Jihadist Plush – Suicide Bomber $5 Extra

Hello Kitty is no stranger to extremism, so it seems appropriate that there is a Hello Kitty Jihadist plush out there:

Hello Kitty Jihadist Plush

Realising that there was a niche area that Sanrio had somehow failed to Hello Kittify (they are probably already working on a line as we speak), Miss Heather jumped at the opportunity to provide Hello Kitty fanatics with something that represents the true desire of Hello Kitty — to destroy anyone and everyone that doesn’t like her.

You provide me a Hello Kitty plush doll and I’ll custom-tailor a burqa to conceal her shameful body parts (NSFW). I’ll even toss in a gun or make her a suicide bomber (obviously not using real explosives) if you wish.

Hello Kitty as a suicide bomber makes a lot of sense to me coming from any religion (in fact, she doesn’t even need the suicidal tendencies to be hidden beneath religious fanaticism since this is already encompassed in her very being – the Hello Kitty bomb is probably already programed inside her stuffing when she is made). We already know that she does everything in her power to convert you to her religion and it doesn’t take a leap of faith to imagine that if you refuse to drink this kool aid that you will be targeted for death by explosion (or, even worse, cuteness overkill — which I think the Geneva Convention should add to its list of inhumane torture devices since it’s much worse and causes much more pain than many other methods on their list). Now that I think about it, a Hello Kitty suicide bomber may be the easy way out of Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Friedrich (via this blog post) who should have to worship Hello Kitty religion on a daily basis for the rest of his life as punishment for ever thinking that sending something that extends Hello Kitty’s religious takeover to me would be a good idea…

57 thoughts on “Jihadist Plush – Suicide Bomber $5 Extra”

  1. If you knew anything about Islam, you’d know that Dear Daniel would be the suicide bomber because Hello Kitty, being female, isn’t going to Paradise for blowing herself up anyway!

  2. Please do not cross the border by bringing religion into some nonsense talking, especially if you don’t know much about the religion itself.
    Please note that Islam/ Moslems are not identical with suicide bombers/ jihadist. There are a lot of good Moslems out there.

  3. If you knew anything about the situation in Afghanistan you’d know that suicide bombers can be and have been men, women and even children.

  4. I am somehow not shocked about this at all, disturbing it may be but not suprising it seems everything will be kittyfied someday or is everything already kittyefied? I’m not really sure anymore…

  5. It’s offensive…but…meh, everything offends someone on some level.

    I, however, want to point out that isn’t only one eye supposed to be showing now? They revised the dress code for women b/c they were doing eye make up to tempt men.

  6. I’d like those giving this guy crap for the suicide bomber aspect of this post to take note of the fact that he wsan’t the one that brought it up. It was said by the girl who made the plush. Cool your jets.

  7. true desire of Hello Kitty — to destroy anyone and everyone that doesn’t like her. – BEST description yet of the new hello kitty message!!!! , Its also a sad reminder of what happened to some Muslims , Extremists of ANY faith, or message even Hello Kitty’s innocent one, can be turn the message to evil & corrupt it . These extremists do not care about the faiths true message & seek only to corrupt it and use it to fuel their personal power mad desire for world domination…….. (Hmm that DOES sound a lot like Hello Kitty after all….lol)

  8. @wiwi3d
    its muslim. the word “moslem” is considered an insult in the muslim culture.
    but yeah, i think this is kinda offensive….

  9. This wasn’t funny. In fact, I found it to be offensive on many levels. Why the Muslims? You could have picked the IRA, or even the Crusades. In fact, the Crusades would have been more apt for the point of your post without the insulting a third of the world population. Go back to insulting hello kitty and leave the social comments on religion out.

  10. I think you guys are taking the Muslim thing too seriously. Yeah, you can be offended, but a few of you are overreacting just a tad.
    If he’s serious about thinking of them in this way, though, it’s a completely different matter.

    But anyway, yeah, this doesn’t surprise me either. It’s kind of sad. I guess my expectations for HK are just so low that there isn’t a single thing that could shock me if I learned of its existence.

