in ur life! a man shouldn’t be livin’ like that!but i seriuos want 2 know where she got that toilet paper.but here’s a tip:
    if any1 evr askes where u got all that stuff from, just say UP MY BOOTY AND AROUND THE CORNTER!!!!!!!!!:)

  201. How about this – all you stupid Hello Kitty crazies grow up AND GET A GODDAMN LIFE!
    I mean seriously, how sad can you be that you feel a need to own shoes with a cartoon character on them?
    And about 100 times MORE PATHETIC that you need to beg and whine and carry on because someone you don’t even know let alone care about won’t tell you where to find them.

    Grow up and get over it. Or just die. I’m sure your long-suffering relatives would be more than willing to organise a Hello Kitty casket if it’s the last HK thing they ever have to see.

  202. for those who like hello kitty let me tell you what it means… hello in the inglish lenguage means hi.and kitty in the chinese lenguege means a demoniac spirit so in other word when you say hello kitty your saying hello demoniac spirit. if you ever wonder why hello kitty doesnt have a mouth is bacause once there was a girl that had cancer in her mouth and the doctors had say that she was going to died, so there was a woman thAT PROMISED TO the devil that she was going to create a mark and she was going to exparse it. or let every body know about she did it because her daughter was sick about to diead, so the devil did cure her daugther so that why she created “hello kitty” but i know that now she feels sorry about it because she could choose the other great choice which was “get to know god, bacuse god could had cure her daughter from that sickness to God everything is possible.So do you still like “hello kitty” or should i say “hello demoniac spirit”by by and god bless you every where you go.and remember god still loves you and wants you to serve him because he gives you peace,and love he is the only one that can helps you to solve a problem not matter what it is, hes there for you,God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!

  203. I can’t say that you’re the best person in the world, but my god. You’re one man standing up against a marketing machine.

    All power to you.

  204. Yahoo, Google, ask.com…..did YOU ever think of THAT. Stop expecting the world to spoonfeed your addiction. If you’re clever enough to find this blog, you’re clever enough to search the web all on your own….GROW UP!!

  205. I find it funny that people will tell you “I’m going to find it regardless if you tell us or not”. Right when I read that, I thought, “Well then GO FIND IT!! Stop whining like a baby because life isn’t FAIR. Hasn’t your mother ever freaking told you that?!”
    I mean I can understand that you wouldn’t tell them. You probably don’t have the time to respond to EVERYONE and even then – why would you want to share anyway? I don’t blame you for being stingy with the information – besides. Your website is KITTY HELL not KITTY HAVEN. Hello!!! People! Learn to read!

    I’m a Hello Kitty fanatic, but seriously. If you have to whine your way to get half of your Hello Kitty stuff because you simply “can’t find it”. Then maybe you need a new damn hobby..

    Anyway. I love the bowling ball blog that you just put up. I’m glad there isn’t JUST two designs. =) So now I can go find myself a new bowling ball! WooHoo!

  206. I’m so glad that I found your site. I still remember the day that I walked into a Sanrio store in Times Square (looking for a pencil for my daughter) and saw the Hello Kitty jewelry by Kimora Simmons, costing hundreds of dollars. It’s nice that when they take the people from the insane asylum out for a field trip, they have a shopping destination.

  207. jajjaja… your wife its a hellokittyfan you are a hellokittyhaterfan… but still you are both addicts. 😉 go on! hate have never been so cute xD!

  208. I like Hello Kitty, but I think this site is hilarious. I think those letters must come from juveniles or people who needs some serious psychological evaluation. Unfortunately, they run rampant, and I think we know the type of person they vote for … it’s a very scary thing.

    Good luck in your continuing battle against “cute.”

  209. I love Hello Kitty and I find this site funny as hell! (No pun intended.) Anybody who is that angry over you not telling them where to find products must be a complete nut case! Since they are on a computer, all they have to do is Google any item that they see here and it should appear in a matter of seconds.

    This is not a shopping web site. You are not selling Hello Kitty merchandise, you are just a reporter, so to speak. I even assume that you may not know where to buy all of this merchandise you are just letting us know that it exists.

    If your top priority in life is finding a pair of Hello Kitty Converse sneakers, then you have pretty good life! If you want to know where to buy the merchandise, then search for it your damn self!

  210. LMAO… its just so funny how there are so many people who feel the need to curse the day you were born because you don’t love hello kitty.
    its also kind of sad that there are that many idiots out there in the world.

    i kind of like hello kitty. i still agree with your comments on a lot of the crazy things they plaster her all over. there are just some places hello kitty doesn’t belong!

    but WOW, seriously?!?!? i wonder if there are people who have little hello kitty shrines that they pray to daily. i really admire what you wrote here:

    Instead, take the time to go to your family and friends and tell them how much you love them — it would be a much more constructive use of your time and Hello Kitty would even approve…

    its astounding how there are so many people who take this stuff so seriously that they feel the need to “let you know how horrible you are”.


    great job on the blog, definitely keep that up!

  211. I think its hilarious that even though you clearly state that most things you find are e-mailed to you from other people, that the fanatics expect you to go and FIND these things, because you have nothing better to do and cater for them.

    Seriously people, if you want it, go find it yourself, its not like he actually brought it himself and knows where it originated from. To tell you where to get it, he’ll have to research it himself. And if a HK anti-fan could do it (to your warped logic) Why can’t you?

  212. i don’t understand why someone would say something like that over trainers O.O i mean sure, maybe they were amazing trainers, i don’t know, but still, in the amount of time that person took to right that disturbing e-mail, they could of googled the item and have got it delivered as well! i think its crazy…i mean i know people may like hello kitty, i mean sure some of the stuff is cute…but there gets to a point where its just plain mad! you can’t wish someone to die over trainers! i mean what the heck it’s a rant about how BAD the trainers were! why would he give people the URL for them!

  213. ok i may be just another hello kitty whiner but im the best whiner youll ever meet

    the only thing that i really want is the hello kitty chucks!!!so will u beleive me if i say my b-days tomorrow

  214. Ok dude I am a hello kitty fanatic and I absolutely love your site. I spend all of my first class at college on the computer looking at your site and showing my friends all the stuff on here its freakin amazing!!! You are totally awesome for dealing with the shiz that these dumb @$$ people put you through over absolutely nothing haha. And for all those people bitchin about him not puttin up where to find these items go hit google or some dumb shit its not that hard to find this stuff… Keep up the awesomeness man… I will be on here every day like always checkin out your stuff…

  215. There is this thing.

    Called Google.

    Use it, morons.

    If my seven year old cousin can do it, so can you. Bunch of insane freaks.

    And another thing?

    He doesn’t like something his wife obsesses about. I forgot that when you are in a relationship, one person is meant to ENTIRELY submit to what the other one wants.

    Oh my God.

    /Shame on you!/ Not just pushing aside what you do and don’t like for your significant other.

    You’re going to /Hell/.

    Idiots. Get off the internet and go spread your hippy sunshine beams elsewhere.

    Preferably in the middle of the road.

  216. I like Hello Kitty, I’m not going to lie. I even have a Hello Kitty debit card. However, your blog is hilarious. Wishing death to somebody cause they can’t find Hello Kitty sneakers? Ever hear of Google? And I wish the biggest problem I had was not being able to find sneakers.

  217. Whoever started this website most people dont care what other people think!!!!!!!!!! And she is a perfetly good character!!!!!!! She is sweet and kind!!!! U must be depressed to realize that!!!!!!!!!!!! And if u have a problem with what i just said WELL U WILL JUST HAVE TO SUCK IT UP AND DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. Some of you guys don’t seem to get it. The protest isn’t against the character so much as the obsession. You can have too much of even a good thing, and too much of something like knick knacks? Very easy to do. There are more important things in life than cartoon characters.

