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Hello Kitty Hell just got a whole lot worse…There was a time when I said that the only two things that that had yet to be Hello Kittified were pizza and beer. Of course, the Hello Kitty pizza showed up in my mailbox pretty quickly after that, but the Hello Kitty beer had remained more elusive until now:


It really was never in any doubt. If there is Hello Kitty wine and Hello Kitty sake already on the market, you knew that the evil feline would place her grimy paws on beer eventually since if there is a buck to be made, she’s all for it.

I can already imagine what’s going to happen. As I thoroughly enjoy myself as I watch sports on Sunday afternoon, I’ll make the fatal mistake of asking my wife if she can get me a beer from the fridge. The next thing I’ll know there will be an ice-cold Hello Kitty beer in my hand (is there really any doubt that the beer will be colored pink and flavored like cotton candy?) which pretty much would destroy any Sunday afternoon in an instant no matter how outstanding it had been until that point. As stated many times before, Hello Kitty Hell can always get worse…

Left in the comments by KAB who really should be forced to drink this on a daily basis for thinking for even an instant that notifying me to the existence of this photo would somehow ever be a good thing…

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  1. I like how they’re saying it’s for women and the box is shaped like a purse, further insinuating that. I’m a woman and I wouldn’t drink that crap.

  2. dear god in heaven, thats one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. What decrepid, inbred moron came up with this one! And which twonk at Becks let them do it! I really cannot see a British beer letting them do anything likg that to the amber stuff.

    I don’t drink, and this has just proven a very good reason never to tak eit up either. and yet i just know Darlene is gonna come on here, spouting out how wonderful it is that the manly beer has now been kittified by this alien infestation of pinkness.


    HK was created more as a childish thing, and here is Sanrio making beer look even more attractive to the tiny alcoholics of the world.

    Break out the cricket bats people. And if Sanrio have even managed to abuse the sacred Willow then I suggest a length of 2×4 with rusty nails sticking out of it.

  3. Do you think it’s real? I mean, the pic has a Blingee logo on it, and looks kinda shopped anyway. This looks more like someone’s just messing with you.

  4. Gus do not make me take have to take the next plane to Japan* to “talk” some sense into you. The last thing you need is to get upset waste time on fake products.
    * after setting you strigt make a beeline to the Sanrio stores.

  5. While I don’t think I would drink this I would put it in my Hello Kitty collecton, but I also don’t think that this is real

  6. You once again show your total lack of respect for your wife. Instead of being so self absorbed to think that a Sunday afternoon is for you to watch sports, maybe you should have more consideration for your wife and spend time with her doing the things that she loves. Ever think of that?!?

    And what right do you have ordering your wife to get you a beer? You should get off your fat butt and get your own beer if you want one. And if you are too lazy to do that, then you should be thankful for any beer you get!

    They make Hello Kitty beer because there are a lot of men and women that want to drink Hello Kitty beer. Who wouldn’t want to? Just because you are the only person with a beef against Hello Kitty doesn’t mean that everyone feels that way. Maybe you should grow up a bit, have more respect for your wife and have a Hello Kitty beer every once in awhile. It sure would make this blog a lot better.

  7. I think it’s fake
    the hello kitty does not have the same pixelization* as the rest of the photo.. it also has a strange bit of white boarder but only in places? On top of this fact, is the bottles in the case do not have Hello Kitty on them either? But just the one? I don’t think that really works in the end.
    It’s sad, but .. oh well, Someone had fun with you KittyHell-san

    (*not a real word?)

  8. yeah, notice how HK face is NOT on the bottles still in the six-pack? Definitely shopped.

    And darlene… I don’t think he “orders” his wife to do anything. I rather he asks politely, as you can understand if you actually read the text more carefully. I bet she loves him a lot too, and so is happy to let him watch sports and have some beer on a sunday afternoon… after all, he is watching it on the HK-tv, sitting among the HK pillows on the sofa… sounds like Hk Hell anyway to me! haha!

  9. As you so clearly pointed out:

    “Hello Kitty Hell can always get worse…”

    My prediction is that while you sip your cold Hello Kitty beer, you will note the Hello Kittly logo on the football player’s helmets and on the back of the jersey super imposed under the player’s number.

  10. And the Ref wearing a pink Shirt with a big HK head peering demonically out at us.

    How long before Sanrio see this and decide to produce HK beer then?

    Darlene, do you actually read this stuff or just read the title, look at the photo and then spout? Cos no-one in the right state of mind, even if it is an inebriated mind, would drink this crap.

    And how would you know how a man should treat his wife? I very much doubt you even know what a man looks like.

  11. Of course, it could go the opposite way- you take a sip of HK beer, and next thing you know, HK’s disembodied head is being used as the freakin ball!

  12. If sanrio did sell out for a beer, it wouldnt be Beck’s, it would most likey be a Japanese beer, and I cant say as I would drink it- especially if they made it pink, but there would probably be a bottle on display in the bar, just for kicks!

  13. @ Sahinah, “Fotochop” isn’t a real package; it’s shorthand for “this picture has been created or retouched using a digital photo editing package”.

    @opossumfeather, I’d agree, as long as it was for the Japanese market only. They are comparitively rare some places, but I’ve seen European beers pretty much everywhere except Japan, so a “World HK beer” being a well known and commonly available European lager brand does make sense.

  14. Though I would drink it, (yes, i would….cotton candy flavor or not) Its not real. BECK’s has no assocication with HK at all. Becks would have to get licensing and vice versa. Too much hassle for such a cheap beer.
    Then there’s the whole “targeting underage”, whether its non-alcoholic or not.
    Bogus photo…

    I’ve used “Blingee” to add HK faces to my pictures. Amazing what people can come up with when they are really bored.

