Hello Kitty Judith Leiber $4000 Hobo Bag

Hello Kitty is up to her old tricks of putting lots of sparklies on ordinary crap and using the pink horror to blind Hello Kitty fanatics into paying a small fortune for it. When my wife showed me this Hello Kitty Judith Leiber piece (while strongly hinting it would make a wonderful gift) she didn’t seem to see the irony in a “hobo bag” costing $4000. When my wife doesn’t get it from me for Christmas, I wonder if she will believe that a hobo beat me to it?

Hello Kitty Judith Leiber $4000 hobo bag

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Judith Leiber $4000 Hobo Bag”

  1. Pretty, but really should just be for kids until 15, unless you are Paris Hilton, who could actually afford this bag (watch for the $30 knock off coming soon to a NYC street vendor near you.)

  2. I just find it ironic that something called a “hobo” bag would be so encrusted with sparklies. At any rate it doesn’t look very usable, like it would be too stiff to open. I guess I’m just more about function.


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