Hello Kitty Katy Perry MAC Corset

I was hoping that I would not have to post this and that it would eventually fade from memory, but readers insist on continually sending me photos of this hideous Hello Kitty corset worn by Katy Perry as part of the MAC make-up collection. Considering what MAC did with their Hello Kitty MAC video and Hello Kitty MAC men, it’s not really a surprise that this monstrosity was also part of their collection:






Of course, my wife absolutely loves this. All I know is that if I ever come home and see her wearing something like this, the only place we could possibly be heading is to the Hello Kitty S&M Love Hotel which would really be a Hello Kitty Hell nightmare…

Sent in by far too many readers who have far too much time on their hands to continually send me photos like this and all should be forced to wear it as punishment for ever thinking that I would want something like this sent to me…

33 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Katy Perry MAC Corset”

  1. So two of the worst things on earth combined: HK & Katy Perry. Figures.

    And that really looks like a cheap useless corset under all the crap, one of those with plastic bones that dig into your ribs. Sheesh it even looks cheap, and that was probably unintentional, though with Sanrio I am not sure.

    And to wear a corset dear you really have to have some curves to begin with, and I really do suggest you learn how to stand in leggings as you just look like you need the loo Katy Dear.

  2. The only thing that is hideous and a monstrocity here is you and your stupid comments. Why don’t you grow up and learn that the only people that read this blog are Hello Kitty fans and they don’t care what your opinion is.

    Any woman would kill to wear that! It is gorgeous and something that every girl dreams about owning someday in their life. You have no appreciation of true fashion or style so it’s no wonder that you haven’t a clue about what you are talking about.

    All women want to wear Hello Kitty because it makes them feel pure and lovely inside. Making a fashion statement like this shows the love that Katy Perry has both for Hello Kitty and her fans and why she is such an icon to everyone. You are just jealous because all you have is this pathetic little blog and both Katy Perry and Hello Kitty are famous.

  3. As much as I hate to respond to the crazy… darlene, seriously look at this thing. It’s hideous. The only reason that girl is wearing that thing is because she gets gobs of money! It’s a sad mish-mash of rhinestone and leater. I could do better than that. You just love it so much because you hate every word the man says.

  4. Why I have a low opinion of high fashion. To much is going on with this outfit. The belts might work. Oh yes plush size people should not be in spandex.

  5. Uh…since when is Katy Perry “plus-size”? I agree that the outfit is horribly designed, and would be even if it weren’t Hello Kitty; I also loath Perry from the depths of my heart (“I’m so edgy! But not edgy enough that I scare normal people, that would be bad.”) But the one thing you can’t accuse the woman of is carrying too much weight.

  6. Yanno..
    You could have given a corset to a group of four 10 year old major HK fans..
    Plus all that bling and ect..
    THEY could have designed better!

    .. High fashion… blech!

  7. I looked at the front page photo and wondered if Katy Perry was actually made of plastic; I mean my sis used to have Sindy dolls that looked less plasticy! 😉

    And if I say that her bum looks big in that, will she stop wearing it? Actually Mr HKH, that might be the line to take (guessing that Mrs HKH is Caucasian too, or else Japanese, but not asking which).

  8. To EVERYTHING Darlene said,

    1) I’d DIE before I wore that. It’s ugly.
    2) I’m NOT a Hello Kitty Fan and neither is half of this blog.
    3) Yeah, it’s so pathetic that when you search Hello Kitty on GOOGLE, it’s on the front PAGE.
    4) He doesn’t care about FASHION. HE’S A GUY. LOL

    Your just full of it, aren’t you. LOL XD
    I’m literally crying of laughter. Thanks for brightening up my day a little from your ridiculous answers.

    *breathes* Hah, Omaigawd that was so stupid I cried. XD

  9. I am so happy to see that yet another celebrity is endorsing Hello Kitty.

    In a world with so many problems, and where so many celebrities gain fame by acting shamelessly, it’s so good to see more and more people doing something positive, like spreading Hello Kitty’s spirit around them.

