Hello Kitty Kilt

True to form, Hello Kitty has an entire nation of ancestors rolling over in their graves. You knew that something like this would have to be made because if there was one image that had not yet been terrifyingly burned into my brain, it was a man wearing a Hello Kitty skirt. The evil feline can now cross that off her list of things to torture me with:

Hello Kitty kilt

Sent in by zaphod

Update: I don’t know how anyone would ever dream that trying this again could be a good idea, but apparently I continue to underestimate the evil feline:

Hello Kitty plaid kilt

Sent in by Brad

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Kilt”

  1. Please include a “Do not open while eating” disclaimer at the top of your posts in future! I nearly lost my dinner over this one!

  2. I was going to ask why he was also wearing a pink shirt but then I noticed it is some kind of horrible pink themed event he is at as everyone in the background is also wearing pink. Guh. Bleh. If that isn’t some kind of breast cancer event (and even that doesn’t excuse the HK kilt!) those people need to be quarantined from the rest of the world.

  3. This is clearly some “art project” by someone with a few yards of HK fabric. I’m offended not only b/c someone made a kilt out of it, but they did it in such an ugly print as well. Then again, I guess that was the point…

  4. As far as I can see, that’s a skirt, not a kilt!

    It’s not made from wool, and I seriously doubt that the back is correctly pleated (deep pleats, with the pattern correctly lined up so that you would see the same design on the pleats as appears on the unpleated front panel!

  5. Am I the only one that just wants to hug the guy for being brave enough to wear that at all?

    Aside from the fact it looks like he’s at some sort of theme party, whether it be Gay Pride, Breastcancer awareness(Hey, Pink is pink) Or what have you.

    I’d never wear it myself, but, damn, at least count yourself lucky it’s knee length.


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