Hello Kitty Green Tea

It had to happen. If they make Hello Kitty coffee, it was only a matter of time before they started to make Hello Kitty green tea:

Hello Kitty green tea

My wife loves it (dreamy look on her face: “Isn’t it sweet having Hello Kitty looking at you each morning?”) and uses health as a way of trying to convince me that I need to drink it (wife: “matcha is filled with antioxidants.” Me thinking: “then wouldn’t it immediately destroy Hello Kitty?”) which means I will soon be seeing it in front of me. Add in Hello Kitty eggs, Hello Kitty sausage and Hello Kitty toast and I pretty much have all the reason in the world to end my life that instant to relieve the obvious torture being placed in front of me.

Just to add the final Hello Kitty straw — in case I am able to endure the pain for some unfathomable reason — I’m not a big green tea fan (at least not the matcha thick style) which will ensure that it will go down doubly bitter. That pretty much is a summary of everything in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by norma who should have to drink vast amounts of this bitterness as punishment for ever thinking that showing my wife more ways to Hello Kittify the stuff that we drink could ever result in anything positive…

28 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Green Tea”

  1. I thought it looked like cream of broccoli soup, but that’s hardly an improvement unless you like the soup and don’t like green tea!

  2. Ye gods, no! Green tea is my sanctuary! …And I’m going to assume that’s cinnamon…

    Hey, on the bright side, if you get a straw you can use it to destroy Hello Kitty! …Well, that one of her, at least…

  3. ‘add the final Hello Kitty straw’

    hmm… Hello Kitty straws… do they just have HK on or can you get them HK shaped.

    like the tea BTW.

  4. o.o
    I don’t know how i would LIVE with hello kitty green tea staring up at me every morning…

    and i thought it couldn’t get anymore insane.

  5. Agree with Christi; at least you will have the satisfaction of swirling the evil feline into oblivion with each and every cup.

  6. I like matcha so I think this looks pretty tasty, except that when you make designs in cappuccinos, you blend the coffee underneath with the dairy foam on top to change the colour… but they would have added something here, making it a sin against tea!

  7. Goes with the Hello Kitty Green tea air freshener they now make for the car!!! Just think, you drink the tea and its fragrance stays with you ALL DAY(Haunts is more like it)
    Good thing the car can be equipped with surplus hello Kitty barf Bags from EVA air.

  8. I do not know what there are using for the stencil powder,is it chocolate would it clash with the tea flavor.

    Mr. HKH it just a stencil, swish it around and drink it, noting it is in a Hello Kitty Cafe.

    I sip Hello Kitty Green Tea in your direction.

  9. Isn’t that level of obsession some kind of disorder? I’m not saying that to be mean, I’m saying it because I majored in psych.

  10. It looks cute but whats the point….your gonna drink it and its going to be gone. wasted extra money buying that when you could have saved money buying regular whatever tea that is…..all while people are starving across the world…=[

  11. Also I think the asylum has once more taken away darlene’s internet access and wrapped her into her HK strait jacket then tucked her into her HK round rubber room

  12. That seriously looks like bile with HK on top… perfect combo to mirror your feelings on the subject !

    I wonder how much that little pattern costs and how big a chunk of the price money grubbing Sanrio takes for each cup ?

  13. Hey, lookit it this way; you can stir up and erase the face, then claim you want equal portions of everything in each sip(some of us are weird like that). Instantly better!

  14. Gotta defend matcha tea. A nice warm cup of rich, frothy matcha is a delicious treat; if you’ve never tried it, I’d recommend you give it a go. Japanese people use it for their Tea Ceremony, which is delightful and profoundly calming. The picture above makes the colour look kind of swamp-waterish, but the real thing is a much more appetizing shade of green, and looks inviting.

    That is, when there isn’t a vapid Ohell Kitty likeness staring up from the cup like floating turds. Ruins the whole experience.


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