Hello Kitty Kaleidoscope Projector

Kaleidoscopes are bad. Taking a kaleidoscope and making it into a projector so that you can beam the ever moving images on a wall or ceiling is worse — much worse. Taking the background of a kaleidoscope projector and filling it with Hello Kitty images to create the Hello Kitty kaleidoscope projector is nothing short of Hello Kitty Hell:

Hello Kitty kaleidoscope

Hello Kitty kaleidoscope

Hello Kitty kaleidoscope projector

Of course, my wife took one look at this and pronounced it “the cutest thing ever” and immediately put it on her list of things she needs. As she did so, all I could think about is having to watch the Hello Kitty kaleidoscope while listening to the Hello Kitty theme song at the same time. It’s a combination I have the feeling will be relieving me of much of the food I have eaten in the months to come. But as bad as it sounds, it can still get even worse. My wife doesn’t think this monstrocity should stop here — she thinks that they should also make the beads of the Hello Kitty kaleidoscope in the shape of Hello Kitty. You know it’s merely a matter of time before that happens and Hello Kitty Hell becomes even more hellish…

Sent in by grace (via kilian-nakamura) who deserves to have to watch the Hello Kitty kaleidoscope every waking moment for thinking even for a split second that sending this to me could ever be a good idea…

24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Kaleidoscope Projector”

  1. I never got the point of the kaleidoscope projectors (half the fun for me as a kid was turning the tube and controlling how fast the colors changed). Needless to say, this is yet another pointless item made.

  2. I like kaleidoscopes.

    I don’t mind Hello Kitty.

    But they did they have to put drab colors? I loved kaleidoscopes because they had brightly colored jewel-like beads.

    This looks like a bunch of black crap. It makes you feel like you go, “Yay! A lot of black!”

  3. would that actually be too far off from how many of your nightmares are? i’d be dreaming is random swirly high squeeling terror nightmares if i had to live with as much hk crap as you do

  4. I like the basic idea, but hate this specific application of it.

    Given that kaleidoscopes are all about psychodelic patterning, is this is a first step to HK LSD? 😉

  5. I agree with Sierradragon and andophiroxia. The whole point of kaleidoscopes are to make brightly coloured patterns, but this product looks like a pile of crap.

    Also, in that second picture, it looks like the black beads have an eye. That gives me the willies…

  6. This is kinda cute but yea it needs more colors
    neon colors not dark blues and light purples it makes it
    look boring i wouldnt buy it even if i did like HK

  7. The complete and utter stupidity of this astounds me. Seriously, there must be a whole department at Sanrio whose only job is to come up with ridiculously usless crap.
    When, oh when will we be rid of this evil?!

  8. Ashley, You can only spoon your eyes out if you use the Hello Kitty Spoon!!

    Bear_1, There are no words in english that can possibly express the level of stupidity that is required to buy anything HK. Just remember that HK is designed for CHILDREN and most people on this blog are ADULTS so that in itself defines them as IDIOTS!!!!!

    **Big Smiles**

  9. @silentbob: i’m not a legal adult yet!! so i can still buy them!! … actually no… the most i’d ever by would be a hello kitty plushie..

  10. I’m a fan of HK, not so much the kaleidoscope. One must ask oneself, “Huh?”

    OK, so where’s Darlene? This is my first official comment at HKH and after reading all of the past entries/comments, I have to say that I’m a little disappointed that the infamous ‘D’ hasn’t left a little bit of her magic regarding Mr. HKH’s latest HK find.

    Well, maybe next time…

  11. @Kisa: I’d say those adults aren’t idiots… unless they are secretly OBSESSED with them and end up having to share it with their kid.

  12. “Ugh, you are such a lying evil person. It’s not a monstrosity… it’s a masterfull piece of art meant to inspire the masses, and you are just jealous. How could you hate this? Why don’t you turn your blog into a not blogging-blog thingy and then you won’t be worthless… bleat bleat bleat, mutter *munch on some more grass* mutter bleat bleat… so yeah. I hate you.” – Darlene

    Does that get everyone’s Darlene fix? I kinda miss Darlene’s comments, because they are usually less painful than thinking of actually owning the item featured.

  13. ok, I think I’m missing something here, because to me Kaleidoscopes were those childhood toys, made of a cylindrical cardboard tube, some mirrors glued in, a glass or plastic bottom, a few beads and sequins in, and a cap with a small hole at the other end, this would ensure a couple of hours of shaking the toys around, trying to make pretty patterns and then get lost in the toy chest.

    When did we start needing kaleidoscope projectors???????????? And HK one at that? And I shuddr just thinking of the price tag on that piece of fine crap


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