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Now that it is holiday shopping season (at least to Sanrio which officially launched the Christmas selling season a few days ago in Japan), my wife is drooling at all the new stuff being launched. Another of the many embarrassing things about living in Hello Kitty Hell is that gifts to friends and relatives often come with the evil pink feline on them. I no longer even try to explain — when they shoot me that look of “what the hell is this monstrosity?” I simply give them my “hey, I’m living in Hello Kitty Hell and I have no idea how to explain any of it” look, which, now that I think about it, really should come with a lot more tears and sobbing than it does. I know that I’m going to have to be practicing this look a lot this holiday season as my wife looks at all the things she wants to give as gifts. Her first priority is for my sister’s kids, and she has her eyes set on a Hello Kitty ATM bank:

Hello Kitty ATM bank

Hello Kitty ATM Bank Cash Card

My understanding of a bank is a place to save money, but Hello Kitty obviously can’t promote saving when there is so much of her Hello Kittified merchandise that needs to be bought. Thus, the Hello Kitty ATM bank comes with a “Hello Kitty cash card” so you can take out your money just as easy as you put it in. This seems to be the perfect illustration of how she digs her merchandising claws into Hello Kitty fanatics from the earliest of ages and then never lets go – thus laying the foundation to create the Hello Kitty Hell I live in today for many more unfortunate souls in the future…

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  1. OMG I beat Darlene to the message board!

    Alright, so this is my prediction of what Darlene would say:
    “Why don’t you understand only something as thoughtful as Hello Kitty would produce an item like this that provides educational value and spread Hello Kitty love at the same time. You should close your blog once and for all since nobody is interested in your stupid little nags.”

    Let’s see..
    you’re stupid – check
    hello kitty spreads love – check
    close blog – check

    and now we wait…

  2. Once again you show that you have no appreciation for other people. Your wife takes the time to choose gifts for family and friends and you make snide remarks about it. I bet you don’t make any effort at all to buy the gifts. You just complain when they aren’t what you would have given without lifting a finger to help.

    Little girls would love a gift like this, and all you can do is badmouth Hello Kitty again and again. Maybe when you have learned to appreciate people and Hello Kitty for who they are, your life won’t be as hellish as you make it yourself to be.

  3. Your not going to get him to change his mind so I suggest you go and do something more productive with your time such as spend the 5 minutes it takes you to write the comment obsessing even more over Hello Kitty instead of insulting the poor guy xD

  4. Although Hell Kitty Hell himself strongly rejected such possibility, I had the same suspicion as jennster had:
    jennster wrote:
    > i wonder, maybe darlene is wife of HKH writing under a pseudonym?

    The hypothesis really explains everything.
    From “Occam’s razor”, the simplest solution tends to be the right one.”, I still feel the hypothesis is correct one.

    darlene, defend yourself (and repent yourself)!

  5. my 3 y.o. would love this. i have allowed her a stuffed HK, an HK blanket, an HK hamper. that is about it. she is obsessed with “merow-merow” as she calls HK, but i buy her cat things that aren’t HK to avoid fanaticism. (hello darlene)
    she is now obsessed with cats in general. it is kinda cute.


    you grownup obsessed HK people are old enough to know better!!!!!

  6. Mr HKH, your wife can bear to give HK stuff away?! πŸ™‚
    Jennster et al; I too wondered along the lines of ‘> i wonder, maybe darlene is wife of HKH writing under a pseudonym?’ but more likely that it is one of his friends who laughs at his suffering and has decided to liven up web-site ‘debate’!

  7. Darlene, the idea behind buying a gft for someone is to buy something that that person will enjoy. I’ll lay evens that a randomly chosen sibling’s child will not enjoy that, ah, object.

  8. Whe I was a kid I made my own bills and used may dad’s old credit card…. I wanted the gold one and not a pink one! Everyone knows that a gold card is worth more than a pink card πŸ˜›

  9. I want that! Thank you for showing us this.. since I live in Japan it will not be so hard for me to find that at Jusco!

    I will now have to decide on getting Hello kitty or asking my mom to spend $200 on Lolita clothes for me <3

    Hm.. now that I think of it… she can spend $200 on Hello Kitty Lolita clothes off of Baby the stars shine bright!


  10. “Hm.. now that I think of it… she can spend $200 on Hello Kitty Lolita clothes off of Baby the stars shine bright!”
    Oh god, this is wrong in so many levels.

  11. Just found this wonderful, amazing blog. Though I have enjoyed the random HK piece of cuteness, NEVER would I purchase something to superfluous as a hk atm. WOW.

    Japan really knows how to market items to the obsessive compulsive people of this world.

  12. darlene, if you hate what HKH has to say that much, then stop coming to this blog! It’s as simple as that! Go to the freaking Sanrio site instead…

  13. you missed the point though bear. hello kitty came down and ordained darlene as minister of cuteness. she won’t go away. we are her mission field now…

  14. She’s had 3 weeks to do it in. Did Darlene ever reply to my request that she name an independent source of evidence to back up her claims that HK is a “source of good in the World”? Or is that a stupid question, since she seems to feel she is above actually answering people, as well as netiquette about not trashing people on their own blogs?

  15. Here’s my question. If you hate Hello Kitty so much, and your wife loves her so much…how do you stay together? I mean you must have a kick ass relationship.

  16. the new system, money goes in, then when you have 100 in there, a hello kitty visa/debit card slides out, which you can only pend on hello kitty mechendise. Plus darlene you need to get a life because you are very very sad indeed, get the point, hello kitty sucks!!!!

  17. I stumbled upon this website and I think it’s great! I love Hello Kitty – I am infact an owner of a Hello Kitty tattoo that you would love to hate. I completely understand why you think she’s evil in the same way that I think Disney and McDonalds are evil – but I still love them both. Marilyn Manson once said, ‘the more you love something, the easier it is to hate it’ – or something along those lines… I suspect you’re so afraid of falling in love with Hello Kitty that you choose to hate her instead. It must be difficult to have a wife that’s obsessed and I can only hope that I will also find a man who will put up with my obsession so I must give you kudos for that. It’s healthy to get your hatred out on a website rather than at your wife because she won’t change! The ridiculous amount of merchindise avaliable is part of the charm of Hello Kitty and thank god for it! I understand you hate her but, perhaps through no fault of your own, you must be interested in her to make such a website and one day that interest will turn into obsession… trust me! Nice website!

  18. I Love Hello Kitty And I Think That Just Because You Hate Hello Kitty Doesn’t Mean That You Should Talk Behind Your Wifes Back And Have A Hello Kitty HELL Website thats unfair πŸ™

  19. what a butt hole this guy is if i was his wife and i found out about this i would be furious and embaras the hell out if himwith the dumb butt blog he maid like sayiing that he is not good in bed or that he cries when he watches chick flicks or what his disgusting fetishes are or naything he would not want the whole world to know hello kitty teaches children exelent life lessons like how to share if he ever watched the show he would know that and then he probably would not have a problem with it


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