    Are you sure Darlene really isn’t your wife, maybe just messing with you? I’d put keylogger on her computer! 🙂

  15. I know understand why darlene has a necessity, a compulsive one of comming here and comment. Everyone will comment her comment afterwards and she can say «I HAZ HATTERS» xD

  16. Oh poor Darlene….. I disagree with the wish to ge rid of her…. after all, who shall we mock if she goes away? In additon, I think Darlene’s comments might help us all to see the crazy way HK fans think…. She could be a great case study on the psychological effects HK has people after prolong exposure…

  17. well dude…that’s what you get for asking your wife to serve you beer instead of getting it yourself…

    seriously though, your website rules, you rock.

  18. Thank God, it’s photoshopped.

    Though it would make a good gag gift for my Dad.

    I’ve had it with you. GTFO this site, if you hate this freaking site so much. Just leave us the hell alone. I could’ve sworn at you, but then you’d retaliate saying crap about a 13 year-old swearing. WE KNOW YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH MR. HKH. BUT WE DON’T FREAKING CARE! GTFO THIS SITE!

    Btw, I’m turning 14 April 30th. 😀 Just to let you guys know.

  19. Fake but worth it. I like the “for the ‘frauenabend'” line at the bottom – is this to bend women or for women on a bender?

    I have personally seen Hello Kitty sake in California, though.

  20. Oh, yeah, like it’s a really good idea for a cartoon character to be associated with BEER.

    Oh, and hey, Darlene? if you aren’t too much of a coward to read this criticism of your words, keep in mind, the word he used is “ask”, not “order”. Did you ever stop to think that maybe someone so boorish as to order their own spouse around wouldn’t have the necessary brain cells to make an interesting and well thought out blog, let alone any web site material? Unless you’re willing to put yourself in someone else’s situation(as you’ve been insisting this “horrible” poor guy does) then shut up, leave everyone here alone, and go work for CNN, where you can blatantly shout over anyone with an honest opinion all you want!
    (P.S. this guy isn’t the only person with a beef against Hello Kitty. He’s just the only one with a popular blog. 🙂 SO EAT IT!)

  21. um THIS IS SO OBVIOUSLY PHOTOSHOPPED!!!!!!! don’t your boxers/briefs/ whatever you’re into in a knot over this… 🙂 love your blog tho.

  22. i think having hello kitty beers is cool i mean just to have them some kind of collection or something.THAT’S REALLY COOL!!!!!!

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  24. This one was photoshopped, by Blingee.com . Well by someone using that site [:, 1 cause it says in the corner, 2 cause the pictures arent at an angle or anything to fit the objects they are on

  25. Your luck it’s just a shop. But someday, the true HK beer will, indeed, be produced. And men in the world will weep with such thing.

  26. Reply to :Comment from Kitty
    Time: April 18, 2009, 11:19 am

    “HK was created more as a childish thing, and here is Sanrio making beer look even more attractive to the tiny alcoholics of the world.”

    Actually, “Hello Kitty was born in Japan in 1974, when a young Tokyo-based company called Sanrio asked designer Ikuko Shimizu to invent a cartoon animal who would appeal to the preteen girl in everyone”

    Hello Kitty ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. This may make you feel better:
    Notice the “Blingee” at the bottom of the photo. It is a site where you can edit photos with stickers & such. The beer MIGHT have been in a pink case w/ a pink label, but the HK head could just be a sticker from Blingee. I haven’t got to read the most recent blogs yet, seeing as how I started from the beginning, so I don’t know if there are more HK beer blogs. As far as I know, beer has not been kittified.

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  29. if you love Hello Kitty & you love Beer, then why not marry the two ..I was thinkin “WarSteiner” Gerrman beer , rather than Becks , as it evan tastes ok warm , which, let it be known, is a good test 0f quality in beer . If in doubt, remember the old adage:- anything worth “Hello Kitty-fying” should sometimes {or quite often get} quite warm 🙂

  30. This image is fake. The hello kitty part is anyway, but the pink labels are not. Someone just found a picture of beer with pink labels, and then put hello kittys face on it from blingee. Blingee does promote hello kitty. I know this because i have been on blingee several times, and they do have hello kitty stamps on there

  31. Oh my God–does anyone have a hello kitty puke bucket? this is getting to the point were we must find her kryptonite, there must be something to bring this infernal kittiness to an end!

  32. ha ha 🙂 im not a huge fan but to see my man mistankingly drink a bottle in public wld be worth every little penny spent on it 😀 *evil laugh* 🙂

  33. Obivously its photoshopped, blinged [whatever it is] its fake.

    The bottle on the left is the only one with a hello kitty pic there, but not the two visible bottles in the box.

    Notice how hello kitty looks a little more vivid? Another giveaway…

    Obivously this is just some promotion for more women to drink beer, which is why it has the female sign and a purse on the pack and so happens to be pink.

    Hey HKH guy, COULDNT YOU TELL?!!?!?!?!?
    Seeing is not always believing [ask Steve Jobs].

  34. purrz , gotta J’dore the new Hello Kitty mescalita Tequila with ultra potant lil pink worm @ bottom ov evary bottle ^_^

  35. O M G i like L<3VE Hello Kitty so muchhh ….. i wish i had my room ful of Hello Kitty! but i stil have alot of suff of Hello Kitty….
    Do I Love Hello Kitty:Yes
    Is She Nice:Yes
    Is She Mean:Hell No
    Does She Love Me:Yes
    Does She No Me:Hell Yahhhh
    Do I No Her:Hell Yahhh
    Is She My Friend:Pashhhh Yahhhhh
    Is She My Cuzin:O M G Yahhhhhh


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