Hello Kitty Men's Fashion

It appears that Sanrio has decided to really make my life Hell by introducing a Hello Kitty men’s fashion line that consists of T-shirts, boxers, bags, sports wear and watches.

Hello Kitty men's fashion

I find all the Hello Kitty photos I receive disturbing, but then there are those that I find disturbing on multiple levels.

1. It was emailed to me by someone who has their blog hosted by Sanrio. I realize (although I still have a difficult time understanding why – must be another of those Hello Kitty fanatic things) that there are a number of Hello Kitty fans that frequent this blog, but it appears that Hello Kitty fans now feel that a mention on my blog will drive traffic to their Hello Kitty blog and the people who go will like it. In other words, there are enough Hello Kitty fans that come to this blog that blogs on the official Sanrio site want to be mentioned here which I find quite disturbing.

2. Sanrio believes there is a big enough market out there to begin a male fashion line. I find this extremely disturbing.

3. My wife is going to take one look at this stuff and decide it is exactly what I need and it will start to show up on our doorstep in the next few weeks as “gifts” for me. I find this to be take out the knife and begin slitting my wrists disturbing.

Although I am not a big conspiracy theorist, I’m beginning to get the feeling that Sanrio has set up a special department with the exclusive mandate to try and make my life more Hello Kitty Hellish than it already is…

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  1. Anti-Hello Kitty site is attracting more Hello Kitty fanatics than genuine Sanrio Hello Kitty web site. What a twist!
    But this is human psychology. Your Anti-Hello Kitty writings are more like “Wasabi” to readers. Just plain Sushi may be boring.

  2. Sanrio is doing this because men are demanding Hello Kitty items. You are the only one that has no concept that this is cutting edge fashion. I don’t understand why you have to be so negative when Hello Kitty does so much good. Your comments don’t make any sense as usual and as you see, the only people that visit here are Hello Kitty fans. And us fans demand that you stop using Hello Kitty negatively to try and become popular. All it does is make people hate you.

  3. i don’t want to date any guy who wears this t-shirt or hides it carefully at the back of a dresser.

    hopefully you can re-gift the t-shirt to your neighbour, who i assume is another hello kitty fan…

  4. I agree with your first comment (I bought a few things from the banner on your page, J-list, one of the being that hello kitty vibrator) and disagree with darlene, even though you do think of hello kitty as a form of torture I don’t hate you for it and enjoy reading your blogs. I think I’ve said this many times before and I will say it again…. You Rule!

  5. well darlene, it seems like ure the only person here that hates this gy. i reckon sanrio came up w/ this mens fashion concept coz there are enuf female hello kt fanatics out there that thinks their significant other will look good in this shit. its obvious u are a sheep and do as u are told – in this case buy watever sanrio says u should hav..

    if u dont like wat u see here at this blog, then go somewhere else and for f*@k sake, GROW A FRIGGIN BRAIN!

  6. I’m sure everyone would take you much more seriously if you could spell, utilize your grammar, and type somewhat coherently, “random kt freak”.

    I’m not quite sure what to think of this, really… I know some of my guy friends would love to have Hello Kitty stuff, but I wouldn’t force it on a man who doesn’t want it. I suppose it’s all a matter of taste when it comes to Hello Kitty merchandise; You either like her or you don’t.

  7. “the only people that visit here are Hello Kitty fans”

    Wrong Darlene. I visit here because I enjoy the writing and it makes me laugh. I am most definitely NOT a Hello Kitty fan.

    That reminds me, did we ever see that mermaid get smashed? I was so looking forward to it!

  8. My compassion and sympathy for you know no bounds. I forsee a lot of time inthe hello kitty sleeping bag ahead for you.

    I must say, I consistently fail to comprehend the people who berate you for hating Hello Kitty. They make it seem like you are hating some Nobel-prize winning laureate who brought about world peace or something. Hello Kitty is an absurd drawing of a mouthless feline. It does nothing for the world, provides no food to the poor, saves no souls. It’s a drawing, a marketing tool to sell products. It’s the logo for a corporation. Why does hating it make you a creature of utmost evil? Does hating the new Honda logo evince the same response? Why is this such a big deal?

    Oh right…Kitty maniacs don’t have to make sense. >_<

  9. Darlene says:
    “I don’t understand why you have to be so negative when Hello Kitty does so much good. ”

    I can’t recall Sanrio ever giving Jerry’s Kids a check. I’ve never heard of Hello Kitty visiting a kids hospital.

    If by good you mean, you feel happy being a consumer, more power to you. But Hello Kitty doesn’t exist, so it can’t
    do good.

  10. I’ve been a long time lurker and must say that love your blog. I am also a Kitty fan…but I swear I sometimes want to shoot these fanatics myself for the things that come out of their mouths. Or fingertips? Meh, you know what I mean. πŸ˜›

    I really enjoy your writing (and everyone’s funny comments) and find your views very interesting. I also feel sorry for you and the extent of the stuff you have to put up with. Yikes. You must really love your wife.

    I hope I never push my husband to feeling the way you do about Hello Kitty…or me as a fan! o_O He’s supportive enough about it and I know whenever I’ve gone too far because he’ll usually give me the “look” and tease by calling me Golem. Most of my collection is kept in storage with the exception of a few accent pieces since I’ve been promised that when we own a larger home, I’ll get a small spare room to display my “precious”.

    In a small way, thank you for saving my marriage by providing me with this handy (and humorous) guide to “What NOT to do” regarding my crazy affinity for cute things.

    Good luck to you and your survival in Hello Kitty Hell.

