Hello Kitty Official Music Video

Hello Kitty has an official music video, and although it is a terrible song, it does have one highly redeeming value — the words have absolutely nothing to do with Hello Kitty.

The immediate question is why has Hello Kitty decided not to try to ruin the hearing of her legions of fans with the usual sickly sweetness? My guess is that the people at Sanrio figured that both the Hello Kitty theme song and Hello Kitty online theme song had ended up disabling the spending of too many of the fan base by putting them into diabetic music comas, so they needed try something new.

Of course, this change will undoubtedly be a bad thing in the long run. By packaging a random song as an official Hello Kitty music video which has nothing to do with the evil feline, the Sanrio marketing department may have found an easy way to release a new Hello Kitty official music video every week. Pick a random song. Pile lots of Hello Kitty crap in the background. Hello Kitty fanatics can’t resist and go out and buy everything in the video. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

All I know is that the one thing I have learned over the years is that rarely does anything good result in my Hello Kitty Hell when Hello Kitty tries to do something new for whatever reason…

Sent in by daisy who should have to listen to this song 24/7 for the next month as punishment for ever thinking that sending something like this to me would ever be a good idea…

Update: More Hello Kitty music videos to make your cringe:

Sent in by Rachael

28 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Official Music Video”

  1. Actually, I find this to be a bigger example of the evil that Disney has become. The fact that they continue to pollute music w/ generic paper doll (w/ the occasional “add ethnicity here” token thrown in) “singers” who are just the acts they’ve signed contracts on & are determined to work like a 2 dollar whore until they get their money’s worth.

    They really don’t care wtf the song sounds like as long as its generic enough that 3 yr olds dance to it & clean enough that parents will go “I’ll rot my child’s brain out w/ this, they’ll never want to have sex now!”, w/e as long as they can sell the package.

    More than likely? Making this the “Official Hello Kitty Song & Music Video” is a trite attempt to get it attention/trick Hello Kitty fanatics (sorry, I don’t think the mere ‘fans’ will fall for this) to watch it to the end & support it.

    I’m ashamed I watched as much of it as I did for Hello Kitty but then again? I can just blame Hello Kitty Hell for that.

  2. Look on the bright side., it could be WORSE, soon , the song will be covered by corporate Singer sensation from Priceline.com William Shatner, or his buddy Nimoy…….

  3. Okay what make this girl think she get away with this..? She really has no talent. Even Lisa Loeb couldn’t even get away with it..and she actually has talent. Sorry I am the Princess of everything Hello Kitty! k?

  4. Hey.. i actualy have listen to it almost 24/7!!!!!!!!!
    I admire your guts… my hubby is in the same hole than you.. HK everywhere and i mean everywhere… lol poor u guys who have to deal with the HK Junkies!!

  5. The song was… meh.. have heard worse, but really, it wasn’t anywhere near good. As I see it I’d be agreeing with you, it’s just a random “thing” filled with items to show off all the products they are selling and is now.. “hip…. hop .. pop….” whatever -_-

  6. Seems like something Disney Channel would produce.
    Weird song, not related to anything at all, random effects, stars, backgrounds…..
    -.- Eyeye. They really need to do this again, it doesn’t say hello kitty ONCE!

  7. Hello kitty fans, take a good, hard look at that second video. The woman with the pink bow? Looking too old for the clothes she is wearing?
    Thats you, In a few years. Maybe 20, Maybe 30, Maybe even less…
    Especially you darlene, that is your future.


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