Goodbye Kitty – Fan Art

If people insist on sending me Hello Kitty related emails, fan art is preferable over Hello Kitty items that are just bound to make my life more of a living (Hello Kitty) hell once my wife sees them. Here is the latest piece of fan art sent in:

Goodbye Kitty

It came with the following message:

Alright, I drew this to make your holidays a little better, and less Hello Kittyish. This was drawn using a Hello Kitty picture to make the ultimate anti-Hello Kitty weapon.

It even comes with a small story about how Sanrio attempted to make a living with Hello Kitty and accidentally made Goodbye Kitty, who thus began her quest to destroy all links between her, Hello Kitty, and Sanrio. Goodbye Kitty, fighting Hello Kitty since 2007

It would be nice to think that there was an anti-Hello Kitty roaming the earth trying to wipe out all things Hello Kitty but I, unfortunately, see no evidence of it. Still, I can keep dreaming, right…

Sent in by Alenderis, who now only needs to make his creation as popular as the evil feline for me to have his undying gratitude…

15 thoughts on “Goodbye Kitty – Fan Art”

  1. haha. Thats funny. xD

    Well Merry Hello Kitty Christmas, HKH and MRS. HKH <3

    May MRS. HKH get all the Hello Kitty she desires <3
    and aswell All the Anti Hello Kitty, HKH wishes for. <3

  2. haha, I’m not sure if it reminds me of Austin Powers/Dr. Evil or the Powerpuff Girls/the Rowdyruff Boys

    Either way, I could see Sanrio capitalizing on that idea and turning it into a feature film after they spam our lives with Hello Kitty/Goodbye Kitty merchandise.

  3. Please don’t say that, the idea of my character being used by Sanrio sends a shiver up my spine. I drew her cause I’m anti-hello kitty. That and thankfully since its on Deviant Art with a non-commercial creative commons, companies aren’t allowed to use it.


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