Hello Kitty Belly Washers

In her never ending quest to turn the stomach of all sane people while promising rainbows out the back end for her devote followers, Hello Kitty believes that her diabetes inducing soda (Hello Kitty Belly Washers) will somehow wash away all the bad of those who drink it. Far more likely is that it ends up coming right back up the end it originally went down since that is the most common reflex the evil feline warrants in most of us:

hello kitty belly washers drink

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17 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Belly Washers”

  1. Actually these are not bad for kids, my nieces love them! They have other characters too like elmo and disney for those who dont wish to drink from the evil feline

  2. They are actually fruit juice. I have quite a few of the Hello Kitty ones.
    They have all kinds of little character heads on them.

  3. Actually it’s note soda, it’s juice. And it’s actually fruit juice, and doesn’t actually contain very much sugar. I used to drink them like 10 years ago(I’m thinking I remember the bottles being much cuter back then…) and I bought a few of the newer ones, too, lately. I don’t like the ballerina one very much because her head looks funny, my favorite ones that they have now are the Rocker one and the angel one, much better. Now the bottles are ugly… The only thing that I don’t want to dispose of in the new bottles is the caps.

  4. @Acton: ?? I can see spending $2 on REAL fruit juice… like Welches. o.o I think you mean the fake ass cheap chemical crap.


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