Hello Kitty Psycho Test 3

In the third installment of the appropriately named Hello Kitty Psycho Test (refer to psycho tests one and psycho test two), Hello Kitty once again delves into my mind to spew out my inner thoughts by asking me which magical mushroom I think is poisonous (which certainly would pin down my psychological standing) while flipping me off sucking her finger in contemplation of my psychological make up. See for yourself: Hello Kitty “Fill In The Blanks” Psychological Test

Hello Kitty Psycho test

Here are my results (grammar comes directly from Hello Kitty):

Basically You Could Be Stressful Easily

Luckily you are a straightforward person always voice your concerns. Some of the stress would then be released. Watch your mouth since you possibly over-expressed which would cause others unhappy.

Then stress comes back to you again. For this type try aromatherapy will calm you down.

It seems that aromatherapy is the answer to all my ills. Why do I have a feeling that there is a Hello Kitty aroma therapy kit that will be just perfect for this waiting at the local store? And now that my wife knows that Hello Kitty has recommended aromatherapy to calm me, it’s just a matter of time before it shows up here and I take another step deeper into Hello Kitty Hell…

Send in by mandy who should have to live her life in strict adherence to the advice of these psycho tests for even the thought that it would be a good idea to send this to me to see…

35 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Psycho Test 3”

  1. I agree with you on that psychological test. I just took it and the question were so mest up. I don’t care what Hello Kitty thinks listining to rock music does not mean you have problems, and what does deciding whether or not the traped beetle want’s to go back home or eat something have to do with anything.

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  3. That “test” is complete and utter nonsense. And whoever designed must not be fluent in English, because half of it doesn’t make any sense. And you’re right, HKH- HK does look like she’s flipping us off! Mouthless little bitch…

  4. Thank god I’m not the only one who think it makes no sense at all. In a nutshell I got that I’m a serious and even tempered person (I must have picked the right mushroom)
    And that playing with pets can help release tension…darn I hope they mean a real pet not a Hello kitty stuffed thing. Or one of those awful hello kitty head adorned cats you blogged about in the past.

  5. I did all the tests..and got the same results as you xD With you level of stress (if this blog is anything to go by…) you’d think that your stress levels would be WOOSH off the charts!
    Looks like hello kitty makes a very inadequate physcologist…?

  6. You should pay more attention to what Hello Kitty really has to say to you. If you actually listened, maybe you’d learn a thing or two.

    “Watch your mouth since you possibly over-expressed which would cause others unhappy. Then stress comes back to you again.”

    Your comments do this every time and your worthless commentary that comes back to haunt you with stress because it makes us all so unhappy. hahaha. It serves you right. You’re not as high and mighty as you thought you were, are you now?

  7. Of course, on the other hand, some proper psychologists (this gets into stuff like whether they’re Freudians, Jungians or whatever) will say that not letting out what’s on your mind is a cause of stress.

    Using that principle, this blog is probably healthy, for HK fans and haters alike!

  8. I received the answer: “You have a fair stress level”. How they came about that answer asking me about a beetle in a cae I don’t know. Facinating.

  9. It lies.
    It said that I am a serious person always able to control my temper and when I deal with high stress levels I become fearful of my surroundings and that I need to play with my pet to deal with tension.


    Everyone that knows me will have something to say about these bogus results. LOL! I think that we need to sue Hello Kitty for practicing psychology without a license.

  10. Too bad you didn’t get my answer. Mine just said to stay in a natural enviroment. Maybe if you got that, your wife would’ve gotten rid of all her unnatural Hello Kitty stuff. Or at least put the bulk of it in storage.

  11. Darlene- “You should pay more attention to what Hello Kitty really has to say to you.”

    Well, Darlene, if what HK had to say made even the tiniest bit of sense, we might listen. Of course, hell will probably freeze over before anything HK makes sense…

  12. well, apparently I need to garden if i get stressed… it would probably frustrate me more ^_^ but apparently i am a happy person. i knew i should have chosen the yellow shirt instead of the pink one 😉

  13. @ Moriyah

    It’s a free country and everyone has a right to say what they want in here. So don’t tell me what i can and can’t do. I would be half inclined just to do it now because it p*sses you off. haha. Maybe you better take the test, you sound a bit stressed out….

  14. This test is such crap that it says I’m a calm, low-stress person. I am the worst, white-knuckled Type A stressball that you’ve ever met. But what does an imaginary cat know about human stress levels.

    And Kelly, darling, Hello Kitty Hell is not a free country. It’s not a country! It’s this one guy’s blog. Anything we say here, we say on sufferance of Mr HKH. So, you can promote HK crap until he deletes your comments. Moriyah and I can harsh your HK-pimping self, as long as he permits it.

  15. i got a fair stress level

    hello kitty told me to make sure i “enjoy the green and wood” lol i guess i better listen… now wheres my bong..?

  16. Tell me this “speculative fiction test” doesn’t remind you of the Voight-Kampff test from “Blade Runner”:
    Are you a real human or a replicant?

    I also like the paranoid implications of the fact that this test that supposedly tests your attitude toward money starts off with intrusive questions like “do you believe in God”? What are they trying to find out again?

    To be honest, I doubt that these flash files actually report results back to Sanrio but…

  17. hahaha this quiz makes no sense! If HK is giving us the finger, how do we know that it’s in fact her middle finger? I don’t even seem to remember her having fingers….

  18. I find it hilarious that now HK is dispensing psychological advice. I also got the “You are easily stressed” result, but instead of aroma therapy it recommended that I sing karaoke to work out my inner demons. Thanks HK, without you I’d surely snap and take out a bus load of school kids.

  19. I too, am “stressful easily” I mean WTF???????? Where did she get THAT????????!!!!!!!! I mean I am RELAXED!!! I WANT 2 PUNCH A WALL!!!!!!!!!!!AGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Ok, so mabye not THAT relaxed.

  20. That test has much too many animated flowers.

    Apparently I “likely never worry about stress” and “Even when you encounter any problem, you will not pay attention. Though, it not the whole truth. Maybe you just simply put the stress aside

    You might be exposed to stress one day. What that occurs, gardening will be the best way to keep a balance stress level.”

    Wouldn’t it wonderful, not having yet been exposed to stress? When that happens though, eventually, maybe I’ll just not pay attention. Or garden. Good advice.

  21. Hello kitty says I have no stress, but someday will need to take up gardening.

    I hate plants. I’d get stressed if I tried to garden. She’s full of shit! Cute, but full of shit.


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