Hello Kitty Dart Board

One of the things that I fear most about posting Hello Kitty crap is that it will lead to more Hello Kitty crap in my email. A perfect example is when I posted the Hello Kitty shooting target on Facebook. Christine then offhandedly asked the question, “For those who don’t have access to guns, how about a Hello Kitty dartboard?” Guess what ended up in my mailbox a few days later? Was there any doubt that it was a Hello Kitty dartboard?

Hello Kitty face dart board

Once again, this really shouldn’t be much of a surprise. The fact that Hello Kitty darts exist pretty much guaranteed that a Hello Kitty dartboard also existed. What was a surprise was how the evil feline decided to make such a mockery out of the dartboard.

You know that the people at Sanrio were sitting there saying, “I wonder if we make the most ridiculous dart board ever if the fanatics would still be willing to buy it?” and then went about creating it. “Let’s just put random Hello Kitty faces and hearts of different sizes on the board and give them random point amounts. Then to make it even more ridiculous, we can leave the middle blank so that a bulls eye on a regular dart board will be worth the least amount possible on our dart board.” As they sat there laughing and congratulating themselves on how they could completely mangle the concept of a dart board, they knew that it didn’t matter because the fanatics would love it anyway — which pretty much sums up most Hello Kitty crap and ensures my continued life in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by sarah

Update: She doesn’t seem to do too well on other Hello Kitty dart boards as well:

Hello Kitty pink dart board

Sent in by angel

6 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Dart Board”

  1. This would be illegal under UK law, since it claims to be “Paradise”, which is clearly a false and hyperbolic statement! 😉

  2. @Sanriobaby
    I agree! Maybe they should have made the HK faces in rings like a target or, I dunno, a dartboard???
    Sheesh Sanrio, get on the ball.
    The company, that is.


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