10 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Is Like Crack Video”

  1. That’s so true. I actually work at a Sanrio store and whenever Hello Kitty (i.e. me in a costume with her giant head on my shoulders) comes to visit, all the asian people got to take a picture with her. And yeah, I’m a bit of a fanattic but there are other Sanrio characters that I favor over her.

  2. JAJAJAJJAJA that’s so damn true, lucky I haven’t got caught yet XD jajaja I like more Domo-kun than hello kitty. But kitty has been in all girls lifes, at least once…in a bag, the cartoons, or something…scary ne?

  3. True in away, But I prefer Cinnamoroll.
    ^__^ Dogs are better then cats
    [Either way you put it they’re probably both hellish ey?]


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