Hello Kitty eMac

What’s worse than an Apple lover embracing Microsoft? When users of Apple products start accepting the Hello Kitty and deciding it’s all right to even modify old hardware to celebrate the evil feline. Let’s just pray that this doesn’t foreshadow a whole line of Apple Hello Kitty computers in the future…

Hello Kitty emac

Sent in by crystal (and also left via facebook)

10 thoughts on “Hello Kitty eMac”

  1. As a Mac user this brings much sorrow and despair to me that not even Mac is safe it’s almost tempting to go back to Windows or at least Arch Linux just to avoid this EVIL CAT

  2. I hate to say it but, I wanted to wear a bow in my hair so I took my Build a Bear HK’s bow and put a hair pin in the velcro.


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