Hello Kitty Wonderful World Graphic

If you really had any doubt (and if you have been to this blog, that certainly is not the case) about how prevalent the evil feline is in the world, this Hello Kitty “Wonderful World of Hello Kitty” graphic should thoroughly depress you for the next few years (click on image to enlarge at your own risk):

Hello Kitty graphic

I was going to attempt to comment on everything listed, but as I started, I found myself seriously wanting to drink some Koolaid to put me out the misery of realizing that the graphic is a history of my life (see, all of a sudden your life is looking pretty damn good, doesn’t it?) I have no doubt that when my wife sees this, she will dutifully mark down any of the things listed that we may have somehow missed up to this point so that I can continue to live in Hello Kitty Hell for yet another year…

Sent in by Ciaran (via BusManagement) who really should have to track every single item that Sanrio produces with Hello Kitty on it for the rest of her life as punishment for ever thinking that showing just how Hello Kitty Hellish the world has become would do anything but dig the hole deeper…

9 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Wonderful World Graphic”

  1. 13 episodes of the HK TV series eh? Surely that says everything being an unlucky number and all that

    And due, i seriously think you need to talk to your wife.

  2. I’m pretty sure it can get worse..
    I saw a giant HK toy at the mall today. Thought of taking a pic of it for you to post. But I refrained. I don’t want to cause you any harm 😉

  3. “50,000: The number of different Hello Kitty products”
    Oh God, kill me now. That’s going just TOO FAR!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe that was the feminine products? I think I’m more disturbed by that that anything else…….


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