  219. all people has they rights,if somebody likes hello kitty its good,if somebody likes other things thats good too. Its everyone personal opinion.If blog author dont want to say where you can get things its his personal decision,and dont need to make such a big fuss..

    Personaly i dont like hello kitty,but i like anime,so for me too is very important thing in my life is “cartoon” character. But i learned how to like it without hurting,annoying others..
    My boyfriend dont like anime,so iam not running in my home with stupid costumes,or when he is in home iam not watching anime very loud..

    And yes,iam real otaku,sometimes hikkikomori,but i spend time with friends,and etc.

    Just leave this guy alone,if you dont like smth dont read it,dont express your stupid opinion. If you are real hello kitty fan you can find by yourself those HK things,and stop whining and threating .. just grow up.

    Time: November 24, 2008, 8:44 pm —- this comment was sick…really if you want to say that hello kitty is good prove it somehow,not just saying I DONT CARE.MEMEMEME ;((((((( lets everybody cry for hello kitty and cut writs ;S

    everybody has dislikes and likes,you just have to RESPECT PEOPLE OPINION ..geez,is it so hard,or you are so narrow-minded?

    sry for my bad english,iam not native speaker :S

  220. Dude, I’ve just discovered your blog, and I <3 it! I’m not a major HK hater, but I think your take on it is HILARIOUS! Would you consider doing a similar blog about Clay Aiken and Claymates? If I were Emperor of Earth, that would be a command, not a suggestion. (Oh, PLEASE don’t turn out to be a Claymate!)

  221. I have no problem with your opinions, but I do find it amusing that your site has advertising from j-list that is all Hello Kitty stuff.

    Cheers! 🙂

  222. If your wife ever wants to get rid of some of her Hello Kitty stuff, let me know. I’ll pay you guys for it! I’m fifteen, and I absolutely love that little cat, no offense 🙂

  223. Hey everyone. Did you ever stop to think that the shoes are fake? Converse doesn’t make these. They are fake. A phone call was made to Converse where they claim they never made these shoes.

  224. Rule #5 on a blog dedicated to whining about Hello Kitty and Sanrio:

    “5. Stop whining. People don’t like whiners because, basically, they get on everyone’s nerves. If you’re under ten, you’re still a kid and are allowed to whine. If you’re old enough to be reading this blog and you’re still whining, it’s time to stop and act your age. (snipped ’cause, sheesh, make a point and move on)”

    Oh, the pink plastic irony…

    *Ignoring the fact that posting all these rants about the cat you (claim to) hate so much is just creating a bit of advertising for all the oddball items you have on here.*

  225. BTW, I ended up here ’cause I googled “sketch bag” as in bag to hold sketching tools. I wasn’t looking for anything Hello Kitty, though I did like the stuff when I was a kid. Funny how search engines work, huh?

  226. This was one of the best things I have ever read. I’m not a huge fan of Hello Kitty, but my girlfriend is. I agree with everything you said. Reading this just made my day. Thanks.

  227. I just find it funny that people who claim to hate Hello Kitty soo much, and despise the fandom find the time to waste their lives devoting a blog specifically to Hello Kitty merchandise. I agree with you about the whiners if they were really Hello Kitty fans they could find this stuff their selves. However, I just find it pretty ironic that everyone on here claims to not like Hello Kitty, but don’t mind searching the weebo for HK merch. Simply hilarious.

  228. LMAO….

    yes…. for not telling us where that stuff is you are worse than all the dictators in the world.

    Worse than all the serial killers and hate crime people and blah blah blah.

    you are worse than…. ok the list is endless.


    this is the internet, right???

    to find where to get this i would imagine you would, oh i don’t know… google it, perhaps??? then find the link then post it.

    then post it again as someone else does not read the comments and asks you where they can get it.

    then you get the blame because said link has now run out of stock of that toaster or wall socket cover or light pull or bookend or car seat beads (DISCLAIMER: I made that stuff up….. anything that actually exists is pure coincidence)

    meanwhile… to save the aggro….. you suggest people just cut out the middle man (ie you) and just look for themselves

    now to me… it is far quicker and easier to write 6 letters g o o g l e then search for the product than 6 words ooh where can i get this…… is that just me?? is it??? mmmmm….

    i also agree that there must be something inherently wrong with people who read every word yet still think you are the all evil one… seriously?? stop reading 😛

  229. It’s only common sense that you wouldn’t “tell people where to get them.”

    For one thing, you’re not being paid to advertise these random items that just wash ashore with your email, and for another, when this sort of publicity causes the items in question to sell out all the faster, the fanatics would THEN be whining because you’re “playing tricks on them” or somesuch.

    You’re just as damned if you do as if you don’t.

    To the fanatics, grow up and do your own searching.

  230. I really love ur site. I like hello kitty but feel ur pain. Im sorry that someone would be so narrow minded as to wish death on you. my friends and i joke about it but i don’t think this person was completely joking. for a person to die is to end their existence on this world and it is not our right to take another person’s life. woah. sorry. i just get mad when people are so nonchalant about another person’s life. point is. i like ur site. like hello kitty. and i am glad that you have maintained ur spunky wit and didn’t let this person bring u down. keep up the good work. ur witty comments bring smiles to me and my family’s lives

  231. It tickles me that people think you should tell them where to find the very items you condemn.

    HK fans – are you familiar with the term “hypocrite”? Well, according to dictionary.com, a hypocrite is a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. In a nutshell, it is someone who proclaims one thing and lives by another, contrasting himself.

    Let me put it this way – if he dedicates his time to condemn Hello Kitty and all it entails, why should he then tell you where to FIND the very items he castigates? It is along the same principle of someone who is pro-life (you know, anti-abortion) pointing someone in the way of an abortion clinic. Hypocritical.

    So…if you love HK, fine. You know this site and its intentions. He has made them perfectly clear. Don’t look at it if you don’t want to torture yourself knowing he WON’T tell you where to find them.

    Just fyi – people who whine and complain about desperately wanting to know where those HK items can be found are fuel for the fire. You’re only making it worse. There is something oddly attractive in disappointing a HK fanatic even more by REITERATING the fact you will never get the products. Calling him names, complaining, all that jazz will only pursuade him further to NOT tell you. Why should he? Grow up.

    Deal with it.

  232. You know, I love HK too and I have tons of stuff including two tattoos of HK. However, reading comments and that letter sorta scares me, more than the constant complaint from the parents that I cannot be “painting pictures of HK all over myself. Sane people do NOT do this.” You know, to the whiner and multiple threat people who visit this site, please, understand that there *is* a limit to the Hello Kitty goodness and even my two children can attest that I have reached it. Search under YouTube for “hello kitty wedding” and take a nice watch of that. Even me, devoted HK fan, was trying to either not laugh hysterically or vomit. The poor groom looked like he wanted to run like hell, and I don’t know if it was the fact that he was wearing a HK boutonniere or if he felt like the lifesize HK would beat him down if he didn’t agree to the entire party, down to “I do”. I draw the line there. If I were to ever get married again, that significant other would absolutely not be subjected to any HK anything in the wedding festivities. Anyways, please, allow this blog owner to go on, and learn to use google if you’re so insistant on buying what shows up on these pages. Be lucky he even scouts and speaks to different HK items. Most guys would run like hell, no wait, I have a picture of one of my best friends outside a Sanrio store about to throw up. He only took me there to make me happy. So see, be grateful and stop the haterade.

  233. Dear Sir,

    You’re a Mad Genius and if you didn’t exist we’d have to invent you! LOVE It!!!
    I’ve never giggled so hard as when I was reading your hate mail! You know – some things are more precious than gold.