    Hello Kitty makes the world a much better and happier place to live in because she loves everyone. And so do you, by blogging about Hello Kitty and making her even more famous, even though you’re wearing this “Hello Kitty hater” mask. I believe we are all good inside our souls and we all have room for Hello Kitty in our hearts.

  10. Darlene is the best troll ever! That said, this corset works well as a stand alone piece of garish pop art, but it looks hideous on. And Katy Perry is too old to wear skirts that short.

  11. Katy Perry needs shooting, full stop.

    Marlene, you are Darlene’s less evil twin aren’t you? Sweety this blog is here cos the dude LOATHES the cat and most of us agree with him wholeheartedly.

    When i get my next corset (lost weight, old one now too big) I will spend good money on a creation of Vollers, not this piece of very cheap tat that has no class or style, or even corsetry about it by the looks of it.

    Sheesh does anyone actually think Katy Perry is a half way passable singer? Let alone her oh-so-clever-aren’t-i-a-rock-chick-with-my-edgy-lyrics-LOL! jeez. Shoot th ebitch.

    And I am more than willing to annihilate Sanrio, leaving behind just this smoking crater. Then I’ll create a supervirus than obliterates anything that is HK and anyone who is wearing/driving/cuddling it that is biologically over the age of 10.

    Trust me, I’ll be doing Mankind a favour.

  12. No Kitty I find vaccine and reverse engineer the virus to turn you all into kitty lovers in retaliation.
    I cuddle my kitties in your direction.

    Of course I need to ask how in the hell me liking hello kitty is a threat to you (Thank god) we do not even live in the same city ;p

  13. @ Acton Learned reaction for self preservation. I’ve got the full plans for Zombie Survival, and in case of nuclear holocaust. I am currently writing up the plans for HK Survival. It involves flames and nuclear edged weapons 😀

    Just out of curiosity, why do you get upptiy when we lay into HK as this is a blog about loathign it? Am puzzled.

  14. @Kitty
    No, [my MR. T voice] I do pity the fool. 😉

    I am easygoing plus there nothing you can do about it. It is not bad as the flack I get about the other fandom I am involved with.
    Now where is that Davey Crockett Recoilless Rifle, oh next to the W-80 warheads.

  15. Whoa, that is just plain scary. I don’t really have much against HK (but then I don’t live in HK Hell) but this… this… what the hell is it? Too much of everyting, that’s for sure. It’s not even so much the Hello Kittyness of it, it’s the sheer everything of it. Anyways, I think it’s horrifying. Though the REALLY scary thing in that first picture is those pants *shudder* (and not to mention the badly cut bangs, but that is a whole different discussion all together).

    By the way, just discovered your blog through Cakewrecks and I’m absolutely loving it. Like I said, I don’t have much against HK, but the things you show and the way you write about them is just soooooo funny.
    It is also unbelievably surprising (not to mention quite funny) to read the comments (rants) of the die hard HK fanatics. Some of them sound scarier to me than your average religious fanatic terrorist.
    For all you HK lovers out there, just one word of advice: if you feel the need to comment to this blog for whatever reason; DON’T!!! Because you’re just making a complete fool of yourself.

    Oh, and Darlene; I am a woman and I wouldn’t be caught dead in an outfit like that (Hello Kitty or not).

  16. i like this.
    i wouldn’t wear it myself, but it looks good on katy perry – seems like something she’d pick out of her wardrobe

  17. Forget the nasty corset that she happens to be wearing upside-down, the pants are even WORSE. They look vaguely similar to a trash bag.

  18. @ darlene:
    I am a woman… but I would not kill to wear that, nor do I dream of wearing it someday beciause it makes me feel pure and lovely inside.
    Most people who read this blog aren’t Hello Kitty fans and care a hell of a lot more about Mr. HKH’s opinion than they care about yours.

  19. Hello kitty is the best and every woman wants to be pretty. She is a great rolemodel and shows girls girlpower. And katy is NOT ugly and anyone who says that are stupid. Why do you have a website bout hating Hello kitty when your wife is a big fan, you sound like a idiot to me and i feel sorry for your wife.


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