Hello Kitty Honda Car

The problem with living with a Hello Kitty fanatic is that at some point that find yourself in a Hello Kitty car (unfortunately, in all likelihood the car in questions will be owned by your significant other which means that it is also your transportation some of the time). While my wife is doing her best to turn our car into the ultimate Hello Kitty monstrosity, she is not alone in this pursuit:




One of the first things you will learn if you are ever riding in a Hello Kitty car is that you would rather be anyplace else than in the Hello Kitty car. You know this by the looks that people give you. They’re a combination of horror that such a car could ever exist combined with the most profound pity that trapped inside that horror of a machine is some poor schmuck who, unfortunately, happens to be you. The only positive that comes from the experience is that everyone that sees you instantly realizes that their life is not nearly as bad as they had imagined it was a few minutes before, but that also comes with the self realization that your life is far worse than you ever imagined…the joys of Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Debby who is actually proud (insane?) enough to admit that this is hers which means that she has done far worse to herself than I could ever imagine for letting me know that something like this is on the road…

44 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Honda Car”

  1. I think it a nice car, but to small for me, just wait till I get a new truck. I add some kittyfication to a F-150.
    Any way I know on other male fan why has a Hello Kitty car and another male fan who is the planing stage.
    Sleep tight Mr. HKH were out there and on the road.

  2. This is every girl’s dream car! If I had this car, I would wake up every day with a huge smile on my face and everyone that saw the car would be so envious.

    The only person that wouldn’t want to be seen in this car is you and that is because you have no understanding of how much joy that Hello Kitty brings to everyone except you. Why would anyone want a boring car when you could brighten up everybody’s day with a Hello Kitty car?

  3. Oh fruitloop, how we hath missed thee 😀

    Personally my dream car is a pre-War MG TC, red with chrome spoke wheels. but hey, thats my personal thing, I’m only a GIRL.
    I don;t get why someone would want their everyday car to be so…hideous is the kindest word I can think of. I know you HK fanatics actually thinks it so sweet and cute, but believe me folks, it ain’t. its the car equivalent of Jar Jar Binks.

    I mean, why do this to a serviceable car? What has it done to deserve such humiliation?

  4. Nah, definitely not my dream car. I had a minivan when I was 16 and I have NO desire to go back. Too difficult to park and drive with.

  5. Hahaha, that is so funny! Look at all the pink fluff all over the dashboard! I love how on the website, the second to last photo has a Hello Kitty lying face down.

  6. its the car equivalent of Jar Jar Binks. ROFLMAO well said Kitty. I love HK but not enough to screw up my perfectly good jeep, HK should be in small doses not something that you have to drive around in while wearing a ski mask so no one recognizes you

  7. @ Kitty. LOL Very well said. I applaud you. *claps*

    If I had that car, the only thing hello kitty wise I’d put on it, it probably on the mirror in the car. (or fuzzy dice. :D)

    The rest, I’d paint over it. I got enough pink in my room, thanks.
    Definitely not my dream car.

  8. how do you see the gauges with all the pink fake fur fluffy stuffs all over the dash?????
    that is the most hideous monstrosity i have EVER seen

    @kitty~i was gonna call darlene a fruitloop!! oh well, you got there first

  9. @ Kenzington – go for it, the rest of us do 😀

    Aaaaaah Beetles, gotta be the original though, not th emiddle aged spread of the current BMW fed thing.

    About the only thing I may tolerate HK wise is the exhaust pipe, and thats only because I know the Evil Feline will then choke slowly to death on the noxious fumes.

  10. @kittyb, if you have genuinely HKified a real 1950s “bubble car” (Heinkel or licence-built, Messerschmidt et al) you know what you have to do! 😉

    @Kitty, the “neue Beetle” is effectively a retro-styled VW Golf IV, not a Bayerishe Mist Wagon!

  11. darlene: damn girl what do you smoke? come on let us in on the mistery substantance….if you can say all this junk then that “weed” you’re using sure must be kicking in strong…
    come on…let the joy of your weed spread…don’t you want us to be happy ^_^?
    or who knows maybe you’re trying out the new Sanrio marijuana

  12. It’s cute, but a tad overdone. I wouldn’t mind using the car, although I’m sure my bf and other male acquaintances would rather shoot their own balls off then enter the car. Or maybe they’d HAVE to shoot their balls off in order to enter the car. Hmm.

    Why censor the license plate, though? How many cars have you seen that look like that? It’s not like identification is going to be difficult, with or without the license plate.

  13. Well, don’t worry about running into this car anytime soon unless you’re planning a trip to Europe. Notice the circle of stars (which stand for the European Union) and the big I on the plate? Yes, that is an Italian licence plate people.

    Anyhew, this car is yet another fine example of too much of everything. And the bunny that sits on Kitty’s head really pisses me off because it is clearly a complete ripoff of the fabulous (and very Dutch) “Nijntje”, known in English as Miffy (and no, don’t worry, I’m not a Nijntje fanatic).

  14. shira,
    I have censored the plate Blog or because some sites do not want to publish photos with the plaque.
    in some states the law on privacy is more severe than others.

  15. Oooo ideas springing into mind for further jazzing up my own pink honda jazz. Hubby would most certainly not approve if I went this far. I’ve been explicitly forbidden from doing any more work to her. The HK seat covers, floor mats, steering weel cover and a couple of HK plush models are as far as his tolerance will stretch. He’s already removed about four of the HK models dotted on the dashboard and the HK sun protectors I put in the back for our son claiming he was not going to stand back and allow our child to be traumitised any further.

  16. cute car. but i would stick to a rear mirror doll and the exhausts.
    Look HOOOT on a Tiburon and sound hot too.
    And it’s yellow…

  17. I had to take my sister’s Hello Kitty’s Fiat 500 to the mechanic so picture a beard long haired guy driving a pink small car. I’m still having nightmares about that day.

  18. Its a cute….I LOVE HELLO KITTY…I have everything Hello Kitty. I just purchased a 99 Honda Civic, and its almost ready! Its all Hello Kitty.

  19. Again, you make me jealous by working a hello kitty in your car, how can you make that car look very cute, thanks for give an idea, I would to make my daughter happy by own this car.


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