Hello Kitty Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts

If there was ever really any doubt, it has now been confirmed. Hawaii has officially become an extended island of Japan and has succumbed to ownership of the evil feline (can the rest of the world really be that far behind?). Introducing Hello Kitty Hawaiian chocolate covered macadamia nuts:

hello kitty chocolate covered macadamia nuts

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Update: Apparently the people at Sanrio know all too well that if they combine chocolate with Hello Kitty, there is nothing that will stop the Hello Kitty fanatic from buying it (at least in the case of my wife). Suffice to say, my wife can’t wait to get hold of this new line of Hello Kitty chocolate macadamia nuts coming out and I see the continued take over of the world by the evil feline…

hello kitty Hawaiian host chocolates

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  1. And this is news to those of us who live in Hawaii?..How?? The fact that you JUST NOW getting around to the fact that Hello Kitty has invaded and taken over this island is a wee bit disturbing. There are sanrio stores in every mall. I can not walk down the street without seeing someone selling something “hello Kitty”. Hello kitty shoes, hello kitty socks, hello kitty this, hello kitty that..Now if they could come up with a Hello kitty furby singing the theme song from Lampchop’s play along,,then I might actually be interested. Nothing say love to a husband, like forcing him to listen to that, over and over at 2am.

  2. Although this LOOKS tasty, most of the edible HK products taste awful. Yet somehow, I’m still willing to buy this and taste this… Damn you HK, lol =)

  3. They’re made by Hawaiian Host which is a pretty good local chocolate company. Unlike Mauna Loa which has been borg’d by Hershey’s. Anyway, I know that the store Don Quijote for one, has the full selection. They cater to the Japanese customer and have a whole section of choco-mac candies. Plus the store is open 24 hr. 2 blocks from Ala Moana shopping ctr on the Kapiolani Blvd side.

  4. They taste okay, there are only 4 chocolates in the box though and it’s really JUST a cluster of macadamia nuts covered in milk chocolate. kitty is so imaginative with what she tries to market, but doesn’t really re-vamp much. That being said, they taste better than hershey’s


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