Hello Kitty Razor

Yet another company sells its soul to the evil feline and Hello Kitty continues her quest to Hello Kittify every form of transportation possible with a marketing deal that will have Razor produce Hello Kitty razors in the near future:

Hello Kitty Razor

This news is quite depressing to me because I have been thinking of getting a Razor for short distance transportation around Japan. My wife knows this and hasn’t been all that enthusiastic about it (“it’s something that only kids use”) when I mentioned it the past, but she has abruptly changed her mind (imagine that…) with the news that Razor will be making Hello Kitty models in the coming months. In fact, she has gone so far to suggest that we could share one or even get a matching pair which would make a wonderful gift for each of us (I can already tell that this Christmas is not going to be good).

I’m pretty damn sure that a 6′ 3″ foreigner riding around on a Hello Kitty razor in Japan would quickly land me in jail as a thief of young girl’s toys. When I tried to explain that the Hello Kitty razor was actually mine, they would undoubtedly extend my stay in the cell for being mentally unstable if they could not designate it as some other type of illegal activity. All I know is that no matter what eventually happens, it’s not going to be good and will likely increase the heat in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by trinity who should have to travel by only Hello Kitty razor for the rest of her life as punishment for sending this photo and news to me and giving my wife the horrific idea that the Hello Kitty razor would be a good thing for me…

Update: Apparently a push Hello Kitty Razor wasn’t enough and the people at Sanrio deemed against all logic and humanity that the world also needed an electric Hello Kitty Razor scooter as well (and it will only put you back $150).

hello kitty razor scooter back

hello kitty electric scooter razor

hello kitty razor scooter

Sent in by Amy (via Amazon)

11 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Razor”

  1. When I first saw the word “razor” I thought razor *blades.*

    Had it been that, you could have at least cut your wrists, throat for good measure, and just to make it Japanese style, your stomach and end your Hello Kitty Hell misery. The worst that could happen would be to go to the other kind of hell, the one withOUT Hello Kitty, a definite improvement!

  2. I also thought you meant razors to shave with and was wondering why on earth they would do that…

    I just want to say as well that this site is great. Saw a display for Hello Kitty in a card shop (it’s not taken over in the UK – yet!) and couldn’t help but laugh and leave the shop to the confused look of others.

  3. I’d rather ride a bicycle. I hate those things. I prefer the scooters of old. Lol. My husband is a 6’3 happa. He’s got pretty big feet too, lol. I totally see a face plant in your future.

  4. i think this is the most innocent product on the site
    i mean it’s meant for little girls..
    they couldn’t possibly make adult versions of them..could they?….could they O_O?

  5. I applaud Razor for being a smart company and knowing how to make their customers happy. You are the only one that can’t see this. Who wouldn’t want a Hello Kitty razor?

    And your wife wants to get one with you to share time with you. How selfish can you be to dismiss this? The only reason that you would end up in jail is for insulting Hello Kitty so many times and that is where you deserve to go for telling all the lies that you do about her.

  6. If they put you in jail for the fight against the evil one, we would break you out my friend. You are our inspiration for the fight. We are both living in kitty hell but i am making sure others do not get corrupted like darlene and she will probably be the first zed after volunteering for hello kitty happy serum testing. I can see it now on the news crazy hello kitty fans attacking any one living and not wearing hello kitty junk.


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