Hello Kitty Superhero

As mentioned previously, Hello Kitty has a problem with other pop culture and invariably tries to make it her own. She has obviously reached the point where all the superheroes have taken too much of the limelight away from her and instead of morphing the superheros into Hello Kitty, she has gone out and created her own Hello Kitty superhero:

Hello Kitty superhero

Hello Kitty super hero

This, of course, begs the question of what superpowers Hello Kitty possesses (this is something that I would really rather not know since it will undoubtedly be something that will make my Hello kitty Hell life worse). My wife thinks that she carries “barbells of love” because “Hello Kitty love will conquer all evil in the world” and a “heart belt of sweetness.” I have no doubt this is true because any enemy would rather end their life right then and there than have to witness either of those two powers in action. Then again, 99% of the world’s population (those that aren’t Hello Kitty fanatics) would also do the same…

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  1. It’s….different. I like her bow!! The more I look at it, the cuter the whole HK Super hero is!! I like your wife’s idea of the “barbells of love”.

  2. Heh. I spent a good five minutes staring at the picture trying to figure out what the hell the little red things orbiting her were before I read the second paragraph. Planets- whole worlds that revolve around HK? (What a terrifying thought.) Some sort of force field? More of that silly apple theme?

    So I suspect at least one of the powers involved is invoking a WTF reaction in all who see it. Come to think of it, that ability translates to a lot of things featuring HK.

  3. ummmm……
    Am I the only one having this feel..??

    I feel that the mask….just that some kind of …pervert’s wearing…

  4. Whenever I think I’ve seen the limit extreme unctuousness from Hello Kitty Hell, you wind up surprising me. Barbells of love? Heartbelt of sweetness? Nothing thus far has made me cringe like this has.

  5. Alright Tamara!! Actually this site makes me want to shop for more Hello Kitty . Like Suzanne posted, Hottopic.com or in stores is a great place to find cute HK.

  6. I have this doll its is the cutest don’t you think, aww look at Hello Kitty little super hero to the rescue! woo! go get them Super Kitty! hehe!

  7. Your site is great. You are freakin hilarious. I like Hello Kitty but am not obsessed, however I would like to see a picture of a decapitated Hello Kitty. Where can I find one?

  8. I….am crying now…mental scarring happening…

    (Thank GOD no one has attempted to cross Wolverine and HK…yet…)


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