Hello Kitty Fanatic Kid Hell

When it comes to Hello Kitty Hell, the question is who has it the worst. Obviously, everyone and everything that has contact with the Hello Kitty fanatic has to endure their own form of Hello Kitty Hell. While I maintain that it is the significant others of the Hello Kitty fanatic that have it the worst (still doubt?), the dogs and cats of the Hello Kitty fanatic certainly have a valid claim as well. Add the kids of Hello Kitty fanatics to the mix:

hello kitty fanatic kid

You have to feel for this kid and I know I have worn that expression more times than I would care to remember. The worst part is this is what everyday becomes if you are forced to go shopping with a Hello Kitty fanatic because you know they will go into every store that has a supply of the evil feline.

Of course, my wife contends that any child of hers will never feel this way because they will thoroughly and completely love Hello Kitty — which may have convinced me that Hello Kitty condoms are not such a bad idea after all….

Sent in by Nicole who I would wish terrible punishment upon, but have a feeling that her son will provide much worse than I can ever imagine in his later years as revenge for her doing this to him…

Update: Then there are the Hello Kitty fanatics that drag their kids to Hello Kitty events and bribe them to pose for a photo in Hello Kitty hot air balloons so that they will be mercilessly teased for the rest of their lives all because the Hello Kitty fanatic thinks it it “cute”

hello kitty humiliation

Sent in by dodgerfan1976 who will also undoubtedly pay the price when her kid realizes exactly what his mom did to him…

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Fanatic Kid Hell”

  1. Caption Time:

    There goes my college fund.
    This going to cost you one Nintendo Wii
    Mom I going to post this on Hello Kitty Hell.
    Hello Kitty Hell Jr: Mom buying me a new backpack.
    Mom what do you mean it only for girls?

  2. What was the definition of child abuse again?
    Seriously, poor kids…..
    Well, with #1 I probably should say poor parents, because he’s gonna get revenge during the teens… (at least he has the look for one that considers revenge).
    #2 might be smiling now, but he won’t when his mum starts showing that pic of to his future girlfriends and the “Awwwwwww!”-choir starts X_x

  3. He’s so over it… Big revelation people, he a boy, what do you expect. I’m sure his mom is “so thrilled” when she has to take him toy shopping too. Maybe he hasn’t learned that it’s not all about him. I work with kids and you should teach them that EVERYONE, parents included, gets a turn buying their favorite things too. As far as posing your kids for pics, parents always do that, so this isn’t too different. Even though I’m grown, I’d pose in that HK prop, but that’s just me.

  4. UGH! Dont get me started. I know a HKO obsessive who has a kid, and that kid had to have a “serious talk” with me, asking me, as a grown up, to ask his mother, “Stop dragging me round so many kitty stores!” He was a boy, he wasnt allowed ot wait outside like that lucky child there, and it made his feet hurt, being dragged around all that crap. And sometimes she wouldnt even buy anything! ((rare, but done when she had no money, but wanted to go in and touch everything anyway))
    Hello kitty endorses child cruelty

  5. lol u would have nvr guessed that sum boyss would like hello kitty its mainly a girl thing but idk she a unisex character soo who cares

  6. my son is only 3, so he has a love/hate relationship w HK. he knows it’s only for girls and will occasionally point stuff out to me, but there are times when he is OVER IT. lol shopping drains him anyways and if i can’t find/afford a way to amuse him, too, i pay for it! IN SPADES! srsly, ppl, don’t drag your kids into your obsessions if they’re not into it, too! i tend to do my “me” shopping when he’s not around. it’s better for EVERYONE that way!


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