Hello Kitty Garage

If you are ever involved with someone that insists that you paint your house Pepto Bismol pink, that is a sign that you should seriously consider getting out of the relationship. If they then take it a step further and put a Hello Kitty on the garage door with a sparkly heart underneath (and Mickey Mouse to the side for good measure), you know that it’s time to sprint in the opposite direction as fast as possible:



Of course, my wife loves it and thinks that we should place Hello Kitty faces with pink background (with a lot of sparkly hearts) not only on our garage, but all over our house. While this may actually be better than her desire to move into a Hello Kitty House, it would pretty much guarantee that I would end up in the Hello Kitty insane asylum wearing a Hello Kitty straight jacket. Yet one more thing to look forward to in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Christina who should be forced to live in a Hello Kitty home for her entire life for ever thinking that sending me these photos could result in anything good…

26 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Garage”

  1. I figure If I get married it probably be a fellow furry or a Hello Kitty fan, in the later I probably end up in a similar home, pink and 110% kittyfied if I do not have to sign a HOA covenant. Homeowners Associations are the devil.

  2. So many people have so boring gray garage doors that it gets really depressing. It’s really great to see some fresh ideas here, and painting Hello Kitty on your garage is the best idea ever.

    Plus, if someone comes to steal your car, he’ll see Hello Kitty, think how she loves everyone and get inspired to stop acting bad and will come back on the right path.

  3. Why, this garage door is fantastic! A house of hello kitty is every woman’s dream, and although the mickey mouse takes away from it, it is still wonderful. The houses across the street must be rejoicing in having the honor of viewing such a magnificent house adorned by such a cute cat.

    Once again, you are a horrible person! Who wouldn’t want to have the pleasure in viewing such a house, let alone living in it!


    On another note, I am a whackjob crazy fanatic who really needs to get a grip on reality and doesn’t realize hello kitty is just a freaking character, but really, I have nothing better to do with my day than come on here and rant to get some attention and actually spread my message of fail.

  4. Hmmmm, if the post for today wasn’t enough to make me lose more hope for humanity, the 2 comments before this one have. I am thinking homeowners associations are not that bad if they stop monstrosities like this from occurring.

  5. Oh what a nightmare! When I was a kid my house was that color! It was hard growing up and being known as the kid in the pink house. I am glad that as bad as pink ws at least we did not have HK painted on the side.

  6. People wanting to share their love of Hello Kitty is not a bad thing. Just because you refuse to accept that love and kindness doesn’t mean that others don’t want to share it. Anyone that comes across this house is going to get a smile on their face and have a wonderful day because Hello Kitty does that to everyone. If a person wants to put Hello Kitty on their house, they have every right to make the world a more beautiful place. At least it is something positive unlike the comments in this blog.

  7. Personally I have the intense urge to contact my mate from the Para’s and blow this frickin thing sky high and into billions of ickle pieces.

    Not sure which is worse, the pervereted arse inspecting Mickey Mouse or the ghoulish HK staring out at me.

    I think this place will burn well either way.

  8. I recently heard of your blog and I have to say….I am truly inspired….to blog more about my seething hatred of all things Barney and Elmo. You are hilarious!

  9. **shivers**
    that is freaky beyond belief. whoever wanted that painted on their house is insane……hello kitty kinda reminds me of one of those creepy clowns that are always in horror movies……
    **shivers again**

  10. NO!!! BAD HOME OWNER!!! Why the hell would you do this? Its just not right HK should be kept locked in the confines of the home in limited doses, and seriously wtf is with the Mickey Mouse pic… pretty pervy if you ask me

  11. I personally think it’s a satire. I know exactly where this house is. I have driven by it so many times. It is a local landmark. However, considering that the Asian population in this state is majority AND Hello Kitty is the Mickey Mouse of Asia, I strongly believe this is political and cultural satire, more than the actual love for cute things!

  12. it is actually more interesting to see the assumption people make around the Hello Kitty House. The house is in a very expensive neighborhood. it’s well known. it belongs to a nice family. So all those assumptions about people being single, insane. Hey, if they can afford a million dollar home, they should be able to do whatever they want with it.
    I still strongly believe this is a satire and the owners have a weird sense of humor. this is definitely not the mainstream version of “Hello Kitty married Mickey Mouse” type of thing.

  13. I just saw this house today, actually, and as was stated by Lien, I’m pretty sure it’s a joke. It’s easily spotted, in a very wealthy area, etc.

    Or maybe they’ve got a kid who wanted it up. I don’t know the family, but I am familiar with another house that does things like this, although they usually do more of the Mickey Mouse stuff and less of the Hello Kitty stuff.

    Either way, this wasn’t meant to be serious. 🙂 (Strange that so many people from over here are reading your blog, though. Wonder what that says about us.)

  14. how funny we are in oahu and passed by this house earlier this week!!And my friend loved it and loves hello kitty so much she got a hello kitty tattoo today at tattoolicous here in waikiki!!!a hawaiian hello kitty on her side!its huge and cute!!


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