Hello Kitty Frozen Beef Patty

Add cows to the growing list of animals that despise the evil feline. Apparently, Hello Kitty didn’t feel that creating Hello Kitty hamburgers was enough and decided that she also needed to brand Hello Kitty frozen beef patties as well:

hello kitty frozen beef patty

My wife thinks it would be wonderful if the beef patties are actually the shape of Hello Kitty’s head. She was surprised when I agreed with her (although I conveniently left out the part about how much more enjoyable that would be when throwing them onto the raging flames of the BBQ).

In the scheme of things, most cows probably believe that getting ground into Hello Kitty beef patties is pretty much the worst thing that can happen to them, but they fail to realize that this is likely just the beginning. It shouldn’t take too long for the people at Sanrio to get it into their warped minds that herds of Hello Kitty cows would somehow be a good idea. Cats and dogs already know how horribly that has turned out…

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