  11. All muslims aren’t Jihadists, but don’t all Jihadists believe in violence? I mean, doesn’t Jihad mean “holy war”? I suppose, to be politically correct, the doll maker should make stuffed Hello Kitty’s in little terrorist costumes from all the countries.

    I’m sure HKH didn’t mean to offend muslims. He just meant to offend terrorists. And Hello Kitty lovers, of course.

  12. Yousaidoodoo. No, Jihad does NOT mean holy war. A more accurate meaning is any personal struggle for the sake of your religion/faith. If you’re an alcoholic and want to quit drinking for the sake of your religion, that’s technically a ‘jihad’.

    That being said. This is pretty offensive. But meh, I’m not gonna get my panties in a loop about it. I just wish that people would get the point that covered=/= terrorist.

  13. It seems to me even some governments aren’t getting the point that covered =/= terrorist. Why else would they be discussing a ban on burkhas?

    I don’t think mr HKH meant that she’s a terrorist because she’s covered up though. I think he meant she’s a terrorist if you buy the additional suicide bomber equipment.

  14. This was on my Quote of the Day widget this morning:

    “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” –Steven Weinberg

    I had to Google Mr. Weinberg. He’s a US physicist who won the Nobel Prize (for physics) back in 1979.

  15. Lampooning religions is the western way. I do not like it but I am getting sick and tired every time this comes up and somebody yells I am offended. Then there is utter hypocrisy when it is ok to lampoon fundamentalist Christians but not Muslims.
    An Islamic Hello Kitty has crossed my mind as well as a Taliban Dear Daniel. I am holding out for the Christian Hello Kitty. Then again, I hope the Christian Hello Kitty never comes to be: as in some well-meaning but wrong and pragmatic Christian thinking, we need a Christianized Hello Kitty as an outreach to “the Unchurched” as like we need more Jesus Junk. (See church growth movement)

  16. I checked the link, and ‘Jihadi Hello Kitty’ was what the maker of this outfit called it. The appellation came from her mind, Mr HKH just faithfully reported it.

  17. OMG its been 2 days and darlene hasn’t said anything!!!! 😯 If she did it would sound like this as usual:

    Of course, I, darlene can’t comprehend the fact that this site is all about people against hello kitty so I have to complain just to prove how crazy I am as usual. you must be freidrich because you are the only one who hates hello kitty because it’s unnatural for people not to like Hello Kitty because she makes people smile wheter or not she is in the picture. I have to protest because one day after repeating over and over you will ‘see the light’ that hello kitty brings onto everyone but you. So just stop posting because i don’t like it.

  18. What? No white supremacist version? It’s a Zionist Conspiracy to steal away everything Good, True,White & Christian I tell you! A Conspiracy!!

  19. OMFG Mr.HKH did not make any comment about the muslim religion or them all being suicide bombers so stop giving him flak it wasn’t him it was the person who made this costume for the HK doll

  20. Hey, I know it’s been pointed out, but you really shouldn’t tote this as a suicide bomber plush, regardless of how it was originally described. Just because the person who created the costume was completely ignorant, doesn’t mean that you have to be as well. This trivializes the plight of many muslims worldwide.
    With the current political climate, our world is rife with islamiphobia, and by saying that simply because somebody put a burka on this stuffed animal does not make it a suicide bomber plushie. Many many women choose to wear burkas as a symbol of their faith and it does not make them evil or dangerous. Be the bigger person here and use a tiny bit of personal discretion.
    I suggest that you mention what this stuffed animal was originally claimed to be, but not to further perpetrate it.
    Furthermore, to even suggest a comparison between islam and jim jones / the peoples temple massacre is absolutely DISGUSTING. One evil man taking advantage of brutally murdering many vulnerable people looking for answers compared to a centuries old sacred religious tradition?! Really?
    You run a very very popular website and as such run the risk of offending more people than you think. This is the risk you had to take when your site turned from a tiny blog to a website with however many thousands of hits you get per day. As such, shame on you for contributing to one of the worlds major injustices at this point in history.
    Keep in mind that this is not coming from a member of the islamic faith, just a concerned individual.
    Thank you for your time.

