Hello Kitty Kite

All I can say is, this poor boy. Life is not looking good if your mom makes you fly a Hello Kitty kite…

Hello Kitty kite

There really should be a law that prevents parents from Hello Kittifying their son’s activities when they are this young. While the kid stands there, you know he’s thinking “how the hell can I get out of this embarrassing situation? Why does she always do this to me?” and is ready to dash into the far distance to hide. While mom thinks it’s cute, he knows that this photo will surface when he’s in high school and he completely traumatized him. This is exactly how Hello Kitty Hell begins…

Sent in by Violet who should be forced to unconditionally forgive every stupid thing this kid does for the rest of his life because it can all probably be traced to this very Hello Kitty kite moment — and be tortured in unthinkable ways for showing me a glimpse of what my kids will have to endure when they are born…

22 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Kite”

  1. If it was a little girl I wouldn’t mind, but I’d say get legos for the boy instead… and not hello kittified legos [i hope there isn’t any out there]

  2. Poor boy… who would’ve thought to fly a Hello Kitty kite with their son?? Get something else like Batman or Superman, not the kitty.

  3. I had vowed not to comment after your lame April Fool joke, but again your blog is so terrible that I have to respond. What exactly is wrong with letting a boy play with a Hello Kitty kite? How sexist can you be. It figures that someone that can never say anything positive would also fall into stereotypes. Instead of being negative, you should be praising the mother for spending time with her child. Even better, she wants to teach him the qualities of love, happiness and non stereotypes which you could learn a lot about. This shows again what a pathetic person that you are and how you have no clue about the goodness that Hello Kitty brings to everyone.

  4. dang, darlene if your gonna vow not to comment, please stick with it, it’d be the greatest favor you ever did to this blog. i guess this is just pay back for the april fools joke, her joke is just a couple days late.

    that said, i think i know why mr. hkh sticks with his wife, if she looks anything like the chick in the picture then DANG! FREAKING HOT!

  5. Oh, Darlene’s back!

    You know.. This kite may not be for the kid at all. Maybe it’s just me, But I can only hope that this girl has the kite for herself, and the kid has just (in the way small children are wont to do) walked up to the woman and asked her some nonsensical question about why she has a Devil Kitty Kite.

    Failing that, if the kite really is for him I hope he, in the manner of small children everywhere, immediately defaces (is defaces appropriate where Hello Kitty is Concerned?) the kite with black finger paint.

  6. General point – I thought the female looked more like a big sister too.

    Alison, “MILF”!? Is there anything you should be telling your parents? 😉

  7. I want one!!! I am running to the nearest Walmart to get me one!!!
    Then I’m going to draw horns on her, attach all sort of metal objects, tie to a coworker’s car I hate and fly her in a storm!!!!!

  8. If we bought that kite for darlene, would she put a key on the end and fly it in a thunderstorm as a Sanrio tribute to Benjamin Franklin?

  9. I HAVE THAT KITE!!!! Got it at wall mart =] i try to fly it every day when its windy that was i can not only show my love for hello kitty but i can fly it high in the sky that way more people can see it =]


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