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It was bound to happen. If you are in the military and are out patrolling putting your life on the line, you want to have the scariest uniform possible for the enemy to see. Something so damn scary that one look at it and the enemy hauls ass in the opposite direction as quickly as possible. There is only one thing in this world that can universally produce such a reaction, so it’s no surprise to see some soldiers in the military adopting the Hello Kitty military patch:

Hello Kitty soldier

Hello Kitty military patch

While the obvious reason that soldiers in combat are wearing Hello Kitty patches is to scare the hell out of the enemy, I also wouldn’t put it beyond the people of Sanrio to have begun to recruit their own army. It seems to me if there was a Hello Kitty gun pointed at you, that would be plenty of motivation to buy the evil feline’s stuff no matter what your views about her. It seems to me that it would be a very plausible Hello Kitty marketing strategy having lived in Hello Kitty Hell this long…

Either way, it pretty much shows that the world is coming to an end. When you have to resort to putting Hello Kitty on your uniform either as protection or as part of the new Sanrio military unit, that pretty much guarantees that things just aren’t right in the world.

Sent in by KB who actually admits to designing and creating this patch for himself with the writing on the bottom saying “CACTUS” in Pashtun (my wife read that and pronounced with satisfaction “he must be into the whole Hello Kitty x Tokidoki scene”) — Obviously soldiers are willing to go to extreme lengths, far beyond what any normal person would ever be willing to do, to keep themselves safe and having to admit that you wore a Hello Kitty military patch when in combat is far more punishment than I could ever imagine giving someone for sending me these photos…

40 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Military Patch”

  1. hmmmm…. interesting????
    (I use a question mark because I’m a bit confused by the whole thing…since when should we pair a cute little kitty with war???) Bad Kitty!!!
    Oh, and helmet needs a bow.

  2. It’s odd to see HK holding a machine gun.
    But, if it helps with morale, I’m all for it!
    Which is why they used Betty Boop and other characters that were popular during their time.

  3. Go Canada! But is this really real, or just a photoshop scam? Could be real, as some of us Canadians do have a weird sense of humour.

  4. Catherine, I think you’re probably right there! Certainly the same argument about morale and esprit de corps applies to the use of “pin-up” type images on warplanes.

    Also, wildly off-topic, I looked at the tooltip that appeared on my browser’s “back button” a few minutes ago, and it read “back to Hello Kitty Hell” 😀

  5. I want one. Does anybody read Arabic.
    I do not think it is Hello Kitty but Daniel Star; take a scissors to his head and he would look like a Marine.

    I thought of using Karomi and Batz-Maru for military art.

  6. It’s a perfect fit. War is bad, so is Hello Kitty. I’m a little disappointed though that the soldier’s fatigues are not a shade of pink.

  7. I’m confused.

    There’s a Canadian flag above the patch in the first photo and then Islamic writing in the second?

    I call shenanigans.

    And it’s ugly.

  8. Wait a minute folks we been kitty rolled again.

    KB you gave you self away besides the patch is in the wrong spot. and probably would not be allowed on a uniform.

  9. @ Catherine. Not necessarily, particularly given that the guy wearing the patch is supposedly Canadian, and most British Commonwealth military allow non-standard unit patches on “daywear” uniforms, even if not on parade and mess kit.

  10. the patch is real. sarge saw em on canadian soldiers while in the gulf last year. he tried to trade his patch for one, but said the canadians won’t let those patches out of thier sight. they are extremely proud of them!

  11. I totaly love the patch! I would sport it on some pink camies any day. Hmm maybe I should pack some for hubby when he deploys!! His comrads would love him LOL!! (mean kitty sneaking in lol)!!

  12. For everybody thinking this is fake:

    It is called a “Morale Patch” (you can google it). Soldiers get people to create patches with messages, ideas, and/or graphics they create or copy, sew some velcro on the back, and voila, you have a patch you can take off whenever you want.

    The fact that there is Arabic Script on the patch is not to uncommon. We used to get patches with our names written in Arabic and other not so nice messages in Arabic.

    I think it is funny, but I wonder the WTF level this guy must be experiencing.


  13. Good Stuff
    A friend of mine loves hello kitty stuff, she found this a a week ago and now she has me working on it. I do patches and if everyone is interested please let me know..
    .. Cheers!


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