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If you want to know why your newspapers and magazines are filled with crap, it’s because Hello Kitty has even brainwashed the media into Hello Kitty fanaticism where they can’t believe that Hello Kitty is anything but “fantastic”:

Hi There,

I work for the World Entertainment News Network (WENN) where we have offices all around the world. WENN is a news and picture agency that provides the media worldwide with news, photos & features. A friend of mine has came across your website and your fantastic Crystal Hello Kitty Doll and has passed the link over to me.

I think your idea of this Hello Kitty doll is fantastic and would like to try and get some free publicity for you and your idea. We have close contacts within the press and magazines both here in the UK and Worldwide. Would it be possible for you to supply us with images of your hello kitty crystal doll and a little bit of information that we could use in a possible feature that we could put together to supply to the press and magazines. I could use your information from your website if this would be okay with you.

Obviously a credit would be given to yourself giving you more exposure and visitors to your web site. We would also supply you with a copy of any feature that made it to print.

If you have any high resolution photos you could send me by email that would be fantastic, images should be as large as possible, ideally at 300dpi but as big or as high a resolution as possible would be great.

Hope to hear from you soon. Have a good day.

WTF??? This person must be illiterate because for some unfathomable reason she believes that it is mine (obviously not the case which she would know if she actually read the post). Furthermore, if it was in this house, it would most definitely not be mine and there is little chance that my wife would let me get near it. Lastly, if you read even a single post on this blog, you would instinctively know that “Hello Kitty” and “fantastic” would never be used in the same sentence unless there are a lot of explosives detonating in the same sentence as well.

Obviously if the media can’t read, you’re going to get crap in the media. The sad thing is that this is becoming more common. I get several emails like this each month now. I’ve even received emails from Sanrio employees asking me to plug their new stuff (my theory is that they are all taking hallucinogenic drugs as that would explain many of the things that they create and why they would email me to try and promote Hello Kitty). Seriously, why would anyone with an IQ higher than that of single cell organism get the idea that I like Hello Kitty, let alone that I think that anything related to hello Kitty would be my idea of a good thing?

You know that Hello Kitty Hell is getting bad when the media are so blinded by the draw of Hello Kitty that they will contact me in an effort to promote her…

7 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Media”

  1. That first taste of tea and your column, my morning is complete…now for the post. I am a huge fan of eliminating the world of idiots. Obviously this idiot can’t read for if she spent more than 2 minutes on this site, it is quite obvious you are not pushing HK…you are ANTI HK…

    Now some may think I’m anti HK…far from the truth, I’m a huge HK fan…but am well aware to know the difference between hate and like…and no, HK does not make “haters” into “lovers” unless someone took a 50lb HK and hit them on the head a dozen times…

  2. I agree with the above post. I am also a huge Hello Kitty fan and find your blog very amusing. I just hope I don’t put my future husband through the seemingly torture that you experience. Also, related more so to the post, I think the media has gone down hill for a long time, reasons why I don’t even bother to watch the news, especially USA news. Thanks and keep up the wonderful blog, because it is quite enjoyable to read, even when you are a HK fan. 🙂

  3. hahahaha!!

    what a sarcasm~~

    may be is time for you…to promote the holy idea of HK to the ppl around the world!!! hahahahhahah~

    I am wondering… what is your wife reaction about this INVITATION!
    I think she will be glad and happy to recevie this GREATNESS mission!!!!

  4. Ya know, I’m thinkin’ that you might want to go along with this.

    I mean, it’s obvious that they’re not reading the content. You’re reacting to it like that’s a bad thing.

    Doesn’t that mean you have a “green light” to write whatever Hello Kitty Hell material you’d like, and have it published? That sounds like a good thing. Plus, more visitors to your site, which means warning more people that Hello Kitty is taking over – plus, more Kitty fans to taunt.

  5. Hahaha. That is so funny. Some people are really clueless. It is kind of hilarious how much you hate Hello Kitty too. I don’t know, just the idea of someone hating her so much seems so weird to me. I sort of can’t believe it. I guess I am like your wife, because I think Hello Kitty represents peace and happiness and friendship throughout the world. How could something so cute be so evil? HK is going to take over the world someday, but even a animation would deal better at international politics than George W. Bush! hehe. jk.


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