Hello Kitty President Obama

Wars? The economy? Global warming? You would think that the President of the United States would have enough worries on his plate these days with all the current crisis that exist, but things just got a whole lot worse for him and he probably doesn’t even know it. The evil feline has set her sights on invading his territory and has moved into a position just a couple of seats away. If you think things weren’t looking good before, wait until the president faces Hello Kitty Hell…

hello kitty Obama

Sent in by Stacy who has confirmed that the world is much closer to doom that anyone ever imagined…

26 thoughts on “Hello Kitty President Obama”

  1. That poor woman has a kind of “deer in the headlights” expression, like she grabbed those at the last second by mistake and is now desperately praying, “… me like this Please God don’t let anybody see me like this please God don’t let… “

  2. Wait, are we talking about the boots?
    Cause they look like an Ed Hardy kind of thing, I don’t see the cat anywhere, then again I may be blind.

  3. I think those boots are HK… if they weren’t, this pic wouldn’t be on the site. Either way the boots are cute but I agree w/Sharon’s comment. I almost feel sorry for that girl.

  4. I was going to ask if anyone had a hard time finding the Hello Kitty In this pic, But Im glad Im not the only one who seemed to have noticed that These are in fact not Hello Kitty, but If They were they’d be super CUTE!!

  5. By the looks of things, the only relationship this pic has with HK is that Barack is trying to ask the blonde (who may or may not be wearing HK boots) to throw his empty coffee cup in the trash for him rather than walk in front of 8 people to do it himself or drop in on the floor!

  6. Ok that’s just werid who not only uggs but hk uggs to a presadental address
    don’t get me wrong I like ugghs but have some pride in
    how you dress man.


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