Hello Kitty Valentine Chocolate

I should know better. Hello Kitty fanatics waste absolutely no time spreading the torture of the upcoming holiday at hand. With the beginning of a new month, I should have known that it was going to be a mistake to open any email that had Hello Kitty and <3 in the title. Apparently Hello Kitty fanatics aren't satisfied with hearts on Valentine's Day and feel that it is necessary to include Hello Kitty chocolate in the mix as well:

hello kitty chocolate

hello kitty vanetine's day chocolate

hello kitty white chocolate

All I have to say is that if you open up your Valentine’s Day gift and see that your significant other equates love with the evil feline, just run in the opposite direction as fast as you can. Anything less and you are purposely dooming yourself to a life of Hello Kitty Hell…

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25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Valentine Chocolate”

  1. Aww so cute! It is very nicely done. It looks yummy but i’d be kinda sad to eat it and ruin it.
    I for sure will be expecting some Hello Kitty things for Valentines day.
    Also, for my bday on friday. :]

  2. thank u for writing this blog.
    im a fan of hk, but not a die hard fans.
    yesterday my friend told me about this blog (after i post about hk in my blog in a positive way) and after i read all ur post for the next 3hours, the only think that come to my mind is, i don’t wanna be sucha hk freak, it definitely look terrible.
    however, i enjoy ur blog

  3. I LOVE hello Kitty even though I am a grandma. I love it for my little Lucy. She loves it too!!!! I want to see more posts please!


  4. Awwww you included my chocolate! 😀 I worked so hard on them. :3 I know you HATE Hello Kitty but…Happy Valentines Day anyways! XD


  5. This entire blog seriously cracks me up, but the enthusiastic comments from true HK fans and truely hilarious. I don’t think they get the purpose of these posts.

    Hmmm… I’m now realizing that while I’m typing this, there’s an add for Hello Kitty vibrators on the right side of the page. This really is an odd blog, but I like it! 🙂

  6. I love Hello Kitty but I can understand if you don’t.
    I don’t think that you’re a horrible person you obviously love your wife very much to deal with hello kitty hell I ran across you’re blog a couple months ago by accident and I’ve been reading it from the very beginning
    I do find it funny that on the side of your blog there’s an ad for where to get hello kitty stuff from Japan lol which is where I got a hiragana book to help me learn Hiragana for my Japanese class
    I know you don’t think it’s cute but I think it’s one of the cutest things ever

  7. Do not worry You the last person I would give these to, less you pretend to torture Hello Kitty then again forcing you eat one know you never will get it out of your system ………..

  8. Hahahaha this is hilarious!
    I <3 it but still I can't stop laughing!

    PS I just found your blog and LOVE it! I like HK but I ain't no fanatic :] Hello Kitty is getting a bit overwhelming!

    Salutations from Romania 😀 another country to add to the list if not done so already 😛


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