Hello Kitty Open Letter To Children

I know that there are others out there living in Hello Kitty Hell. Most suffer in silence only to be found in statistics (I figure at least 95% of the suicides in the world can be directly attributed to Hello Kitty in one way or another). There are, however, rare occasions when others in Hello Kitty Hell break out of their chains and announce to the world what living with Hello Kitty is truly like.

It is with complete sympathy that I read Goodbye Kitty – an open letter to my darling daughter knowing that as bad as it sounds, it will only get worse (and what Hello Kitty Hell will be like for me when we have children) as she grows older and wants even more Hello Kitty goods. He’ll be in my thoughts tonight as I raise a beer to a suffering kindred spirit…

Thanks to Violet who emailed me the link and suggested that “you and this guy should get together for a beer. or twelve.” Why stop there? I’m thinking a keg still won’t be enough to drown out the pain…

5 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Open Letter To Children”

  1. YEAH! I am the first reply-er!!! 🙂

    I am sure you and that guy can be good friend!!

    And it’s time for you two know that your life now in HK hell isn’t so bad!!!
    you two both just have one HKfan honey, (wife and daughter)

    May be …there is a guy somewhere in this planet…

    He has a HK-fan-wife…just like yrs honey 🙂
    and he also has a HK-fan-daughter…just like that guy’s….
    {{even worse if he has a Hk-fan-son….}}
    and i am sure his pain is X2 of yours 🙁

    [[sorry for my poor englsih 🙂 ]]

  2. You write about 1000X times better than that guy.I could barely finish reading his long winded post.

    It’s a HELLO KITTY WORLD,we only live in it.


  3. I was in a boring meeting when I decided to check my email. My daughter is a hello kitty fan but not fanatical (Thank God). There are even some things that she thinks is damn ugly when we laugh at your misery (sorry).

    Anyhow, imagine the effort to restrain my gutbusting laughter and the tears running down my face when I was reading that letter! I thought I was going to die. My co-workers thought that I was having an allergy attack! That poor guy… the toast had me dying.

    Great stuff dude!


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