20 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pillow Case”

  1. judging by the pencil shavings, they only used eyeliner, they are going to wash it out and still use it, just a try hard trying to get them selves seen, if they really ment it they would have used a perminant marker, they oviously like HK to own a HK pillow case! grow up loser.

  2. maybe its aimed at the owner of the pillowcase, like a psycho boyfriend on his probably, hopefully, now ex girlfriends pillow case
    or maybe a reeeeeeally evil sibling on their sisters pillow case O_o
    or more likely just wanted to get on this site 😉

  3. This is just retarded, no offense to the mentally disabled, and such a waste of time. Why is this even on the site? FAIL!

  4. Okay, looking past everyone looking at this psychologically…

    That looks like a hate act. Either they really hate HK or they’re just being rebellious. Folks shouldn’t look so seriously into this… But whatever, LOL it just seems extreme to me, so whateve.


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