    Thank You for all you do, and for allowing us a mere mortals glimpse of the “9th Ring” of Kitty Hell at a, relatively, safe distance!



  235. Sadly enough, my boyfriend is the one who loves Hello Kitty, not me. He wants the toaster that buns her face into your bread. I like my toast Kitty free, thank you.

    Also, I agree 100%. People should leave you be or move on with their lives. Wasting time writing you nasty e-mails won’t help them on their search for even more frivolous Kitty crap.

  236. I have a theory about girls who like Hello Kitty –
    It’s the perfect excuse for a chat up line….
    Guy goes up to girl and says ‘I love your pussy’
    Girl blushes, says thanks, and then gets laid…
    Job done.
    That’s why you got the hate mail! It’s from desperate whiny girls who need lots of sex..
    *note to self must get hello kitty memorabelia!*
    : )

    I personally laughed my ar*e off at your blog. Well done!

  237. hahaha… i love hello kitty… not to degree of those “who would die to find a pair of hello kitty sneakers”…
    a hello kitty bag and wallet is all i have and it’s enough ^^
    okay i admit there are some little things i bought like hello kitty mouse pad, laptop skin, keyboard brush, and a pouch for my handphone.

    my husband supports me as long i don’t get too addicted.
    and i don’t, coz it’s not healthy for me, and for my budget :p

    your blog is hillarious… if i’m in your shoes, i would probably tell my wife that enough is enough…
    or maybe you should ask her what’s more important between you and hello kitty ^^

  238. I want to tell you thank you for not telling people where to get the HK stuff on your blog. It makes them suffer more, which is what they deserve.

    Cuteness kills.

  239. LOL! I love this site. I’m a conservative HK fan. I like the jewelry and the undies. Things you can hide but to yourself you know you have on : ). But I do love this blog…why? Because it’s true. In this recession do we really have time to sit and obsess over HK sneakers? And I’m a collector as well as this mans’ wife. So if I found the sneakers why tell? You must covet what I have and search and dispair over these items. And when you have found a fantastic one of kind adorable HK piece… then you to can post a blog or photos and we will covet your item. Why would this man’s wife allow him to tell the world where she got her sneaks from? only to see a million other fantics with my HK adorable shoes???? Silly wabbits… A HK Hater as well as a TRUE HK fan would NEVER Tell.

  240. hey! why take this seriously? it suppose to be fun… it seems that some peeps are so ill to understand your point.

    to you, sir blogger… you are in my heart! ^_^ love this post! hope to see more of HK from you. don’t worry, i won’t even ask. haha… ^_^

  241. Ahem.
    (hello kitty converse)
    + I am willing to tell anybody who asks where to find them.
    Beat THAT, HKH!!!!!!

  242. People… if you really wanna know WHERE to find the Hello Kitty Items.. Stop whining and google it. It’s that easy, if it is actually an item. ;] There is no reason to bash this guy just cause he won’t tell you where to find the items.

  243. Hey, I just wanted to say, for all the haters, if it weren’t for this blog, I would have never found out about how much Hello Kitty means to some women. It is just not something men will EVER talk about and for those haters, go read your cereal box.

    Thank you to the owners of this blog. Peace!

  244. In my opinion Hello Kitty is the first sign of the apocalypse, the second sign has been introduced as Hannah Montana, which seems to be America’s version of the hello kitty trend… We are all going to die!

  245. Actually… put in a few keywords on google and you can find most anything. I thought that would be obvious. Lol. I don’t get what the big deal is, tell me people they are better off dead and all that inane nonsense. I’m a HK fanatic, HK is my version of an obsessed baseball collector and I find this site hilarious. My husband is tormented everyday by my fanaticism. If he actually cared about blogs he’d feel ten times better not having to be alone with all the pink. Kudos. I like your site.

  246. ok i understand you don’t like whiners but you should have expected that there would at least be a few. any choice you make will have a consequence, and that was one of your consequences. people will get mad and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

  247. Despite the fact that I am a HK fanatic, I actually enjoy this blog a lot more than than any other hello kitty fanatics sites… (ex. hello kitty junkie.. etc) All that those websites do are post great little hk products that they can buy and add to their collection. You on the other hand evaluate hello kitty through various means (beer bottles, shoes, belly art, a$$ tattoos… and so much more)The hk fanatic websites are so blinded by what hello kitty merchandises they can get their hands on that the website lacks any readable content. Sure, the pics of new hk products are entertaining, but it gets old pretty soon.

    So, here’s what I read this morning from one of such fanatics’ sites, “This might sound retarded, but I literally want to cry when I see these kawaii things — silly, neh?” Following these ridiculous lines were…. pics of new hk products which i couldn’t comprehend why it will make one cry. This discourages me to further pursue my mild hk addiction. So, I was thinking that whoever wanted you to go die should just hit this hk fanatic blogger up and discuss (and possibly cry in joy) about where they can find more hk things.. problem solved eh?

  248. Hello, I am a closet Hello Kitty fan. Other than a bag and some band aids most people know nothing of my addiction. Currently I am searching bedding on ebay. Can you imagine my husbands reaction when one day he finally gets to sleep in his bed Hello Kitty style 🙂

  249. Whelp, feel free to call me a whiner here.

    In my useless, web-posted opinion, this site could be a lot funnier with a few actual light hearted jokes from the author, just sayin’ – even I hate the living daylights out of some stuff but I can’t go without reversing the situation and making it so funny it’s almost likable.
    Coming from a person who doesn’t care about Hello Kitty, it’s ‘Haha, oh god what IS that contraption, it has… it has ears?!’
    Then article below has tones of ‘after this I will slit my wrists with a Hello Kitty Razor’ umm… hm. Not so funny.

    Yeah – that’s just me I guess, I obviously have a different sense of humour.

    As he’s said though, it’s his ‘blog’ so ah whatever.

    Now I’m going to find if there IS such thing as a Hello Kitty razor. xD

  250. To Mr. HKH
    I love this website.
    I love certain hello kitty designs. (Also a big fan of Miffy)
    I stumbled on here whilst searching for rare/ridiculous hk items, and have been a regular reader ever since (you really have found them all!)
    Most items absoloutely horrify me, however – the tattoos, the random appliances, and god forbid the dog items!
    I wonder if theres a website like this that hates all things Disney….
    Keep up the good work, squire.
    To Mrs HKH, (as i am soon to be in your predicament) go easy on him! At least he isn’t getting betty boop tattooed on his backside to spite you!

  251. Just a suggestion but…Maybe what you should do for/to all the HKH haters is buy up the junk – ahem, valuable memorabilia – they’re all chasing but somehow unable to find (umm, Sanrio is a company and HK is a mass-marketed brand – hello?) and start an online store – with a suitable markup to compensate you for your time, energy, and trauma of course. I suggest 200% at least, minus postage and handling.

  252. wow over shoes it makes u a pig??
    shes or hes a pig for being so rude.. its sicken how people r theses days its like people cannt even get diner n shes worried about shoes.. shes selffish.. why dont she get in the real world. im 16 n it scares me how this person is so cure over a pair of shoes. i hope she reads this. im srry but im bloody mad. im srry u have to deal with people like that person.. i dont mean to ude her but that shows her true colors.. i mean they r just shoes that will last a year.
    wow so sicken its like a king watching people die all for the sake of his gold

  253. the first time i’ve seen this website of yours wow i thought i was hearing my husband you have the same exact tune when it comes to his wife getting crazy over hello kitty. but i dont hate in fact i love what you’re doing and i love the kitty stuffs that share to us. just looking at them makes me want kiity more and more. hope to see more…God bless your family, she’s lucky to have a husband like. i know that for sure.

