Hello Kitty Bikini

When you live in Hello Kitty Hell, you always have to be extra careful what you wish for. I was imagining how it would be absolutely wonderful when winter is over and the warm weather is once again upon us. Then this Hello Kitty bikini monstrosity landed in my email proving that exile to Antarctica would be far less painful than having to endure a summer of having to look at Hello Kitty bead bikinis:

hello kitty bead bikini

It’s not often that I would wish for a man eating shark swimming off the coast while I am at the beach, but I think if I ever saw one of these, it would definitely qualify as one of those times…

Sent in by Katherine (via etsy)

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bikini”

  1. This looks like its made up of beads and its barely holding on.
    I kind of have to agree with Kitteh!! though. Boobs are nice but the way this “bikini” is constructed does not make them look very appealing. This is not supporting and holding them very well.

    Other than that, i think its quite cute. I would just have it for fun and show. Maybe just put it on and show it to friends just to laugh.

  2. Well when i say hk is evil nobody believes, now just look at it, HK is hidding one of the most beautiful things away, thats just pure evilness

  3. There are far better and nicer HK bikinis than the one” featured” above. In fact, this one looks like a homemade project gone terribly wrong… Poor HK 🙁

  4. Gail, you’re correct that they’re real and not sillycone(sic) (which is always good), but as Sprinkle and I both say (her perhaps better than I did) it’s covering them rather than supporting them.

    Jonny, I’m sure the girls will all agree with me that a good bikini top (like a good bra) should enhance rather than just cover the wearer’s boobs! 😈

  5. Man, not only is this a poor job of a bikini top, but if so much as one thred snaps the whole thing will fall apart right off of her. At least that’s how it looks.

  6. Liz said in a comment above “if so much as one thread snaps the whole thing will fall apart right off of her.”

    At that point, it would no longer be Hello-Kitty,
    it would be HELLO-T….!

  7. This almost looks like one of those shrinky dink projects before they stuck it in the oven. Of course it would probably help much more for this…art project…if the wearer didn’t have breasts spaced so far apart you could rest your head between them and never see the “peak” of either “mountain”.

    Cindyy: Yes…there is backfat in the mirror. Whoopy. I’m not to sure if you’re pointing that out because you find it disgusting, or just seeing if anyone else here got off on that fact. >.>


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