Hello Kitty Coat

What is it with Hello Kitty fanatics and Hello Kitty plush fashion? Seriously, it’s one of the most disturbing trends for the simple fact that someone with absolutely no fashion sense can look at it and know instantly that they would never be caught dead in something like that. It’s bad enough that these types of outfits actually make their way onto the runway or are produced for special occasions (or worn by people that should never be let out of the house), but for someone to feel that it’s OK to wear a Hello Kitty plush coat as normal everyday wear?

Hello Kitty coat

My wife somehow sees that this as a good thing (how the Hello Kitty fanatic mind works I will never understand) and a perfect way to be surrounded by Hello Kitty plushies all day without having to carry them around.

I, on the other hand, find it’s truly a sad day in the fashion world when a large, overweight guy living in a foreign land and absolutely no interest in fashion in any way shape or form — and is only involved in it due to the unfortunate fact that he lives in Hello Kitty Hell — has to let those in the fashion industry know that simply pinning on a lot of Hello Kitty plush to an outfit is not only ridiculously stupid fashion sense, it’s been done so many times that it can’t even be considered edgy or inspired. When I feel there is a more pressing need for me to comment on fashion rather than sit down in front of the TV with a non-Hello Kitty beer and non-Hello Kitty pizza, you know that there is something seriously amiss in the world and that Hello Kitty Hell has just gotten a bit worse…

Sent in by dori who should be forced to wear Hello Kitty plush outfits every day for the rest of her life for ever thinking that sending me this photo could be a good idea.

25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Coat”

  1. Look, my offer from the ferrari post is still open. I’ll shoot her as well then use the coat for target practrice. Shoot every single plushy straight ‘tween the eyes 😀

  2. What a complete joke! You trying to give fashion advice when you don’t even like Hello Kitty and you refuse to admit that she is at the forefront of fashion today. That is like a person who can’t swim giving advice to an Olympic swimmer. That is why nobody ever takes this blog seriously.

    This is a wonderful coat because it is fashionable and Hello Kitty keeps you warm so it’s functional as well. And everywhere you go, people will be looking at you because of the wonderful coat that they all wish they had. Every woman wishes that this is what will be under the tree at Christmas this year!

  3. Kitty Kitty why the violence, nobody say you got to look.
    Well I am going to wear the coat and drive Ferrari and what you going to do. One thing before you make your last act in a vain attempt to pull the trigger.: you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

  4. Hello kitty IS a fashion Icon, like the Neru Jacket, Platform shoes, Bell bottoms, and Urkel pants, YET those fads died out, & the hello kitty fashions have lasted 35 years, like with NASCAR crashes , & train wrecks, you just cant look away………….

  5. Um, darlene, people won’t be looking at you because you are fashion forward… they’ll be looking at you to get description so they call to have you taken back the Insane Asylum where you belong!
    Friedrich- this is NOT fashion, this is desperate plea for attention.

  6. Lady Gaga, what have you started?! Bit reminiscent of the Kermit the Frog coat, don’t you think? But Mr. HKH, I’d have thought you’d like this. Think how many HK’s had to be “killed” and “skinned” to make this coat. 😉 I think you’d enjoy the ripping the stuffing out part.

  7. ok though I do love Hello kitty, and would gladly call myself obsessed, you would NEVER see me go anywhere with an atrocity like that on. That is taking it WAY over the limit. Actually that is taking it WAY over the way over the limit line. I mean really people?….

  8. I could NEVER wear that…in public or private.
    1. What if little kids follow me around trying to pluck and steal the precious kitties
    2. I don’t want to buy two plane tickets for the extra kitties
    3. Why make yourself look fat when you’re not

  9. Why would u waer so much hello kitty aniamls like that???? Who wants to do hello kitty like that, hello kitty is cute an you just go and make a hello kitty coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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