  254. HAHAHAHAHA. I don’t even know how much satisfaction that person will get when he/she emails you the picture when he/she finds those sneakers. I know the satisfaction you’ll get of not caring. Haha!

    You sir are win! 🙂

  255. You sounded like a white guy married to a Japanese women. Not just white, but an American white guy. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

  256. LOL
    Thats to funny.
    Bitching about how he wont tell you where hk stuff is.
    I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again
    Grow up , get on with your life.
    Your life will definatly suck if you think he is the worst person in the world.

  257. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST WEBSITE EVER. I love your comments.

    By the way, Hello Kitty Fans, do you know they make medication for your illness?

  258. Oh dear… on one hand, the level of insanity displayed over stupid knicknacks with a character on it is… I can’t find the words, really (and I generally like Hello Kitty). On the other hand, hey, what with the r-thing and all, I am glad that there’s still people who don’t think twice about putting money in circulation to feed their obsession. God made crazy people for a reason after all!

    Oh, and your website and writing are great!

  259. ´´´´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶ ¶´¶¶´´´´¶´
    ´´´´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´¶´¶ ¶¶¶¶¶´´´¶´
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    ´´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´
    ´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ´´´¶¶¶¶¶´´
    ´¶¶¶´´´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´ ´´´´´´´¶´´
    ´´´¶´´´´¶¶´´´´´´´´´´ ´´´´´´´¶´´
    ´´´¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ´¶¶´´´´¶´´
    ´´¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶´´´ ´¶¶´´´¶¶´´
    ´´´´´¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ´´´´´¶¶¶´´
    ´´´´´´´¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´ ´´´¶¶¶´´´´
    ´´´¶¶¶¶¶´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ¶¶¶¶´´´´´´
    ´´´¶´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´¶¶¶ ¶´´´¶´´´´´
    ´´´¶´´´´¶¶¶’¶¶¶¶¶¶’¶¶¶ ¶´´´¶¶¶´´´´
    ´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´´¶¶ ¶¶¶´´´¶¶´´
    ´´¶´´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ´´´´´´´¶´´
    ´¶´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´ ´´´´´´´¶´´
    ´´¶´´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´ ´´´´´´´¶´´
    ´´¶¶´´´´´´´¶¶´´´´¶¶´ ´´´´´¶¶´´´
    ´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´´´´´´´´¶ ¶¶¶¶¶´´´´´

    funny. my boyfriend is the same way. you must love your wife. 😀

    Yes, OMG you are so evil! why don’t you just tell that poor girl- her image as a hello kitty consumer depends on it!!! You are more evil then the slave-drivers at the sweatshops where they make this crap! be ashamed, be very ashamed!

  261. Rest assure I will never again ask you how to get a product, it make much sense as asking a KKK member to support civil rights.
    Still I fin d you sit funny, mostly intelligent witty, dead wrong ans in vain.
    There noting you can do about us. You are just one against a thousands us including a few men. I hug both my Hello Kitty plushies in you direction. sweet dreams.

  262. The people who should read this and get it through their head won’t. And the Hello Kitty fans who commented didn’t read it all or get it through their head. They SHOULD just visit your blog to get ideas and see new products, then go look on google for it.

    But they just aren’t that smart. You’re wasting your….. typing prowess?


  263. This coming from the man who just spent nearly three years of his life whining on the internet, because [i]waaaaah my wife leiks teh helo kitteh!!![/i]

    Grow a pair, and get over it.

  264. Niiiice 🙂
    I’m a thirteen year old Hello Kitty fanatic [stickers, badges, teddies, curtains, bed covers, pillowcases, you know the drill]. But I don’t give a damn if someone else doesn’t like HK! If you do, well don’t go moaning to this guy, because he just has a different opinion on it and is just pointing out all the weird things!

  265. “[…]and you’re not fit to live on earth the way you treat us. You’re the worst person ever.”
    Uhhh, that hurts -0-” …honestly that people should find a life; taking their frustation that stupidly way… how immature.

    “It’s no wonder you’re in hell, that is exactly where you deserve to be. I hope your wife makes your life even more hell.”
    Hahahahaha!! no way, you rock man!

    “I’m surprised she hasn’t left you being as awful as you are.”
    …Pfff…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that’s quite stupid XD, there is no way she can get a mate for a long; Jesus, people should know what respect means.

    “You should stop blogging because it doesn’t help anyone because you’re too selfish to help anyone find the things on your blog.”
    There is something called FAQ XD, besides, what, for God’s sake did she think ‘Hello Kitty HELL’ means? XD a Dark site which gives information ’bout the ‘HUGE’ collection of hardcore of Kitty? XD -godness and those horrible sneakers are the worst of my nightmares and hell i listen metal… but damn it, that’s definitely a new meaning for ‘Dark’-.

    “When I find those shoes, I’m going to email you to show you that I got them so you know that your being an idiot didn’t work.”
    Uhhhh, she is threaten you~ you shall be so afraid of XD. ‘You see man!? i got them, go and die on the pink hell!’ or something like that; I dun’t even need to wonder who’s the idiot, surely one a person calls ‘evil cat’ he’s trying to say ‘i love the damn cat so much that i could die for it!’ oh yeah~ ‘Evil cat’ is a metaphora, woah~

    “Do us all a favor and die.”

    A Kitty’s (ridiculous) fan has spoken, so be it…
    Honestly, that -probably- girl, must get a life and her Kitty Collection stolen -for adding a pinch of suffering XD.

    Sorry for this thingy man, i was so excited XD

  266. First and foremost, those shoes are Converse, go to the freakin’ website yourself and custom order them or look it up on a search engine. Don’t bitch and moan that this guy won’t cut your efforts in half because you’re lazy. Everyone that has loved custom Chuck’s for years and not just because someone put Hello Kitty on them knows you can custom order anything on them. Second, it’s stupid to get mad at someone that hates something because he won’t tell you how to get what he hates. Obviously he’s trying to keep it from circulating and all that, so why would he show you how to find it. Do your own legwork you lazy fool.

  267. Now, I am a soft core Hello Kitty fan, but I do have a sense of humor. I love this blog, it makes me laugh all the time! The people bitching about it are trophy wives and scene kids who are gonna die alone anyway so who cares?

  268. Hello kitty fans have no lives. they have hello kitties life. thats all there is to it.
    Like vampires. While hello kitty slowly dies under the orders of sanrio, slavedrivers of the hello kitty logo.
    On that note, I hope my pics get sent up. An entire castle dedicated to hello kitty.
    Warning though, I wouldnt show this picture to your wife ((my email is above, the email form that one, DO NOT SHOW YOUR WIFE!))
    Or, you poor soul, would probably be shipped off to taiwan to live in…a REAL hello kitty hell.
    ((And if you have seen the pictures, you know I MEAN it.))

  269. i love hello kitty, but this is overboard! i feel sorry for you! and you know what! if this dudes wife is so obsessed with hk and this is his release (to bitch about it) then so be it…who cares?! because at the end of the day e puts up with her enough to stay! thats not shitty at all!

    i think this site is funny!

  270. Better watch out Mr. Blogger….there is a REAL fully automated HK robot out there that totally interacts with its environment and “becomes” a personal “friend” to those who continually interact with it.

    In Japan, they buy it as a baby sitter! It has A/I and can learn like a human.

    At $6,500. it may take your wife a bit to save up for it..but when she gets it your gone, one way or another!!!

    Better hide all the knives and keep a gun under the pillow, and sleep with one eye open,because there is no telling what a crazed female HK fanatic might do….

  271. Of all the announced ‘worst people on earth’, you would probably not make #1, but more like 19,678th worst person.
    The blog is a HUMOR blog, people! It’s created for one purpose: to let Mr. HKH rant on about the pink-and-white feline. Get used to it!

