Hello Kitty Lindsay Lohan Crap

It seems that Lindsay Lohan has decided that she no longer needs some of her Hello Kitty crap. She has decided to sell it to her fans on a new website which she created for the sole purpose of selling all of her old crap (seriously, you can’t make this stuff up). I can’t decide if it is good news that Lindsay Lohan has actually figured out that Hello Kitty crap is not worth keeping, or beyond evil feline evil that someone will end up with not only Hello Kitty crap, but Hello Kitty crap previously owned by Lindsay Lohan.

Hello Kitty Lindsay Lohan dog bag

Every dog out there owned by a Hello Kitty fanatic is freaking out about this time. It’s pretty humiliating to be dragged around town in a Hello Kitty dog bag, but then having the owner tell everyone that it was also once owned by Lindsay Lohan would pretty much put the poor mutt on par with having a Hello Kitty dog tattoo (and you noticed that that dog ran away the first chance it got).

Lindsay also has another bag for sale:

Hello Kitty Lindsay Lohan bag

My wife thinks it’s great that celebrities want to share their love of Hello Kitty with their fans. I see this as a new and unexpected twist in Hello Kitty Hell that could have horrifying consequences. Could there really be anything worse than collecting celebrity pre-owned Hello Kitty crap? Hello Kitty Hell, as I have found out time and again, can always get worse…

Sent in by Nancy who should have to dress in pre-owned Lindsay Lohan clothes for the rest of her life as punishment for ever thinking that letting my wife know about this could ever be anything buy disastrous…

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Lindsay Lohan Crap”

  1. I’m no Lindsay Lohan fan, but I don’t really understand what’s wrong with these.

    @Cococat, I don’t think the dog can tell that it’s in a Hello Kitty bag, and I don’t think it would care. Dogs are pretty stupid.


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