Hello Kitty Sandwich Ring

The people at Sanrio have gotten to the point that they aren’t even trying anymore. Seriously. The don’t care at all because they know that the fanatics will buy anything. I think they have even reached the point of actively trying to see if they can find anything that Hello Kitty fanatics won’t buy. There really is no other explanation for the Hello Kitty sandwich ring:

Hello Kitty sandwich ring

I’m sure that the conversation to get this in production went something like this:

New Sanrio Employee: “We need to make a new Hello Kitty ring. I’m stressed because I can’t think of anything good that we haven’t already done. Any ideas?”

Veteran Sanrio Employee: “Just make anything that comes to mind.”

New Sanrio Employee: “Anything? That’s crazy.”

Veteran Sanrio Employee: “Nothing to stress about. Just make whatever you are thinking about at this instant.”

New Sanrio Employee: “I’m thinking about having a sandwich for lunch.”

Veteran Sanrio Employee:: “Perfect! Go for it.”

New Sanrio Employee: “That’s insane. Nobody will ever buy a Hello Kitty sandwich ring.”

Veteran Sanrio Employee:: “You haven’t been here that long, have you?”

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12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Sandwich Ring”

  1. Now, see, when you first said “sandwich ring” I was thinking of some sort of holder or container for the sandwich. I wasn’t expecting jewelry. That’s … unique. Um. Huh.

    My first diary was a Sanrio product out of the My Melody line, so I have a mild soft spot for some of their stuff. However, it’s been more than a year since I walked into one of their stores. Out of curiosity I got a grab bag the last time, and was overwhelmed by pastel pink. That was the last time I hung out with the shopaholic friend I went there with, too, as I recall.

  2. Actually this looks like something an over eager etsy crafter would put together. Was this really made by Sanrio? Because if it was then woooooooow they’re desperate.

  3. Considering the 2 biggest fads in young teen girls right now is Hello Kitty and ‘cute food’, this really does not surprise me. Hell, I would wear it! 😉

  4. that is sooo AWESOME!!!!

    oh and btw; havent you noticed that noone is “normal”
    if a person is its a front or compliately fake.
    Noone wants “normal” the strange and creepy totally rule!
    stop being afraid of yourself and let the freak out bruh

  5. Ehhh.. this is not an actual product. A fan put this together out of REMENT X HELLO KITTY toy. The toy is from a set of toy foods for your doll that are Hello Kitty theme.


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