  11. I showed my guy friend my hello kitty vibrator that I bought and he said he could never look at hello kitty the same again! Now I think it would be cute to buy him some Hello Kitty clothes, but he will probably react like the Hello Kitty Hell guy and would never wear them! I think it would be cute to see a guy wearing Hello Kitty!!! πŸ™‚

  12. First of all, just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you!

    Secondly (saying this AS a HK FAN) the readers are getting ridiculous! LOL! I’m astonished at the audacity of this darlene person coming to someone else’s blog telling them how to feel. Wow. Go away, crazy lady and feel free to NOT speak for all of us fans. Go write your own damn blog about the awesomeness of HK till your heart’s content, I’ll still be reading this one.

    And finally, it’s been said before, some people who visit this blog are fans of HK but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the HK Hell or be disgusted by the many things Sanrio will put out for a buck. DJ Psychomike never told a lie when he said Sanrio never sent Jerry’s kids a check.

    Sanrio takes my money too, but HK can only have as much power as you give her. ;D

  13. Darlene and all the crazy ones like her are just a frustated bunch of people that need to love an imaginary kitty to feel some love… HK doesn’t love you back!!

  14. No way in hell would I wear that crap (as a guy). It’s one thing to buy this stuff for my 8-year-old daughter, but to actually wear it? No way.

  15. The only men I foresee wearing Hello Kitty are the emo kids or really eccentric rich men. Honestly, I don’t see it becoming a trend.

  16. I find it interesting that someone else on here is named Alfred…or at least goes by that…
    kinda figured they would make a mens line of stuff eventually, …and the pumpkin carvings on the other page are neat πŸ™‚

  17. well you know, as a male and liking hello kitty, especially the pink stuff I should likely remain in hiding.

    It’s about the same calibur to liking carebears .. only HK has more integrity…and I’d rather my children liked her than them.

  18. for real i would pimp some hello kitty gear. like a black hello kitty print hawaiian or bowling shirt with little black and white hello kitty heads. the real one, not this new ‘hello kitty print’ face idea thing.( nice abstract concept but i think it fails in execution) I guess they did it to try to hide the fact that its a girl cartoon character or something? Its not exactly like a ‘my little pony’ iron-on tee. Understated, monocolor prints, playing up the icon of the hello kitty head. The hello kitty head itself. It represents something else now, not even Sanrio anymore.

  19. i will be sending you the prototype of the HK seppaku set… robe knife , paper, pad , etc… all in HK pink…
    your misery will soon be over…

  20. Now usually I would say that hello kitty is; as your wife would say: “the cutest thing ever”… but, in this case I am just weirded out!! This is just freakin stupid!!! What dignified man is ever going to be seen in public wearing that!!??
    Also, are you aware that they are now trying to make a ‘sexy’ version of hello kitty for men!! IT ISN’T RIGHT!!!!!!

  21. i like hello kitty but making clothes fo men ! THAT IS GOING 2 FAR !YOU HEAR ME SANRIO 2 FAR ! but i still love hello kitty rock on woooo!

  22. Leave Hello Kitty alone!…..It is meant for girls leave it at that……I don’t think guys want it as much as you might think!

  23. Well i’m a dignified man, who doesn’t take himself too seriously. And as stated before, I would certainly not hesitate to pimp fly looking hello kitty gear. But it has to be fly looking, so that I can pimp it. Otherwise, there’s no point. No fly, no pimp, you see where the equation breaks down? If factors of flyness equal zero, than the potential for pimping is less than zero. But if they successfully remove the pastels, and stick to black monochrome, they could certainly pull it off. They’re on the right path, they just need to work on the icon. The kitty head is de-sexualized if they remove pastel colouring. No they need to de-emphasize the head, making it less the subject of attention, and more of a background decoration.

    Personally I think removing the eyes, and putting the words ‘Hello Kitty’ on the face won’t attract male purchasers. I think that’s a silly, though well meaning idea.

  24. I do not like the replacing Hello Kitty Face with a slogan, too commercialized for me. There is a second page were they are some thing I might buy like the hello Kitty with Gothic lettering. It is a nice try.

    admitted male hello kitty fan.

  25. hello kitty is the new pabst blue ribbon and/or additionally the new black sabbath, huh? the kitty is surreal and weird and corporate and consumerist, whatever. the point i make, as a single man: lots of chick dig the kitty. i discovered this by accident when wearing one of my neices kitty bad-aids. hot girls couldn’t stop saying how much the dug the kitty and that it must take a certain confidence for a man to wear. i ordered a t-shirt, concept reconfirmed!! chicks dig the kitty. if your stones are large enough wear kitty!!

  26. I think Hello Kitty’s kind of cute. I can understand why a lot of guys aren’t interested in her, but some guys are. My boyfriend would definitely buy a Hello Kitty shirt if they had a men’s line around here. And he’s not emo. Or gay. He likes cartoons and cute characters. Some guys do like cute things, and things that are stereotyped as “girly.” I think many people are really close minded about what guys should like. I personally think really masculine “tough” testosterone pumped guys are gross. And kinda lame.

  27. I personally love this idea! I have always thought my wife looks great in her Hello Kitty crap and to be honest its cute. I am comfortable enough with my sexuallity to buy this stuff for sure, wear it in public… that depends. I found some things at hot topic online recently and I am seriously considering buying it I would love to piss off the hicks where I live by sporting my hello kitty gear!

  28. What’s soo un-attractive about a guy who ADORES Hello Kitty?….NOTHING.

    I’d rather date a Hello Kitty fanatic over a heartless JERKWEED anyday :/ Any girl who wants to date a Hello Kitty hating man is a.. slut. THERE. I SAID IT.


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