Hello Kitty Hotel Room Video

The things about Hello Kitty fanatics is that they take something Hello Kitty that is already unbearable like the Hello Kitty hotel room (which one would assume could never get any worse) and combine it into a video with a song that takes it to as yet unknown nauseating level (warning: play the video at your own risk…)

I warned you. After listening to that once, I would rather have to listen to someone scratching their fingernails against a chalkboard for hours on end than listen to that again. Of course, my wife thinks it’s the “cutest thing ever” so it’s only a matter of time before it makes it way onto her playlist – ahhhh, the things I get to look forward to living in Hello kitty Hell…

65 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Hotel Room Video”

  1. I actually liked that episode of the powerpuff girls with this song, but now I don’t even want to have anythign to do with powerpuff girls. Damn.

  2. wow. i watched this video last night, and the song IS STILL STUCK IN MY HEAD!


    I’m thinking it has been forever burned into my head.

  3. Yay! :]
    I’m so happy you used ittt.
    I love your site – cracks me up.

    But I have to admit, I do agree with your wife on a few things..

    I’d say it’s fifty-fifty.

  4. Oi, a powerpuff girl song. Probably one of the worst things to throw into what’s already to much “cute” in the first place. Only a matter of time until they find the other ones I suppose.

    In the meantim, someone bring a new meaning to “carpet bomb” by blowing that hotel room to smithereens.

  5. There is just something really creepy with Hello Kitty beckoning you to a motel rendevous, albeit rather luxurious and pink…….maybe she’s in heat?

  6. Hey, this is a powerpuff girls song! Hey, at least it’s not Hello Kitty, right? Best case scenario, your wife can realize that Powerpuff girls is way cuter ’cause not only are they cute, they’re superheroes!

    P.S. WHO did they pay to dress up like that and HOW can they see outta that head thing??

  7. OMFG.
    i have just seen the…… BEST THING EVERRR, that hotel is RAD!!!

    Though bits of it looked abit skank, but OMG.
    OMG. OMG.
    I am in love.


  8. Dont know bout you all but i kinda dig it!!
    Great symmetry and the angles were touching me as if i was there singing along. Kinda like a dream come true in the best sense. 3 thumbs up all the way, go kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eric the fan!!

  9. If anyone knows where this is… Please tell me! I neeeed to go. I promise to bring my bf and take pics of him in hello kitty hell 😉

  10. Why do I picture you in a dark dingy hotel room.. one used more by hookers than actual guests- sitting on the end of the bed, greasy hair, sweat all over in a sleeveless undershirt, cradling your head in your hands. Occasionally wiping the sweat from your brow and smoothing back your hair. Your eyes are red from a combination of lack of sleep and uncontrollable crying from true despair.

    The entire time this song is playing in the background and just near the end you take the gun and put it to the roof of your mouth…

    The picture fades to black….

  11. omfg,my eyes lol my head is starting to hurt i mean i luv hello kitty but the song is awfull ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I think honestly….they could have done better…why arent the floors pink? Why arent the walls a better color…come on guys… from someone with a Hello Kitty PT cruiser….I scoff at this amount of Hello Kitty… amp it up!

  13. We are a military family of four, I am the only female. My husband has mentioned that its possible we will be sent to Japan. In the past I have said I WOULD NEVER MOVE TO JAPAN. Well, thanks to this blog I want to move their immediatly! Thank you Mr. HKH for sharing your blog! 😀

  14. I can’t believe I used to watch the Powerpuff girls for 2 yrs (thank god I’ve stopped), but I can’t believe that I used to like that song and to have it play in this video, makes me hate it even more and also HK

    .. .Thank god I was got over Powerpuff Girls when I was 13.

  15. The maid, or whoever the person in the outfit is supposed to represent, are a bit er…vomit-inducing. I could live with the excessive pink, but I think that the person-dressed-up-as-HK is creepy. . .

  16. I noticed that the tv is not hello kitty neither are the lamps, n why a power puff girl song?xD that table cloth isnt hello kitty either……..what is this?

  17. i want that! i think i may have to make the boyfriend take me, minus that scary ass human mascot hehe it soo cute but hed kill me if i made him take me to kitty hotel


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