Hello Kitty Plush Dress (again)

There is a lot about Hello Kitty that scares me, and then there are Hello Kitty items that absolutely petrify me:

Hello Kitty plush dress

Apparently the Hello Kitty plush couture dress didn’t remain on the runway. It takes something pretty hideous that is able to both terrify and be just plain wrong at the same time. How anyone, including Hello Kitty fanatics, could still think this is a “cute idea” after seeing a photo like this is beyond me (but then again, so is all the Hello Kitty stuff). I’m going to be having Hello Kitty Hell nightmares tonight…

Thanks to darren who located this photo and should be forced to date someone that wears this dress weekly for terrifying me with it…

32 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Plush Dress (again)”

  1. My daughter is a Hello Kitty fan but she and I are in agreement that this, it is just wrong. Who could possibly want to wear something like this? Surely it is a joke.

  2. Note that the only person insane enough to wear this dress is that crazy person that’s famous for being addicted to plastic surgery. I can’t even remember her name, but that tells you something doesn’t it?

  3. You have the most complete set of Hk pictures and examples of all the weird things people can do… what an horrendous woman…
    What is to come… dred to imagine…

  4. That’s Amanda Lepore! A hideous tranny who doesn’t deserve to live, because of the number of times she’s shoed her face to the world. She models. She’s just plain tacky. She hangs out with Pamela Anderson.

    If your wife likes her for wearing this, I really understand your pain.

  5. OKAY THIS IS CREEPY. My name is Lily, too (only one “L”) and I logged on to say that the model resembles Amanda Lepore, the plastic-surgery cat lady. Coincidence?

    This site is terribly disturbing. I think I’m going to have to not visit it again. Even without the coincidence.

  6. Sorry! I meant Joceyline Wildenstein, not Amanda Lepore. Now that I think about it, the model looks more like Lepore. Which is scarier?

  7. those shoe with these socks look redikalass together so dont weere socks with it next time!! i mean it it looks so ugly lols 😀 huh sozzie but dnt were them nxt time plzz thanks much loliiees!! ? haii so tnx for listening ?xxoo xx?oo lol Tammy??? !! love you lots your lk meh mother
    whats rong wit ure lips soziiee just had to ask okaii bey bey c ya for tomorrow LoLs!!?? IVE GOT TO ASK ARE U SO LOVING HELLO KITTY CAUSE I AM A BIG FAN OF HELLO KITTY I ? HER SHES SO CUTE URE A BIG FAN TOO I JUST NO IT OKAII BYE TAMMY!!?XXOO

  8. Those poor hello kitties. I feel for you, darling hello kitties!

    …that is a cross dresser right? I can tell by the legs and the face.


  9. she looks like a giant sanrio vending machine lol! she’d fit in perfectly in harajuku! people can just pick one they want and pay 100 yen for it!!! lol rofl!!!!!!


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