  272. To Mandy: Actually the shoes do exist, they are not fakes, I have seen them myself. It would be appreciated if you did your research first before claiming a person is a liar.

    Ok, on with my post. First of all, HKH man, I absolutely adore your blog, it is without a doubt one of the funniest things I have ever read and this is coming from a (I’m sure you know what’s coming next) hello kitty fan.

    Here’s my story. I’m actually quite addicted to alot of cutsie stuff. HK, snoopy, care bears…you get the general idea. I bought a new honda jazz a few months ago, pink btw and decided to jazz her up in, yes you guessed it, hello kitty gear. This resulted in my hubby refusing point blank to ever set foot in the car again, claiming little kitty was giving him nightmares. After many arguments and debates he finally relented to me keeping my jazzed up jazz as long as I promised faithfully never to bring an HK appliance of any sort into the house. Grudgingly I agreed.

    As you can see, you are not the only poor person to be subjected to HKH. Maybe it’s a girl thing, not sure. Anyway, I digress. Even I agree with you that the amount of HK stuff is getting slightly ludicrous. An HK vibrator????????? What twisted mind thought up that idea, eurgh!!!

    Also, I’m quite suprised at some people’s hateful rants towards you and your blog. It’s brilliant and I found it while googling HK stuff. Don’t tell hubby, he would blow a gasket. I would ignore the ridiculous whinings and ludicrous comments from some. You have every right to vent and I’m sure both you and your wife are lovely people who love each other a great deal.

    To the whiners that persist in telling this poor man he is selfish and should die. Let the poor man vent his frustration. It doesn’t by any means make him evil. My god, he just doesn’t like HK, what’s the big deal. There are many people who don’t, my hubby included and I’m sure if he ever popped onto this blog he would wish to shake HKH man’s hand. He feels your pain HKH man.

    Right, ranting over, on with browsing for cutsie stuff. I shall be popping in again as I find this blog very funny and entertaining. Keep up the good work my friend. Perhaps you could find an obsession to fill the house, then your wife would feel your pain 😉

  273. I love your blog. I generally don’t like HK, but one or a few of the stuff get into me occasionally, but generally speaking, I don’t like HK at all. Probably because people litter me with HK when I was young.

    I just want to say it is pretty funny people come to a blog that make itself quite clear it is about HK-hating and whine that you don’t tell them where to get stuff…Where is the logic(or the lack of) in this?!

    Keep up the good work! It seems mean for me to say this but your tortured life is one of the best entertainment I get out of the web!

  274. If you live in the state of Washington, please write to Governor Christine Gregoire and your state lagislator and urge them to support HB4296, adding a Hello Kitty Amendment to the state’s good samaritan laws. If enacted this bill will make it a gross misdemeanor for anyone having knowledge of the whereabouts of officially licensed Hello Kitty merchandise to withhold that knowledge from any person who lawfully requests it. Upon request, any person with such knowledge must provide all pertinent information in his or her possession within a reasonable time.

  275. hee-hee.. i don’t hate your blog. i even enjoyed them! not that i hate hello kitty. but,i’m one of her biggest fan too. i know,some people got tired of being kitty-here & kitty-there!^ ^ hey,even me too,as one of her fan..getting tired of her,for being so popular elsewhere! but,that doesn’t stop me to love her!^ ^ anyways,your blog is so,unique. i mean you got news about that kitty cat which MANY of them i have not heard of. so,yeah..keep it up!your blog were meant to be fun. if people think that you’ve insulted hello kitty..well,think again! bcoz,i don’t think so! i even come back here often everytime when i got stressed from work & if i have got enough time to go online. so,chills..everyone! And,Peace! 😉

  276. O.o’
    Just to let you know it took four hours (including interrupted trying to get the internet to stop stalling breaks) to read all of these posts about the Kitty Whiners!

    I have a couple things to say;

    1.) No way in HECK is the Feline Evil Spirit of Tokyo important enough to bug Gregoire about it.

    2.) Jade got pwned by a fifteen year old! 😀

  277. Just a thought – have you ever considered adding a section to your blog for videos in which you ‘test to destruction’ various HK items (the rarer the better)? You could wear an HK mask during the process in order to protect your anonymity …

  278. So, anyone with half a brain can see that you get TONS of responses to you blog just by the amount of comments on this post alone. Even the people who agree with you dont expect you to have the time to coddle them personally. You’d have to be a special kind of delusional and self-centered person to think you are so important that some one who clearly hates HK would go out their what to personally see to it that you get everything your little HK heart desires. And secondly its not rude that you don’t respond with more than a link! Especially since you have made it clear that this site is not to supply resources to fan, and when you have done so politely. However it is rude to continually send hate mail.

    PS: I’m a HK fan. Your blog constantly comes up when I search for HK stuff online. I then read your blog coz its funny and it makes me appreciate my husband.

  279. love your blog & hello kitty at the same time. all the hello kitty fanatics who send you hate emails obviously take themselves (& their collections and hello kitty for that matter) too seriously, have too much free time on their hands and should probably consider setting aside some of the $ they spend on hello kitty and/or sanrio items for getting much needed therapy and anger management instead. thank you for your blog, i love reading it and it seems there are plenty of other people out there who love it too. 🙂

  280. So, I am a Hello Kitty fan, my daughters are Hello Kitty fans too. I find your blog, rant EXTREMELY amusing, let alone all of the photos of Hello Kitty contriband….very funny. won’t ask where to buy it cause that’s a big no no! I do confess that I would really like a Hello Kitty Shot Gun, Taser and Grenade set for Christmas….I promise I will be bad…..very ….very bad! Thanks for making me smile! 🙂

  281. Yeah. Don’t tell them. Eff ’em. Anyone over the age of 15 who likes Hello Effing Kitty needs to grow up anyway. Seriously.

    That crap has been around for over 30 years. I know because I am well over 30 and had some when I was – wait for it – 5. But I outgrew it! That crap is for kids.

    And I love that they don’t understand why you won’t post their pics.

    Go change your nappies, whiners!

  282. hey hun lol i am another one of those HK crazy fanatics but i dont come to hate i actuallly like your blogs and i understand if u thinkim a total psycho cuz that wat other fans have led u to beleive but i think it is quite idiotic to wish death over a pair of shoes , but hey i would like to kno where ur wife got all these very cute things too but i wouldnt wish death on someone i like ur blog and wat ur awesome wife always mysteriously finds . i kno why u wont tell us but yet i still dont understand that way but oh well . haters are pointless . nuff said

  283. Remind me–why is he obligated to answer anyone’s questions? It’s not like he’s getting paid!

    When anon says:
    “If you’d just tell us, then we wouldn’t need to whine. Did you ever think of that?”
    (s)he obviously doesn’t realize that (s)he doesn’t HAVE to whine, ever. It’s not a prerequisite to visiting this site. God, that quote almost made me vomit.

  284. I hink it’s pretty obvious how the hello kitty fans end up here. we do a search for hello kitty merchandise, and obv, this site comes up because it’s FULL of it. so stop thinking we’re masochists or something. we have a sense of humor…and some of us love our adorable little girly things, like hello kitty. no matter how much you hate HK, you can’t deny that the people at Sanrio are marketing GENIUSES.

  285. Oh dear.

    Woe are we when people lack basic good sense and manners. Asking someone who has overdosed on HK about how to get HK merchandise is like asking a pro-vegetarian where to buy freshly slaughtered meat.

  286. Haha…I thought I were bad…But suddenly I’m not really so sure about that. I don’t think you deserves to die.

    //Someone who thought she were a HK-fanatic =^.^=

  287. I love your blog and I am a Hello Kitty fanatic. I can find the stuff on my own but I do have to thank you for pointing me to the Lindsay Lohan bag that I bought because of your blog! lol Those haters need to get a sense of humor.

