Hello Kitty Body Paint

It was probably inevitable. Once the Hello Kitty pregnant belly art made an appearance, it was simply a matter of time before someone felt the incomprehensible urge to ruin my day by sending me a full set of Hello Kitty body paint photos. Unfortunately, that day has come:

hello kitty body paint

hello kitty body painted

hello kitty body painting

While Hello Kitty body paint in itself would be bad enough, the fact that it appears that Hello Kitty spent a night violently vomiting (must have been all the Hello Kitty booze) to create the color scheme doesn’t help matters…

Sent in by bob (via one model place)

20 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Body Paint”

  1. There are days when your posts are so hilarious that it makes my day and there are other days when I wish I could erase from my mind the images from your post, this is one of those other days.

  2. The only one that’s violently vomitting is me having to read your stupid blogs. Everyone would love to be covered in Hello Kitty like this so they can show the world how happy they are and how beautiful Hello Kitty makes them. The only people that wouldn’t are those that are bitter and have no life like you.

    Why do you have to criticize every thing? Isn’t there an ounce of humanity in you that can admit that Hello Kitty is good for the world? She spreads love and joy and all your spread is lies and hatred. You show again that you can’t be trusted to tell the truth!!

  3. I am only impressed by two things… (1) the stratigically placed hello kitty eyes and flower, and (2) the fact that the lady is nude did not get Mr. HKH sent to the hello kitty couch w/ his hello kitty sleeping bag and hello kitty pillow.

    Otherwise I am so glad that after I starting reading this blog I actually made the effort to either destroy or otherwise rid my world and house of anything remotely HK and follow the path of a goth lolita.

  4. Wow. The art work is not attractive at all. The colors and design is just way too much, not to mention the HK heads are awfully drawn. She looks like she has a skin disease.

  5. Darlene,
    Imagine how you would feel if someone covered your house in merchandise of something that you hated, like, let’s say for example, the Canucks hockey team merchandise. That is how Mr. Hello Kitty Hell feels every day when his wife fills his house with Hello Kitty merchandise.

  6. I think I’m mentally scarred…
    @darlene, you seem to speak for “everyone” a lot. Who is this mysterious “everyone” that you listen to and how do you receive their memos? because I’d hate being covered in this cutesy crud. I’d just hate it to death, not only because it’s Hello Kitty, but because it’s Hello Kitty and UGLY.

  7. Much as I dislike the subject, this is a serious art project in its execution! Kudos to the model, painter and photographer (more so if painter and photographer are the same person).

  8. This must have taken HOURS to achieve, but honestly, it doesn’t look good. The HK heads look like bad knockoff drawings and the theme, if there is one, is all over the place 🙁

  9. I think I can sum this up in four words:

    Gorgeous girl, mediocre artwork.

    It’s still cool, but it’s not the best HK artwork I’ve ever seen. Still pretty awesome when you look at it as a whole, though. (OK, so I’m mostly ogling the hot girl. So sue me.)

  10. Body painting has got so retarded from what we no are seeing online since the early 2000s. I used to do live body painting on webcam knowing it was stupid but, I never painted that way. I did art not stupid stuff. Now days people use models and sit posing while some so called body painter tosses paint on them in ways that a child could paint it etc. Sad but things like that make me want to take all my stuff offline and say frog it grin.


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