  21. Reading my above post, I’ve noticed a couple little errors.

    With the current political climate, our world is rife with islamiphobia, and simply because somebody put a burka on this stuffed animal does not make it a suicide bomber plushie.

    One evil man taking advantage of AND brutally murdering many vulnerable …

    Sorry, due to my anger I missed a couple of those.

    Also, I believe that every religion should be fair game for lampooning, but at the same time this is pure ignorance. burka =/= terrorist. Get your facts straight.

  22. Offensive, no, just touching on a subject that has already been overplayed by the media.

    If everyone is so offended by this you should contact the media sources that link the Muslim religion to terrorism not sit here and complain on a humorous blog site…..get a life please

  23. WRONG statement by a reader – shouldn’t tote this as a suicide bomber plush, regardless of how it was originally described. – This person DID NOT follow the link this product IS SPECIFICALLY SOLD AND MANUFACTURED in 2 forms
    1 – Hello Kitty muslim Burkha – the conservative but harmless & muslim friendly version that gives little muslim girls from conservative families a burka clad kitty just like her.
    FOR $5 EXTRA this SAME product is sold with a SUICIDE BOMBER pack by the same manufacturer who may have wanted to appeal to BOTH conservative muslims, & suicide bombing radicals, or just differentiating between the 2 levels of satirre as anyone can tell you Muslim hello Kitty by herself in the burha is NOR the same level of controversial, but the manufacturer definitely offered BOTH options……..
    MR HKH also added nothing to the product descriptions & just Dutifully copied the link off the manufactures website, he also stated that his WORST nightmare would be that the followers of the Hello Kitty church & movement would use these tactics to get Hello Kitty dominate religion…
    (not even mentioning muslims) Sadly ALL commen6s mentioning Muslims here were created by the manufacturer & NOT Mr HKH who was simply reporting what is going on in the world.
    He also has a section on Hello Kitty KKK art , the Hello kitty Cross, & the fact that there are some organizations & things hello kitty just does NOT need to get involved with!!!, so Christians are lampooned equally, and victimized equally by this Kitty who just cant seem to leave some things alone & seems to want to take over EVERYTHING, by any means available ….. :^0

  24. Majda, you are right and I was thoughtless. I should have known better than to be so cavalier about such a deep subject. I apologize.

  25. Laura and AnaDroid, click on that link and see for yourselves that the maker of the costume was actually selling a different version of the plush as a suicide bomber, with a fake little bomb attached. Burqa does not equal suicide bomber, but bomb under clothes does.

  26. Sadly the Burqa IS Suicide bomber fashion!!
    just check Times Online June 12, 2008
    Picture: Burqa-shrouded suicide bomber shot by Afghan police in Helmand This GUY was a TRANVESTITE suicide bomber (Photo in the article ) trying to get past security by posing as a woman!!!!
    LOTS of Suicide bombers have started wearing the Burqa even MALE ones!!
    Its NOT a reflection on ALL those who wear the Burqa JUST the suicide bombers who give it a bad name.
    Other garments have the SAME issues, just because ti is not true that ALL women who wear Hot-pants & halter tops are NOT prostitutes , does NOT preclude the truth that SOME prostitutes choose to wear hot-pants & halter-tops on the job.
    The innocence of most women wearing Burquas is WHY these NUT jobs & Tranvestites (Either that or she had grown one HELL of a beard) who are suicide bombers pose as harmless women so that they can try to get past security.
    Cant deny the military tactic, it exists and if anyone is to blame for the Burqa’s acquiring a bad reputation its the nut jobs in the suicide squads wearing them during attacks people need to be mad at! THEY are the ones giving it a bad reputation, NOT Mr HKH , who sadly has enough woe in this world foisted on him by the cat, who now appears to be getting dangerous…. :^)

  27. I just found your site. It seemed cool – but then I found this entry, which is just bigoted … maybe even racist. I feel really disappointed.