  288. That girl who sent the email was wrong for doing that, ‘cuz doesn’t everybody like a good laugh? Even if it was about something they like? That’s what I do. It’s fun. : D

  289. Anyone who obsessed with Hello Kitty after the age of 12 is seriously messed up in the head. Ignore the whiners they lack any sense if humour because a crow bar was rammed too far up their ass.

  290. The reason were so drawn to your sight is because it shows us Hello Kitty stuff that we havent seen before and therefore we want to buy, regaurdless of what you think or do, real fans will definately find out where the Hello Kitty stuff is, it’s called google… Just saying.
    So instead of bashing you or telling you your the worst person on earth I’m actually telling you thanks because now I know theres alot of Hello Kitty stuff out there that i havent seen and i can go get 🙂

  291. I’ve got to say I think the hellokittyfan outrage at your hellokitty outrage really just completes a circle. Anyone could tell the hellokittythick veneer of cute, pure and unimpeachable cuteness is the precise depth that any logo penetrates any product in our crazy world. It works even better on ak-47s than it does on a pencil case because it perfectly expresses the horror that so often lurks behind these images (in inverse ratio to their cuteness/homeliness/wholseomeness?). It shouldn’t surprise anyone that somebody who devotes their life to a kitten with no mouth or eyelids is only a hellokittyatom’s distance (they had to make a hellokitty specific one because actual atoms are far too ugly and impure) from the rage and destruction that personifies your average death metal fan.

  292. lol ur a legend man!! U love hello kitty deep in your heart don’t you? I hope you don’t mind if I mention you in my blog =) peace

  293. Someone’s having a laugh here!
    And methinks you do protest too much.
    Like Kat, I think secretly you are in love with Kitty and hope she will carry you off to a world of pure magic and wonder far from your miserable place on this earth.
    Bet you won’t publish this.

  294. There was a post waaaaay up there stating that if you wrote a book, they would buy it.

    I would too.

    I bet a lot of us would.

    Write the book!!

  295. Hi!
    I´m also a HK fan,but ANYWHERE IT STOPS!!!!!!!!!
    Most of those stuff shown here are totally useless!
    I´ve got some shirts,cups and I would say some other NORMAL stuff,but who the hell needs a HK Toaster e.g.?
    And I know many other ways to investigate my money better than in ultra-expensive HK things which are much cheaper in a normal design?!

    I have to show those pictures to my boyfriend,

    Finally I have to say about these hating e-mails:
    Everyone has the right to have an own opinion about a thing.
    And it´s intolerant from those whiners to not accept yours!
    They should keep away from your fantastic blog!
    I had lots of fun in the last few hours with looking through it!

    Please more from that useless stuff!!!


  296. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh guy~ This site is hilarious. That email and response made my day. Oh~ let me wipe the tear from my eye. LMAO. Man, if I received an email like that I’d just be like okay~ hahaha…take it easy guy…and this is my second time on your blog. It’s interesting. ^__^b

  297. i know how u feel . i am in modern warfare hell .i have dreams of smashing torching destroying this game and if any one asked me where to get it i would tell them to go screw themselves and if my husband ever returns to his senses it will disappear under the wheels of my mini van never to be heard from again. ahhh just the thought gives me a warm fuzzy inside

  298. Let’s seeeeeee… It took me exactly 30 seconds to open google.com, type “Hello Kitty Converse Shoes”, press enter and get like 116,000 hits.. Whereas just on the first page 4 of 10 lead me to sites where I could BUY HK converse shoes… Wonder how long it took this person to write that mail, because I’d think it would be more then 30 seconds X_x
    I also found a site where I could DESIGN my own converse shoes, and as I see it that would be even way cooler for you HK fanatics to do, as you’d actually get your own “special” shoes, just proving that google is your friend in need!

  299. The comment from Kyonshi above is pretty much all that needs to be said.

    JFGI. (Just F****** Google It.)

    No need to write threatenig emails, lol.

  300. Hey Jade. You seriously need to grow up and start accepting responsibility for your own behavior. Frankly, it’s appalling. He does not control how you act, you do. So, time to grow up, stop whining and complaining and realize that he doesn’t owe anything to you. No one does.

    Remember, “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”~Wayne Dyer

  301. he he he we are commenting! hi guy! hey dont let darlene and all the other loser skeptics get to you. they have no life if all they are doing is telling you to die… oh i guess i have no life for commenting either. ha ha ha. you probably wont read this anyway. but you and your wife are great because you really must love each other to put up with each others crap! yay love!

  302. I laugh at all of you even my self for posting this because you make fun of people who whine, you do the exact same thing when you express your dislike for there whineing or kello kitty and if you think i am wrong go read a dictionary on what whineing means or better yet so you dont whine about it ill post the definition here
    and i have nothing against anyone but every one has likes and dislikes getting worked up about it wasts time and you or 1 million others wont make a difference in wether
    they sell or not

    whined, whin·ing, whines
    1. To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint.
    2. To complain or protest in a childish fashion.
    3. A complaint uttered in a plaintive tone.

  303. (#385) Steven, you looked up the word whine and posted the entry with the plural whining, and STILL mispelled the word [whining] in your comment. Wow.

  304. I missed this post the first time I stopped by, but I’m sooooo glad I caught it this time.

    BRAVO, Steven!

    This was flawless!

    And thank you.

  305. oooops…it’s me again!

    Please take the name Steven out of my previous comment because for some reason I thought you (the author) had left the comment above mine.

    So, I was saying BRAVO to YOU, not Steven.

  306. more power to you. Don’t give whiny people what they want. It just encourages more whining. People these days just don’t know how to accept “no” as a no. It’s a “gimme-what-i-want-or-you’re-a-jerk” world. We should change that.

  307. Like most people, I stumbled across this site by accident.I like Hello Kitty but I am not a massive fan.However I stayed and carried on reading because of the whole ‘Where can I get the converse?’ debate.It is amazing and amusing to see how frustrated people are getting over it.Most of them are probably spolit brats who are used to having daddy by her everything hello kitty related.All of a sudden there is something that for once in their lives, they can not buy, gutted!: ) ps I admit they are great shoes but I also accept that there are many things in life I can’t have.Get over it people!

  308. Dude,

    I’m sorry the world is filled with *holes cause I find your site great and I’m also a hello kitty fan (It’s my only girlie quality oddly) Some people just are spoiled brats and want others to do their work for them. If they are so obsessed with HK then they need to find it themselves as their personal HK grail. Sending you death threats and wishes is just sad. And I too, think there needs to be more chlorine in the gene pool if people like that are out there. It’s just stuff and a fun look at it. Keep doing what you are doing. It’s funny and the majority of us, like what you are doing! For those who are spoiled little ugly brats, the hell with them. they should have their email ‘magically signed up’ on a bunch of Hitler Youth sites and let them get some idea that hate is an ugly thing and no amount of pink bows can make it okay.
    Keep on posting ! You’re no one until you have your own fan club AND hate group!

  309. Alfred has a point – you should bring out a book. You write well and have a really original subject. I would buy it and I bet 1000’s of others would too, Lots of bloggers are doing this – anonymous lawyer, Baby Barista to name but a (very successful) few.
    Please do consider it. You can market the book on your page right here and sell through probably amazon or someone, it would be easy and cost almost nothing.

  310. I do understand that this world is full of a**holes and I don’t agree that these spoiled little brats should be told where to get these items that they want just because they are obsessed with them but this guy is an a** hole plain and simple!

