Hello Kitty Jason Tattoo

Anyone that has followed this blog for even a short time has had to face the undeniable fact that there is absolutely nothing that Hello Kitty fanatics won’t ink onto their skin as long as the evil feline is a part of the tattoo in some way. You knew that once that once the Hello Kitty Jason appeared, it was simply a matter of time before someone (for some unfathomable reason) decided that a Hello Kitty Friday the 13th Jason tattoo would be a good idea:

hello kitty Jason tattoo

And you thought that horror movies couldn’t get any scarier…

Sent in by Nickey Lynn

8 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Jason Tattoo”

  1. @Gail- you’re an idiot. That is good ink work. the shading is awesome.
    As for the actual design, its a matter of opinion and i think it could be a lot cooler. Some Emo schmo probably is the recipient.


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