    Whatever fool originally made that doll, in the caption here this website completely replicates the ignorant idea that jihad=terrorism=muslim.

    I live in NZ in a large city and I see plenty of people who dress in hijab. They are not terrorists, in fact it seems to me that it is largely just their ethnic cultural/ fashion, more than religious, attire. In fact the only terrorist attack on my country’s soil in our entire history has been by the French Government bombing Greenpeace (10 July, 1985).

    As for “Friedrich” you might as well argue that since most terrorists wear trousers therefore people wearing trousers are mostly terrorists. Makes no sense.

  28. Proclaiming the “Innocence” of all who wear the Burqua is just like when Irans president denied the holocaust took place there will always be lunatics out there denying the photos, the evidence & claiming that they are being lied about in the press, It does not wash,
    like Hotpants, which have become stereotyped as Prostutute wear, the Hijab & Burqua is stereotyped “Extremist” wear, & even Suicide bomber wear NOT because of the innocent women who wear them, but because of the women & Transvestite extremists who wear them , & blow themselves up in suicide packs REFUSE to do so in a Halter top and Hotpants!!!!!!
    THEY picked the Burqua! as THEIR suicide drag outfit of choice, SO those wearing the Burqua need to know that there WILL be scrutiny of them while this goes on.
    Lets say a woman should NOT be surprised if she is out in a pair of hotpants and a halter top, with her boyfriend who is dressed like notorious BIG or Tupac Shakur, SOME will assume that its a “Working Girl” and her pimp, instead of a woman & her boyfriend SOLEY based on the outfits.
    Burqua will have the same problem till the suicide attackers give up the Burqua as LOTS of people will have suspicions the the woman in the Burqua as a bomber, or that the woman in hotpants & a halter top, on the street corner at 2am , is a prostitute. Ditching the burkhas is the best Idea, ESPECIALLY as MUSLIMS in Turkey have banned them BANNED the Burqua!!! Many of these Muslims have the SAME low opinion of the garment, and that branch of islam as westerners. So it is definitely NOT a Muslim thing.

    Shiite Muslims did this ages ago & DO NOT have that problem as the Shiite Scarves & outfits is VERY similar to what Russian & Italian women often wear. As a result , most dont even get a second glance as the dress is so similar that they are just assumed to be Russian, Italian, or Hispanic, if they speak good English or some Spanish. I went out with a Shiite girl in college, Had many good friends who were Shia & Sunni & lived in an area referred to a “Little Tehran” as 1/4 of the engineering school at or college was Iranian Shiite exchange students, with lots of us(Im German) in the same classes as me & many good friends .which also lets us put to rest ANY anti “Muslim” biases from the Burkha as Shiites dont force their women to wear them , even in Iran, they also let them drive cars in Iran, and go to college, and serve in the cabinet. No the Burqua is mostly a Wahabi & Extremist thing as they are the ONLY ones who REQUIRE women to wear the Burqua, Moderate Sunnis like those in turkey dont bother with the headscarves half the time & are often even more progressive in dress than the the Shia. (Egyptian Bellydancers have REAL skimpy outfits!) :^)
    luckily , its the Bombers / Wahabi who are the ONLY ones who are stereotypically tied to the Burqua, & that HELPS many muslims when the Burqua has this bad reputation as progressively clad Shia and Sunni women with headscarves or more modern dress benefit from the NOT an extremist, nothing to worry about here, reputation that these Muslim Women’s more progressive dress enjoys.

    Im also surprised at Kiwi girls bigoted … maybe even racist association of all Muslims with the Burqua!!!!(Her words cut & pasted ,appropriately not mine) the burqa is not specifically mentioned in the Quran She just seems to assume in her post that ALL Muslim women wear a Burqua! & are suffering a loss in reputation I can tell you that there are LOTS of Muslims in Iran & Turkey who Disagree on that point. As does the Rev Farakhan, BLACK muslims not only do not wear the Burqua, Barak Obama PRESIDENT of the USA had the whole “Secret Muslim” issue created by the fact that LOTS of Muslims, & especially black muslims dont even bother with the headscarf and dress ALMOST exactly, or EXACTLY like us, the Burqua is NOT a Muslim thing at all, its an extremist / Wahabbi / Misc sect thing WITHIN the religion, that recent suicide bombers have decided to adopt as their new suicide bomber dress code.

