Hello Kitty Armoured Personnel Carrier

It seems that Sanrio has teamed up with the military to bring the scariest military vehicle that anyone could imagine:

Hello Kitty armoured personnel carrier

Hello Kitty, in her quest at world domination, has moved up from the Hello Kitty Ferrari and other Hello Kitty cars and is now producing armoured personnel carriers for the Army (although this is a photoshopped model of what is to come). My wife loves the idea. “If everyone drove around in Hello Kitty vehicles like that, there would only be love and peace in the world.”

It’s hard to argue with logic like that except for the fact that the casualty rate would likely be much higher if the Army started exclusively using these. The Hello Kitty armoured personnel carrier would effectively nauseate the enemy into submission with many of them killing themselves to avoid the extreme pain. I know that’s exactly what I would end up doing…

Photo courtesy of SofaShark from his flickr photos

40 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Armoured Personnel Carrier”

  1. Gotta be Photoshop! I hope it’s Photoshop – what self-respecting warrior type would climb into that nightmare? Would give war a bad name…

  2. The idea behind camouflage is that is blends in with its surroundings. Now if this vehicle was somehow transported into the world of HK, I could definitely see the possibilities.

    Rest assured readers, this will not come about (even as much as I would think it’s cool)…anyone with common sense knows the army cannot camouflage pink and purple…yet…LOL

  3. this must be a result of the clintons ‘don’t ask , don’t tell’ policy…
    what next ? the ‘pink panzers’ ? or maybe the ‘poofter patrol’?

  4. this picture (photoshopped or not) is funny yet extremely scary if i saw one of those i trully would start to think hello kitty was trying to take over the world.

  5. Ok…I was googling Hello Kitty and stumble upon your site~ as much as I know that you “hate” HK…I must say, you’re now my hero for posting all the HK stuff ^O^ (I bookmarked this site) thanks! haha

  6. Actually, this would be a fine vehicle to use in an attack on Puroland. There, it would be perfectly camouflaged until it released a rain of (non-Hello Kitty) Hell.

  7. Arina, your totally right.
    i pretty much love this guy.
    i *adore* hello kitty, and i bookmarked this under the “lovelovelove” folder
    its right above shiny shiny [gadgets for girls]. ahaha.

  8. “would give war a bad name”

    the cognitive dissonance necessary to write such a sentence without instantly exploding is freakin mind-blowing.

    do go on.

  9. Comment from Amaranthim
    Time: July 19, 2007, 9:18 am

    Gotta be Photoshop! I hope it’s Photoshop – what self-respecting warrior type would climb into that nightmare? Would give war a bad name…
    It says at the top its photoshopped silly!

  10. This Photo proves what all Hello Kitty loving people will deploy if they were to lead their nation’s in war . The cuteness is enough to win the war without even firing a shot as it can make even a Rambo beg for mercy

  11. I would acctually feel safe knowing there is no one within ten miles of that vehicle physically capable of attacking it due to the shock of seeing HK (or a bright pink army vehicle)


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