Hello Kitty Nettop Computer

You would think that one Hello Kitty computer would be able to satisfy the Hello Kitty masses, but that seems to be far from reality. There are far too many Hello Kitty computers in existence to feel positive about the future of the world we live in (from special occasion Hello Kitty computers to Hello Kitty computer mods). Add yet another one of these to the list of pink hellishness with the Hello Kitty MiNew A10 nettop computer:

Hello Kitty nettop computer minew A10

Hello Kitty nettop computer MiNew A10 drive

The evil feline has decided that she wants to dominate in every computer niche and turn the world of computing pink. She already has the Hello Kitty netbook covered, so it was obviously time in her mind to Kittify a nettop.

Of course, my wife absolutely loves this one and wants one. It doesn’t matter that she already has a Hello Kitty laptop which means that she’ll try to convince me that I need a new computer (which will just happen to be this one). Yet another day in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by sarah (via akihabaranews) who should have to work on one of these pink atrocities as punishment for ever thinking that sending this to me could be a good idea.

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Nettop Computer”

  1. Here’s the thing about HK fans, they’re like other crazy fans, they think they need to own everything with “Insert thing here” on it. Gently remind your wife that while you fully support her interest, you would prefer to make your own choices about certain things. Also I think I mentioned this idea before, you should get a “Husband of A hello Kitty fan” t-shirt or better yet “Proud husband of hello kitty’s #1 fan”

    Also in reference to your post awhile back about the hello kitty bra, you should tell her “I find hello kitty really cute, but I think of her as cute like a baby, and so in fact it’s the fact that she is so absolutely adorable that makes me uncomfortable seeing her in this context”

  2. Oh also you should point out that hello kitty does have child like features, large head and small body, big forehead wide set eyes, and that I believe in the cartoons she’s supposed to be a little girl kitty, which is absolutely adorable, but not something you want to see during “special time” with your wife because it makes you feel as if the kids just walked in on you two… you aren’t horrified by kitty you want to *shield* kitty. Basically if you start treating the character like she’s a child, you may be able to avoid your wife’s wrath.

    kitty = baby

    so in the case of hello kitty food, “I can’t eat her, honey, eating a replica of a baby’s head would make me similarly uncomfortable”

    Ditto with hello kitty men’s underwear

    Although this will not prevent the Hkh-ification of a lot of things it’ll help you avoid the worst ones, like hello kitty beer.

    Point out that there are many great things about cute, and things that are great when they are cute, but also remind your wife that cute things have places they don’t belong, not because they’re *bad* but because cute things are small and such, and thus should be shielded from certain aspects of life.

    It puts you in a positive light before you’re thoughtfully protecting hello kitty rather then letting her be exposed to things that aren’t for the little ones. Smart, eh?

  3. The only reason that we shouldn’t feel positive about the future of this world is because blogs like yours that spread lies and try to become popular from saying bad things about Hello Kitty. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    This is the dream computer of every woman! Every day would be filled with Hello Kitty’s love and support and you would never want to get off the computer! If your wife wants this, then it’s your responsibility to make her happy and get it.

  4. Oh, darlene… you’re so *cute*! I nearly snarfed my martini, reading that an underpowered pink mess covered in cartoon characters is “the dream computer of every woman”! I’ll bet you’re in IT, too…

    Thanks for the giggle.

  5. I want one that is if I can change and add a hard drive to run a raid drive and load Ubuntu LAMPS to run a web and net drive server.

    I would use one in your direction to plot your downfall Mr. HKH

  6. That looks like an, only games, toy computer for children. While I’m sure I could use the “it’s for the kiddies” excuse on hubby, I think I would be condemning him to a lifetime on anti depressants if I ever dared to bring this into the house.

    Oh and Darlene, EH??????? Do you actually read what you type, quick question and I mean no disrespect but how old are you? Seriously, I’m finding it extremely hard to believe that anyone above the age of, let’s be generous and say 16, would write the things you do. Just a word of advise hun, coming from a 28 year old woman who is addicted to cutsie stuff. There are more important things in the world than HK marketed pieces of c**p and once again, for my sanity alone, please refer only to yourself in your posts. You have no way of knowing for a fact that this is what every woman wants.

    I’ll make a deal with you. Go out into the streets and take a poll, then present HKH man with the results. If the majority of women said they wanted this computer, then I will offer my apologies and start bowing down to HK, offering a silent prayer to her every night before bedtime. Should, however, the answer be NO, as I suspect, I ask you to then refrain in future from insulting HKH man and referring to ‘all women’ in your comments.

  7. OMG! Is it even worth the money? If I were to buy an expensive pc I would want it to be kick ass. And have a great design. But being covered in pink and lfowers and gue wont do it!

  8. I find this obsession with Hello Kitty extremely disturbing, and your site has shown me that it is indeed much worse than I thought.

    On the other hand, as long as nobody is shoving Hello Kitty down my throat, I’m happy to leave them to their obsessions.

    Of course, it is possibly for those who have absolutely no attraction to Hello Kitty to actually own a Hello Kitty product through no fault of their own.

    I, for example, was given a Hello Kitty toaster when I moved out after graduation, at seventeen years old. Maybe my aunt assumed it would make a better gift for a mature girl than a regular toaster? I don’t really know. I took it, because it’s a toaster. A toaster’s a toaster.

    And besides, when (and if) use it, I’d have to burn the toast for the Hello Kitty design to actually show up on the toast. Luckily, I don’t have many things that I toast, and when I do I toast very lightly.

  9. …See, my ideal computer is able to run a number of very modern games, has a 40-inch TFT monitor, and preferably comes in chrome and black with glowy blue lights, provided the glowy blue lights don’t affect the running.

    And last I checked, I was indeed a female, well past the age of puberty. Hmm.

  10. “you should get a “Husband of A hello Kitty fan” t-shirt or better yet “Proud husband of hello kitty’s #1 fan” ”

    What a GREAT identity… No individuality of his OWN soul and personality, but just being a husband of some insane lunatic! Wow.. won’t the buddies be envious!

    (I was sarcastic – and you guys are so wacko you need this explanation)

    – Vortac


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