Hello Kitty Bratz Lady Gaga Dress

Apparently Bratz doesn’t feel that Barbie should be the only one to get to wear the dress. It really doesn’t make a difference what doll is wearing it. It’s going to give the average non Hello Kitty fanatic nightmares…

Hello Kitty Bratz Lady Gaga dress

Sent in by tiff (via veik11 – used with permission)

19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bratz Lady Gaga Dress”

  1. lol I saw in HK magazine that there were models wearing these at Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary party. I freaked when I saw them.

  2. they just put the kitty dress on the bratz, if you look at the gaga doll its the exact same dress and table. and its too big for the chloe doll lol

  3. It’s official. Hello Kitty has taken over the world. I pondered when I saw the Hello Kitty credit card, I wondered when I saw the Hello Kitty love hotel, but I am now officially sure of it. What’s next, a line of Hello Kitty guns?
    …scratch that. It already exists.


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