Hello Kitty Fishing Reel

One would assume that there were certain sports that would be free of the evil feline such as fishing. of course, this would be greatly underestimating Hello Kitty’s desire to place her face on absolutely everything. No longer can a fisherman request fishing gear as a birthday gift without the risk of something like this being given to them: The Hello Kitty fishing reel.

hello kitty fishing reel

hello kitty reel

I can’t even imagine the Hello Kitty Hell of having to try and explain to your fishing buddies why you have to use something like this…

Sent in by Pinky

10 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Fishing Reel”

  1. What is sad is that I’d be ok with a Hell Kitty fishing gear for kids. But this is creepy, extremely creepy. There are somethings that are just NOT meant for the evil Kitty.

  2. LOL. A good story a while back on Fark told the tale of a man who caught a really big fish – with his daughter’s Barbie fishing reel. He was to proud of the fish to care if everyone knew how he caught it.

    There might be some peace for you Mr. HKH, that doesn’t look the type that float on the water :).

  3. HAHAHA i just got my girlfriend into fishing and i was surprised that she loved it! if she saw this she would freak out bc she loves that damn CAT!!! is this being sold on the market right now? and if so where?


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