Hello Kitty Swine Flu Mask

Apparently the evil feline wants us to believe that flu masks adorned with her image are more than just fashion statements and are actually something you would want to wear to help prevent swine flu. While Hello Kitty fanatics may be willing to place their health in the hands of Hello Kitty products, (as I have stated before, I solve this problem by never getting colds) my experience is that Hello Kitty doesn’t always produce the best quality merchandise out there…just saying.

Hello Kitty swine flu mask

KamikazeH20mln (via womensday)

Update: And more people willing to put their health care in the paws of the evil feline:

Hello Kitty H1N1 flu mask

Hello Kitty flu face mask

Sent in by Penina of herself and her friend Dana

Hello Kitty health mask

Sent in by Sabree

13 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Swine Flu Mask”

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  2. i love that shes taking the pic with her hello kitty camera…is that the 5.1 megapixel? just got it at toys r us its awesome…also toys r us is my hello kitty headquarters since they shut down my sanrio store

  3. Most of those people look like they are about to fire up a chainsaw and start massacring people. A Hello Kitty chainsaw of course.


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