  311. I do enjoy looking at your blog for hello kitty things, and it is NEVER hard to find them just by searching on google
    and I would never go to such lengths as to plain out gripe at you for your blog, it isn’t my business; I have read a few in the beginning, and it DID make me mad because my boyfriend doesn’t mind hello kitty and I couldn’t imagine him ever talking about me the way you talk about your wife, but I learned to just not read them because they do make me mad, I wouldn’t email you and harass you about it! That’s insane.

  312. Hmm. this is sad how these people dont have the energy to look up this crap by themselves but have the energy to scream at you like a helpless child. I feel so bad for you.

  313. I think that your site is hilarious. Even more funny is that you have sidebar ads selling hello kitty things.

    I love hello kitty, as if I were in a cult, but I still love humor!

  314. wtf if you want that merch so bad stop being so fricken lazy and find it yourself! google it, yahoo it, bing it WHATEVER! BUT DO IT YOURSELF! dont abuse someone else for your laziness! if it wasnt for this guy you never would have seen the merch in the first place! you should be thanking him not calling him the spawn of satan ffs.
    these whiners have some serious fricken issues and some bloody lucky lives if this is the minor crap they’re bitching about

  315. Love Hello Kitty AND love this site. I just don’t get it about the mean people and the whiners. Let’s just say GOODBYE Kitty to THEM!!

  316. Am I the only one that understood this persons humor? It was hilarious! I love this website. I love HK. She puts a smile on my face! Everyone, lighten up. It looked like a joke.

  317. This page is great. I don’t read to many BLOGS; any really. I saw your site by following an image link from an unrelated search. The fact that people get so emotionally involved and pissed off with this is GREAT! Hilarious. I kind of like Hello Kitty, not fanatical, but it’s cool stuff, to me. Ripping it up however is super funny.

  318. WOW!! All these comments make me want to start my own Hello Kitty Store on eBay!! I live in Japan right now and I am ALWAYS seeing HK stuff EVERYWHERE. Just yesterday, I saw a Hello Kitty battery operated personal fan in 2 colors.. black with pink and white with red.
    Sooo.. who wants some stuff?? LOL!!

  319. “On the scale of human tragedy, a blogger that doesn’t tell you where you can get Hello Kitty items probably doesn’t make the top 1000 let alone the top 10”

    hahahahaha!!! Great!!! XD

  320. wow, really peoples?! you go all protective over how hk grants peace and love and you wish death upon this man?! i dont hate hk, dont get me wrong i actually like her in a decent way. but this is inapropriate and is rather childish and stupid! you are just making yourselves and other fans (not just upsesed fanatics like you) look stupid and immature! if you are a fanatic fine, we wont force you to do anything just dont give a bad name to all people who like hk (in a normal and sane way)! and if you want hk sneakers then research!!! dont go thinking that you will be handed the information or product on a silver pladder! and dont try to force this man to do anything, he has rights you know-just like anyone else! this really is annoying and no wonder why people hate on us, its your fault because of you everyone thinks we are all the same-crazy and childish over a japanese bobtail kitty cartoon character!

  321. I love Hello Kitty and I love your blog thingy. You make me laugh and make me wonder why I like something so…well you know. If you don’t mention where I can get these things I have a nice little thing called google. I wonder when that will catch on…
    Rock on!

  322. I had a serious case of the giggles reading that threatening email. Were there any follow ups, maybe a visitor with a hello kitty bomb strapped to them? And did they ever find those shoes? Ahaha.

  323. I am not a Hello Kitty fanatic, but I do like Hello Kitty. Actually I didn’t like her at first, but I’ve always liked cats and I expressed interest in one collectable and of course everyone starts buying me HK stuf

    f. Anyway, I just want to say it’s ridiculous how much you get harassed about it.

  324. What a fun site! Too bad folks don’t love the chase. Thanks for sharing! Just the photos of the Hello Kitty boxer/briefs bring some laughter to us moms knee deep in Hello Kitty et al for our kids.

  325. aaah, iLovee ur blog & these people sending these rude messages to you need to get a life an find their own stuff by themselves. havent they heard of “ebay”
    there’s alot of hello kitty stuff there. But anyways, i<3333 ur blog soo muchh. im madlyy in love with hello kitty & everyime iGet a chanceee to buy hello kitty stuff, ido(:

  326. I am a vivid hello kitty fan…..I buy a lot of the stuff…..I don’t hate u cause u don’t love hello kitty like me…and any body that does is crazy…..hello kitty is a like…and just that…..you might like a lot a lot of things I don’t like….but that stuff makes u a individual…..at the end of the day life goes on…..and to that person who wrote you that insane letter…..Google it….save u more time the going on a retarded rant……to all live …….laugh…..love…….with or without the lovely hello kitty….mwah

  327. just b cuz fan go a little cray w/ hello kitty stuff deosnt mean u have to take it out on hello kitty herself, but i still kinda see where ur cuming from.

  328. Your current situation is far worse than anything those whiners could wish upon you… unless they make a hello kitty electric chair?

  329. HAHA. Reading some of this made me laugh heartily.

    Sorry if someone commented on this already (didn’t want to flip through all the comments because I’m terribly lazy like that), but I find this hilarious:

    “If he would just tell us where those shoes are, we would never bother him again, but instead he’s completely rude and basically tells us to suffer. That just isn’t right.”

    Really? Wait– REALLY?! He tells you to “suffer” because you can’t get Hello Kitty shoes. Well your life just sucks! It’s just NOT RIGHT *pouts*. Poor you.

    You know, when the blog explicitly says he will not tell you, don’t be surprised by the response you get if you ASK ANYWAY. Calm down– deep breath. They’re just shoes. Bigger picture much?

  330. Obviously Hello Kitty ain’t been teaching her fans the values of hardwork and research…or perhaps it really is too much to ask them to type a few keywords into a searchbox, although they can type you several e-mails.

    Just pathetic..

  331. Oh my god, you have to be a troll god. I love you so much. What I’m curious is to why haven’t they just searched the items they are looking for in some freaking asian language. (I.E. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.) It’s most likely there. 🙂 I love your blog xD! Just had to say that.. 😀

  332. I love your website as I am a hello kitty nutt…lol some of the stuff is cute but some of it I would not do. I like to see all of the different stuff and what people are willing to do. Keep the blogs coming.

  333. I agree with the your website completely. Too many people, especially asian girls are too obsessed with Hello Kitty. I myself, is an asian girl, and you’re probably surprised how much I hate Hello Kitty. Shouldn’t they find something unique to collect. I, for one make different origami figures, which shows my talent & culture. I think Hello Kitty is a waste of money and really just a kid’s toy. Don’t listen to those Hello Kitty Fanatics because in the long run, you’re still a better person than them, and more sane might I add. Who gives out death threats when they can’t find a Hello Kitty item?

  334. Hahaha i think its funny how you dont know why so many hello kitty fanatics (like me) go on your site. This is the biggest place to find all the hello kitty stuff. Your fault.

  335. I love hello kitty and i dont get why u wont tell people how to find this stuff or even how to get a hold of the person who sent the photo to you….but i think its a little bad that someone is that badly addicted to hello kitty that they’d wish u to die over sneakers and for it to be a common thing ….thats not cool…their giving hello kitty fans a bad name and i dont condone their behavior….

  336. So you say you hate Hello Kitty tattoos, yet you dedicate a whole website to Hello Kitty tattoos? If someone likes Hello Kitty enough to get a tattoo of her, then so be it. How does that affect you in anyway?

