Hello Kitty World Order Wrestling

When I mentioned awhile ago that the announcement of Hello Kitty Wold Order pro wresting was a sure sign the apocalypse was now upon us, little did I realize what an understatement that would be as these photos will show:

Hello Kitty World Order

Hello Kitty World Order wrestling

Kitty World Order

Not only is this wrong in so many ways, people actually paid to see this. You know that Sanrio has confidence that nothing can ever defeat them when they are willing to let Hello Kitty be represented as some random white guy with a pot belly in a pink costume which just confirms that Hello Kitty Hell will always get worse than you could ever imagine…

From Mike in the comments (via slam jam – with more photos at Daily News) who deserves to have to be in the ring with these guys for ever thinking that making me aware of these photos could ever be a good idea…

26 thoughts on “Hello Kitty World Order Wrestling”

  1. That’s far, far worse than I feared it would be. So disturbing. Makes my eyes hurt. And it doesn’t even look like Hello Kitty.
    So bad.

  2. This looks like Mexican wrestling.

    In drag.

    Actually it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen.

    I’m glad he’s wearing a mask for the HK one. Sorry, I can’t see a straight man wearing that shade of pink without hiding his face.

  3. wow…. Hello Kitty has turned badass…. but I can’t believe these people would even dress up in these horrendous costumes!

  4. i think a little part of my brain just exploded. i’m not even sure i can create a logical opinion on this, its so rediculously wrong on so many levels, yet so rediculously hilarious and just begs for so many more wrong comments about it. i’m gonna go pop a hole in my head with a bendy straw now to let some of the blood out and release the pressure

  5. I…
    My Eyes…
    What was Sanrio doing when they thought this would be a good idea?
    I mean, they could have at least used Women wrestlers… right?

    Does this count as Crossdressing for the Hello Kitty wrestler?

    Makes me wonder what Hello Kitty Hell’s Wife thinks about this.

  6. I have enough difficulty with the idea of people paying to see WWE or whatever it’s called these days!! 😉

    This isn’t so much wrong, as epic fail!!

  7. I think that the most frightening part is that it seems endless… You ALWAYS find other stuff to put online. ALWAYS. And regularly. Are you creating them or something?

  8. I went to this event and let me tell you, I loved it! It was off putting at first, because it looked so bad, but it was really pretty cool. Funny thing is I would have never have know about it if it hadn’t been for this site …thank you!!!

  9. Yes Clay you’re right, it’s KUROMI not kurmoi!! Jeez. That HK guy is so yuck. Couldn’t they get a good looking guy to portray HK?

  10. I wondered, I kept wanting to spell it Kuromi, but I saw it as Kurmoi at the top and thought: ‘they must be right’…that’ll teach me 🙂

  11. You and your fear of your own masculinity show through completely. These men have can wear these outfits because they have confidence in themselves and the work they do. They are bringing Hello Kitty to new fans and spreading the word about her goodness. You would stoop to make fun of them because you have no confidence in your own manhood.

    Hello Kitty goes to new places because she knows wherever she goes, she will be accepted and loved by all.

  12. Those guys look like complete and total idiots! And anyone who paid to see this should immediately have their heads examined.

    And Darlene- the only reason these men are actually wearing this HK crap is because they’ve taken one too many hits to the head.

  13. okkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!11thats the weridestt thing i’ve eva saw omg that won worlds scaryest site……….if you dont agree you’re crazy….l.oo.l


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