Hello Kitty Canopy

I don’t think that guys understand the appeal of canopies over beds in the first place, but that lack of understanding compounds immeasurably when the canopy features the evil feline on it. Let’s hope that my wife fails to find one of these because I can think of nothing more disheartening than waking up in the middle of the night covered in a Hello Kitty net from which there seems to be no escape — kind of like the Hello Kitty Hell I now live in…

Hello Kitty canopy

Hello Kitty bed canopy

Sent in by robin and xgirl

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Canopy”

  1. I WOULD LOVEEE to have that second bedroom!! ^_^
    anyway, i think my husband wouldnt like it too, he is already trying to accept all the other HK things i have… nyway, ur blog is very entertaining to me! just discovered them last week!

  2. where can i buy either one of these ive been looking for my girls daughter and cant find any anywhere except two places and those sites both sold out of stock, so please help me out> you could even call and tell me please thanks for your time and someone please help me out

  3. I love hello kitty and im 40 years old there’s nothing pathetic about it . i think shes for all ages young and old they make us happy 🙂


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