    Sadly or luckily, Muslim women have been spared 1 fashion disaster, there IS a Hello Kitty Babushka Head scarf, but Muslim headscarves have not started rolling out yet, thus Hello kitty wont show up in Tehran for at least a month , as Sanrio will probably get around to it someday, leaving Mr HKH almost no where on earth to visit that that is Hello kitty Free, as the rest of the product line ALREADY has many non garment items there, …….

  29. It’s only hello kitty folks. No need to start arguing about religions here. Only a toy people so calm down. I love this culture of getting offended and the need to express it we are witnessing here. If you get offended by a toy, I want to congratulate you for having such small problems…

  30. Cool down people.

    The burqa plush is called ‘Jihadist Hello Kitty’. As has been pointed out in an earlier comment, Jihad could mean vanquishing a personal enemy such as alcohol.

    The version of the plush WITH A FAKE BOMB UNDER HER CLOTHES is called ‘Suicide Bomber Hello Kitty’.

    Is that clear? Neither the maker of the plush costume or Mr HKH have at any point stated that all people in burqas are terrorists.

    I don’t think it’s racist to presume that people with a BOMB UNDER THEIR BURQA are.

  31. I say again “Oh, NO !” I have a headache from some of the above comments.

    And EMILY, loved your comment…I come here to have a laugh…thank you !

  32. ER NOBODY ever compared Jim Jones to Islam, read carefully Just Extremists & Taliban to Jim Jones, After all these NUTS going around blowing themselves are doing for Islam’s reputation, What Jim Jones did for the CHRISTIAN brand. Lots of bad press for people who ARE NOT in their LUNATIC sect.

    These Taliban lunatics in Swat are luckily being turned in my their Muslim neighbors, dragged out & shot dead by the Muslim Pakistani police so, its definitely NOT a “Muslim” or “Islam”issue,as these folks are NOT regarded as proper Muslims, by the Muslims who are killing them.

    Hmm also , any religion, or religious sect that cannot withstand an assault by Hello Kitty must be a a weak one indeed!!!!!!!

    Either that or Hello Kitty is a LOT stronger than we thought…..

  33. Just because someone has their face covered for their religious purpose does NOT mean they are a suicide bomber. It is unacceptable to assume that everyone who covers their face or head in a turban or hijab etc is going to be a suicide bomber, therefore the title of “jihadist” should be removed. This is extremely offensive.

  34. Amazing how the dumber bloggers cant read, & think that just because her face is covered, folks should IGNORE that fact that this product comes with its own optional SUICIDE VEST and is modeled on ACTUAL people in the real world who blow themselves up in these outfits!
    Sadly some of the more stupid just cant understand why dressing like a terrorist, wearing a suicide vest, and declaring they are a “Jihaddist” will arouse suspicion, & get them profiled as terrorist…..
    I find this HILARIOUS and just desserts for extremist fanatics……

  35. wow…thats just crap…i mean..what has hello kitty in common with a suicide bomber… and what has a suicide bomber in common with an arabic costume… thats totally crazy…shame for hello kitty co. not okay…Not FuNNy

  36. You have Islam wrong friend. Islam is religion of peace and if you dont belive that yourself then read the Quran. You should not blame a religion on what a select few have done. If you want to know and understand truly what the religion is about then you should not listen to the media, yet learn about its beauty on your own! As a muslim woman I am hurt by what you say. All people should have the right to wear what they want even if it covers their entire bodies.

    ps. Islam also condones terrorism so please get your facts striaght before you spread more hate.

    Peace be with you!

  37. @kenzington
    “The word “moslem” is considered an insult in the muslim culture. but yeah, i think this is kinda offensive”

    You’re the one who doesn’t know what you’re talking about! OMG I just LOATH people like you who pretend to know something and pass on flase information. Most probably you’re an American !


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