Hello Kitty Silly Bandz

I have no idea what the purpose of silly bandz are, so I guess it makes perfect sense that the evil feline would want to align herself with them:

hello kitty silly bandz

I thought, for a brief second, that I did know their purpose. But for some unfathomable reason, my wife was not pleased (on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag not pleased) with me when I started shooting Hello Kitty silly bandz around the house like regular rubber bands at her Hello Kitty collection. Lesson learned…now that I know the punishment, I also know that if I decide to shoot at Hello Kitty again, I should choose something that will actually do some damage

Sent in by Emi

16 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Silly Bandz”

  1. Hello!
    I was take a look on your site and now I think now that I know how my husband feels. Almost everything in my house is from Hello Kitty, excludes the things of him. o.o

  2. THIS was the hello kitty product that turned me to your side. For Sanrio to stoop so low as to make this kind of garbage with Hello Kitty’s face made me see her true evil.

  3. Kids collect Silly Bandz in the same way they collect and trade cards and such. It’s just another fad and Sanrio isn’t the only company to jump on board. Disney, Nick Kids, and sports teams all have Silly Bandz products too. I’ve seen parents use them as hair ties for thier daughters too. Alot of schools have banned them b/c the kids trading them are too distracted in class.

  4. @Sanriobaby=^.^=

    Hey, yea; yanno, I read in the news that some schools were banning them because kids got into fights over trades and the bands were “distracting”. Inadvertently keeping an HK product out of schools… :3

  5. i think silly bandz are the dumbest thing ever. i had seen some HK ones that were just in the shape of her head and i wasn’t impressed, but these you have pictured are kind of cute! i like the bow and the apple!

  6. Aren’t they meant to be just rubberbands (in awful shapes to appeal to kids), that kids then started wearing like wristbands? They’re marketed as rubberbands here in Denmark.

    I really don’t get why HK fans come here – GOOGLE CAN SHOW YOU ALL THIS – IT WILL EVEN TELL YOU WHERE TO BUY THIS CRAP. Why find it here? And for crap’s sake, PLEASE stop announcing your creepy cat fetish and let the rest of us cringe in disgust and incredulity at your tastes. PLEASE!

    I can’t stand the poor excuse for a cartoon cat. It’s so wannabe-cute (meaning trying-to-be-cute-but-actually-looking-like-it-has-downs-syndrome) that I want to squash it. And then, put a stake through its heart and burn it. Eugh.
    (Which takes a lot for me, seeing that I love pretty much everything that comes out of Japan… apart from their aforementioned fetishes and hentai, especially of the tentacle variety… 🙁 )

  7. lol JP are u stupid? this is the internetzz retard. Why do married men go look up porn if they already ahve a woman in their bed? Its the same thing. So STFU. <3 besides HK keep this page alive 🙂 so stfu.

  8. Either it’s legit from Sanrio or not, Hello kitty is super cute.
    YOu can’t resist her charm. This is one of the unique
    product that has copy hello kitty .


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