Hello Kitty Head For People

You knew that Sanrio and the evil feline wouldn’t be able to leave it alone with cats and more cats and dogs. They simply figured that if Hello Kitty fanatics were willing to torture their pets with these Hello Kitty heads, they would be more than willing to do it to themselves (even if it isn’t Halloween). Now the average person would say, “Wait a minute here. Hello Kitty fanatics are fanatical, but even they wouldn’t be so fanatical as to want a Hello Kitty head to wear on there head.” This, of course, is why Sanrio is a multi-billion dollar company and non fanatics are shaking their heads in amazement with only a few dollars in their pockets wondering if there could ever be an end to this:

Hello Kitty head

Sometimes a picture says it all and there is nothing left to do in Hello Kitty Hell than to weep and hope the nightmare ends…

Left by emma-chan in the comments who I should wish unthinkable torture upon for even thinking it was a good idea to leave this photo for me to see, but who is obviously torturing herself far more than I could ever even imagine…

20 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Head For People”

  1. I think this has proved to the world that hk fanaticism should be forbidden be law, this is self mutilation and abuse, they need professional help.

  2. Eize wrote :

    “Just imagine this: somewhere out there, Hello Kitty is freaking out without most of her head and hands.”

    ROFL. Just rofl.

  3. I think this picture was taken inside a store… but I wonder if these fantics would walk around in public wearing HK’s head…

  4. Yes you’re correct…this was taken in a store in Shinjuku, Japan, from memory last October, 2007. I am not a HK fanatic (this is me in the picture) but I too just laugh at some of the stuff HK creates and this was too good to pass up! It cost me round $30 AUS and I’ve only seen it in HK Sanrio stores in Japan.

    This is not something that I would walk around in public wearing but I just find the Japanese culture with HK hilarious! They also had the green frog thing (Keroppi) too.

    Also I dont know if this has been discussed in previous accounts but I’m not sure if you’re aware that there infact exists in Japan a place called Sanrio Puroland – //www.puroland.co.jp/english/welcome.html Basically think of Disneyland…BUT change all the disney characters for Hello Kitty and her friends! enjoy (“,)

  5. emma-chan- where do you you think i can buy one of these for halloween? can you think of anywhere online that sells them? i dont want to go the white cat ear/ headband route; i like the head/ hat.


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