  337. it is very likely that the whiner is a hormonal teenager… it does seem a little weird that you are not open to tell people where you found those awesomely weird/cool items.

    if you could provide those information, you might increase your blog’s hit point by attracting a new group of readers, who are not only interested in seeing pictures of awesome thing that you found, but also interested in buying them… maybe as gig gift or something.

    cool blog

  338. Hi, I can’t beleive someone wrote that. If you want it that bad find it your damn self. I love Hello Kitty, AND I also love this blog. The fun part of being a Hello Kitty fan is finding different ways to display it and to see what others have come up with.
    Keep it up PLEASE!!!

    We are not all crazy,

  339. I love Hello Kitty, and I also love Hello Kitty Hell, because I don’t love her THAT MUCH.

    I honestly have no Hello Kitty in my home…But I DO buy it for my best friend, who also loves Hello Kitty. I guess I’m more of a Charmy fan. 😉

    People who whine should learn how to use the interwebs, and TinEye (reverse image search engine). It will likely help them find whatever it is that they want that you post on this site.

  340. You’re right, life is too short to email you and complain you wont give out information you deem too sacred to share. However, life is also too short to sit around and create a website on an object you detest. Life is also too short to even bothering to post those waste of time emails on said website and write couple thousand words on how it is a waste of time.

    by the way, its “dying” not “dieing”. I do find your website amusing and no, i am not looking to buy anything featured here.

  341. Wow people are crazy, maybe if they were smart like tha person says up there ^ you can search the internet. Damn, there is a thing called eBay. Which you can find any of them crazy Hello Kitty things at. Lol its quite funny how psycho people can be. >_<

  342. omg i cannot believe people or even a person would write to you and say that , they most certainly have a screw loose and i have a idea , the whinners should be SHOT , plain and simple , shoot them and just let them be out of there misery , , have a pinkrainbow day
    kindest regards
    geprgoa frp, pjop

  343. To all those Hello Kitty whiners out there. If you can’t find those shoes with a simple Google search, there’s a much better way to spend your time than harassing a guy who writes a blog. E-mail Converse, they’re the one’s who make the shoes. Most likely it was a limited edition run or some such. If all the people who wished death upon the author fired off an e-mail they might actually get somewhere. And Nike deserves all the death treats they get for what they did to Chuck Taylors.

  344. Wow, I’m kind of amazed by some of what’s said on this site. I really like HK. I have these plushy HK slippers, that look like I’m wearing stuffed animals on my feet. There’s also some stuff on this site that I’d like to add to my collection, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna sit here and flame the guy for not telling me. Nor am I going to tell him what a horrible, horrible person he is for saying this stuff. Cause he’s /funny/. And even if I think HK’s adorable, c’mon people, she’s weird, and most of her items are more than a little creepy. She SHOULD be made fun of. Obviously bad mouthing someone for stating their opinion, and not doing exactly what you want them to do, isn’t going to get you your way. It’s stupid to think otherwise. Here’s a piece of advice… if you want the stuff so damn badly, look it up. Seriously, not that hard. It took me all of 20 seconds to find the contacts just now. Also, if you don’t like it, don’t read the blog. Problem solved.

  345. ok for ur last one:”if ur under 10 , u can whine” i mean , im literally just over and have no boyfriend , can i not complain over it? jk i wont , cuz im smart enuf 2 talk 2 ur wife , i’m sure she’d be delighted to tell me ALL the juicy details , and while i’m at it i’ll get the deets about those stupid hk sneakers to shut up the whiners who have no life. also , i’ll send u an email with some hk stuff u’ll love. (i dont mean sarcastic , in these she is a killer :D)

  346. I know it’s mean, but I have to laugh at all the Hell you go through from Hello Kitty. I love his blog! It’s so funny and I can see it as a good way for you to vent your frustrations without getting sent to the couch. 🙂 Hang in there, as it could very easily be MUCH WORSE! There are worse fandoms, and scarier things your wife could put you through.

    Is she a Furry? No. Is she abusive? No. Is she a Twilight fan? Oh please no…

    Those are what I can think of so far that you should be grateful for. Of course, you still have your health, your life, your marriage, and hopefully, your job right? So please hang in there ok? I won’t send you any Hello Kitty pics, or even suggest anything to your wife. Call it a gift. 🙂 Take care!

  347. Seriously, what is your people’s problem? This blog is about why he HATES Hello Kitty and all you do is whine about how much you absolutely LOVE her. Wishing death upon someone is so unbeleivably disgusting to do, how would you like it if I told you to go die because you wou’dn’t tell me where you got your clothes? Telling someone to die over a pair of stupid sneakers is ridiculous and childish behavior. You should go to hell for even saying something like that. And doesn’t Hello Kitty promote being kind and loving one another? If you know so much about her then suck it up and act like her.

  348. My wife Is all about HK. And I’m all about anything besides HK. We both find your blog hilarious. From a guy who reluctantly but obiedently sleeps on HK sheets, under a HK comforter with my head on a HK pillow…..I truely feel ya man. I hereby invite you over to my garage to sit back have a beer on a recliner next to motorcycles watching a bigscreen. Best part is there’s NO HK crap anywhere.


  349. ): …..but I like whining…… jkjk(: ….I guess the people that are whining to you are not TRUELY fans of Hello Kitty if they’re being such dumba**es about some piece of kitchy parafanalia (no offense to people who like that stuff) 0.o hahah and if they reallyyyyyyyyy wanted to find out where that kinda stuff is, they could type a few words in a search box instead of typing 200 in an email to you. 😛 … and you can’t really be the worst person in the world or else the gov. would have spent more time on trying to assasinate you instead of Osama Benladin… jusssssayin

  350. The blogger has a point. He didn’t create this blog SPECIFICALLY to tell people where Hello Kitty items can be bought, that’s what Google is for. He has the right to share whatever information he pleases with whomever he please. People need to get over the fact that he’s not sharing info. It’s not the end of the world.

  351. They’re probably wracked with indignation after rolling around Walmart on one of those electric carts (“for our customers who need a little lift”) for a good half-hour and not found the super-niche HK item they’re after on the shelf ANYWHERE in the store… how dare they not carry it! And how dare you not feed their obsession even though your entire blog is focussed on hating HK! 😀

    I think your entire post, however, can be summed up tl;dr style (for the hard of understanding):

    “God damn it, grow up already – what are you, six years old?”

    BTW… Hello Kitty… HK… Hunter Killer… think about it…

  352. Wow you really need to get a life. You hate hello kitty but you dedicated a website to her? Get a job, go to school….and spend your time doing something useful. Loser.

    • Ikr. This person claims they hate hello Kitty but this person is just obsessed as a hello Kitty fan. Let the haters hate. He’s gonna get that ego cough.

  353. I was just talking on Twitter about fans who are so *angry* all the time. Why? Why are you people so damn angry about plastic goods made by a massive conglomerate? Why be so hateful, so abusive?

    All I can say is, be thankful your lives are so soft and comfortable that you can have energy to be angry about plastic crap. Thank your gods every day for the blessings of your life.

    Probably, the reason he doesn’t share is because he knows you can’t get these things without time, effort and money – the three things people who have time to send death threats over the internet rarely invest in anything, except in being angry about nothing.

  354. While I don’t want to be insulting, it surprises the hell out of me that A) People don’t get the joke and/or conceit of this site, and B) People don’t understand that they are weird, scary, or just plain dangerous for wanting to locate and buy many of the items you write about, particularly the items of a sexual nature or those requiring a 15-day waiting period.

    Yep, you whiners are weird, scary, and, frankly, lazy. You can find all sorts of Hello Kitty good stuff if you decided to get off your asses and do some research.


  356. i agree! there so stupid and really someone doesnt deserve to live just because hello kitty stuff?! come on bitches please -__-

  357. dude they love those shoes more than a human, and they dont even have them yet hahaha
    you just gotta laugh at people who do that kind of crap..


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