Hello Kitty Beach Balls

One would hope that it would be possible to escape the evil feline every now and again, but Hello Kitty always does her best to make sure that isn’t possible. Even a trip to the local beach is wrought with the risk of coming across a 26 foot tall Hello Kitty balloon (with all her character friends as giant beach ball floating in the water) to guarantee that a perfectly good day at the beach will be ruined:

Hello Kitty beach balls

I think the body expression of the two boys upon seeing this says it all…

Sent in by Ray (via nypost)

23 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Beach Balls”

  1. What… are those doing there? Those don’t seem like just normal beach balls, they are HUGE.

    Also, anyone know what city this is in?

  2. I don’t think it’s cute or beautiful at all. If someone wants to ruin his skin or house or objects with Hello Kitty images that’s ok, but i would really hate if they put those ridicullous things where I live.

  3. Those arent all Hello Kitty’s friends. Only charmy kitty is from the hello kitty cartoons. everyone else is just a diffirent Sanrio franchise. But its cute either way!

  4. That’s not evil, that’s kind’a awesome.

    Oh, and you need to stop being a dick about all this Hello Kitty stuff, this website just makes you look like a whiny little bitch.


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